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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of the daily gaming news. Here I'll be discussing all the latest goings-on in the gaming industry, from new releases to game announcements and everything in between. So without further ado, let's get started!

Blizzard President Steps Down

The President of Blizzard Entertainment, J. Allen Brack, had stepped down from the company amid the allegations of abuse at that the company and the ongoing lawsuit has now started from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California. Now these sort of lawsuits can last for years, like we've seen that happen already with Riot Games and basically he's being accused of having intimate knowledge of what was going on and, you know, not necessarily covering up, but turning a blind eye. And the President of the overall company of Activision Blizzard is the one who informed staff of J. Allen's departure. We will see and I would say as well that to the people who are boycotting everything, Activision Blizzard over this, I still believe truly that that is an overreaction, but it's completely up to you. It's your life. Do what you like. But at least this issue has now come to surface and at least something has been done about it. And we can see the repercussion that is already happening. And I am all for what is going on in the gaming industry in terms of all these companies coming out against their leadership over these ongoing issues. We've seen it at Ride Games, we've seen at Ubisoft, we've seen it at Blizzard. And I'm sure we will see it at more companies in the future.

Epic Game Store Losses

Next bit of news for today is the Epic Game Store has announced a 130,000,000 dollar loss for its 23 top Epic Game Store exclusive games. Now, you might think that's kind of bad, but think of it from the business point of view. Epic Games, who are the creators of Fortnite, have made billions in profit from Fortnite and other games that they're doing. So having a little bit of a loss to get a huge amount of new people onto the Epic Game Store is 1) a tax write off and 2) good for the future of the Epic Game Store because there'll be more people on the store, but I don't really see it as a problem. But if you're interested to see which games have made a loss and how much loss they've made and stuff like that, check on Google and you can find the list of all the games.

Hades Coming to Xbox Game Pass

And then the last bit of news for today, the game Hades, along with several others, are finally coming to the Xbox Game Pass. And the reason that's a good thing is because Xbox Game Pass is not just exclusive to Xbox. You can also play on PC if you have Xbox Ultimate. The way it works is simply you pay a monthly fee and most of the games which are on Xbox Game Pass you can play on PC as well. Simple as that. And I like it. I've been using Xbox Game Pass for a while. I've been subscribed to it I don't even currently have an Xbox. I gave my Xbox One X to my sister. That's the gaming news for today. Thank you to all the new followers coming in. Also, thank you to the people who have been giving me feedback about my gaming news. I am trying my best to improve these sort of videos on a daily basis. If you have any more feedback, feel free to leave them here.


That's all for my roundup of the latest gaming news. What do you think? Are any of these stories big deals in your opinion? Let me know by leaving a comment on the video. And don't forget to check back tomorrow for more exciting gaming news!

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