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Explore Mithrie's comprehensive FFXIV content directory - a treasure trove of guides, tips, and insights dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV.
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Explore the Enigmatic World of Final Fantasy XIV

Immerse yourself in Final Fantasy XIV, a captivating MMORPG created by Square Enix. Set within the magical land of Eorzea, after the catastrophic Seventh Umbral Calamity, players embark on a time-traveling journey to a future under the shadow of the Garlean Empire's threat. Released in 2013, this celebrated title is available on Windows, PlayStation, and macOS platforms.

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Embark on Your Adventure with a Free Trial

Experience the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV with its generous free trial. This trial includes the complete A Realm Reborn experience and the award-winning Heavensward expansion, allowing you to level up to 60 with no playtime restrictions. Start your journey in Eorzea today!

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Discovering Eorzea: A Guide to Aether Currents

As you traverse the diverse landscapes of Eorzea, from the deserts of Amh Araeng to the mystical forests and cities of Final Fantasy 14, uncovering all the aether currents becomes essential. These currents, found near significant landmarks like arched trees, beneath rock ledges, alongside railroad tracks, or at the end of a straightforward path or an underground path, enable the cherished ability to fly across the zones, offering a unique perspective and ease of travel. Embrace the adventure as you seek out these currents, each a step towards mastering the skies of Eorzea.


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Job Unlock Guides

Disciples of War

Tank Jobs

Paladin Job Unlock Guide
Warrior Job Unlock Guide
Dark Knight Job Unlock Guide
Gunbreaker Job Unlock Guide

Melee DPS Jobs

Monk Job Unlock Guide
Dragoon Job Unlock Guide
Ninja Job Unlock Guide
Samurai Job Unlock Guide
Reaper Job Unlock Guide
Viper Job Unlock Guide

Physical Ranged DPS Jobs

Bard Job Unlock Guide
Machinist Job Unlock Guide
Dancer Job Unlock Guide

Disciples of Magic

Healer Jobs

White Mage Job Unlock Guide
Scholar Job Unlock Guide
Astrologian Job Unlock Guide
Sage Job Unlock Guide

Magical Ranged DPS Jobs

Pictomancer Job Unlock Guide
Black Mage Job Unlock Guide
Summoner Job Unlock Guide
Red Mage Job Unlock Guide

Aether Current Guides


Urqopacha Aether Current Guide
Kozama'uka Aether Current Guide
Yak T'el Aether Current Guide
Shaaloani Aether Current Guide
Heritage Found Aether Current Guide
Living Memory Aether Current Guide


Garlemald Aether Current Guide
Mare Lamentorum Aether Current Guide
Thavnair Aether Current Guide
Elpis Aether Current Guide
Labyrinthos Aether Current Guide
Ultima Thule Aether Current Guide


Lakeland Aether Current Guide
Il Mheg Aether Current Guide
The Rak'tika Greatwood Aether Current Guide
Amh Araeng Aether Current Guide
Kholusia Aether Current Guide
The Tempest Aether Current Guide


The Fringes Aether Current Guide
The Peaks Aether Current Guide
The Ruby Sea Aether Current Guide
Yanxia Aether Current Guide
The Azim Steppe Aether Current Guide
The Lochs Aether Current Guide


Coerthas Western Highlands Aether Current Guide
Dravanian Forelands Aether Current Guide
Churning Mists Aether Current Guide
Sea of Clouds Aether Current Guide
Dravanian Hinterlands Aether Current Guide

Tribal Quest Guides


Loporrit Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Omicron Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Arkasodara Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Dwarf Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Pixie Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Qitari Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Namazu Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Ananta Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Kojin Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Moogle Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Vath Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Vanu Vanu Tribal Quest Unlock Guide

A Realm Reborn

Ixali Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Sahagin Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Kobold Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Amalj'aa Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Sylph Tribal Quest Unlock Guide