Tokyo Treat Review

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box full of Japanese candy sent on a monthly basis full of seasonal Japanese treats. This includes crisps, chocolate, drinks and other snacks. Tokyo Treat has different size boxes including Classic and Premium. The box also includes as useful manual that details all the snacks and treats included in the box. The manual also includes interesting facts about Japan and learning Japanese.

I've been approached by Tokyo Treat to review their premium box and I detailed the unboxing in the video above. I had a lot of fun unboxing my first Tokyo Treat box, I am hoping it will be the first of many.

Tokyo Treat can feature a large variety of treats. The manual in the box explains why each treat was picked and if they are in season. You can see which boxes have been previously sold by clicking the Past Boxes link in the nagivation.

It is worth visiting Tokyo Treat on to browse what is currently on offer.

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Truly amazing treats included