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Ubisoft Singapore Harassment Claims: Serious Allegations - Video Page

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: August 18, 2021 at 1:33 PM BST

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Video Transcript

Ubisoft Singapore, who are the studio currently working on the game Skull & Bones, if we'll ever get it to be released, any point in the future, are being investigated by Singapore's Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices. Say that three times! Basically, it's the same issue that we've seen time and time again the last few days of another studio being investigated over these claims. Now, I won't linger on this story too much because we've spoken a lot about the last few days, but it's simply a case of it's good that these things are happening in terms of people are speaking out about the harassment and discrimination they're facing in the workplace. And the right bodies in each country seem to be taking an interest and investigating the claims. We'll see what happens with this one as well. And I have said that there have been ongoing on allegations against Ubisoft for a while now at many Studios. Again, we will see what happens. The next bit of news for today is an Activision Blizzard staff member has shared an email they received from a job recruiter basically saying that they're finding it harder to place candidates in jobs because the staff member is sharing articles about the issues going on at Blizzard without sharing what Blizzard is doing about the issues, if that makes sense. And they're basically saying that selling Activision Blizzard as a place to work is becoming harder for the recruiters. Now, there's two things to that. Number one, I'm proud of the staff member for sharing this email they received because this is kind of like a way of oppression. But there's a second part to that as well is that job recruiters, from my experience, speaking of someone who's worked in many jobs as a developer, at times, can have no morals whatsoever. And the reason I say that is simply think of them as vultures. Think of them as ambulance chasers. All they want and their business model, how they make money is placing a candidate in a job and they earn a Commission. That's how they make their money. And basically simply they will do whatever they can to make money. Simple as that. And that's why I said they're vultures. They will just see any opportunity and go for it. Not in all cases, some recruiters I've met are actually really nice, but some of them are complete vultures, simple as that. And basically, when I read this article, it didn't surprise me whatsoever. I'm proud that this employee has shared this because it's a case of this issue is still fresh. To be so soon trying to suppress it is insanity to me. And then the last bit of news for today is apparently Square Enix has given zero royalties to People Can Fly the developers behind Outriders. So that's an indication that Outriders has not broken even yet. They've not made any profits from the launch. Now I personally looked at Outriders upcoming to release. I looked at the gameplay trailers. I looked at the live streams they did. I looked at some live streams from content creators who played the game. And after seeing all of that, I was sort of like, I'm just not interested to play it. And it seems within a week of the game coming out, people to stop caring. People streamed it for, like, a week, and that was it. Then it just became forgotten. It's fair to say that as a live service game, this game flopped. That's my interpretation of that information. And now that Square Enix has paid them zero royalties it means that they haven't made any money simple as that, because they probably spent the money on advertising, on developing the game, on fixing server issues, and so on. And they made no profits whatsoever. Too bad, you know, simply they tried. They worked hard. I'm sure the developers behind the game worked really hard in the game, but it just didn't take. I will never blame Square Enix for that it's simply case of they put their faith in Outriders doing well. It didn't, and someone somewhere has to absorb the cost, and it probably is Square Enix in this situation. That's the Gaming News for today. Thank you yet again for all the new followers coming onto the feed. And I wish the news I could report was more positive, but sometimes, you know, all the articles I'm reading or just negative, negative...

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