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FFXIV Job Unlock Quests: Bard Unlock Guide

In this FFXIV guide, I show how to unlock the Bard Job.

Unlocking the Bard Job

To unlock the Bard job in FFXIV, you must first reach level 30 as an Archer and complete the class quest "The One That Got Away". Then, head to Gridania and speak to Luciane in the Archers' Guild to start the quest "A Song of Bards and Bowmen". This will begin your journey as a Bard.

You can find the Archers' Guild in Gridania - New Gridania (X: 15.4, Y: 12.1).

Follow the questline, and you'll unlock the Bard job, gaining access to its abilities and equipment.

The Bard job was added to Final Fantasy XIV in the original release and remains a staple ranged DPS role in the game.

First Steps as a Bard

After completing "A Song of Bards and Bowmen", you'll receive your first Bard weapon and ability. Continue the job questline to unlock more abilities and deepen your understanding of the Bard's role in supporting your party.

Engage in various quests such as "The Ballad of Oblivion" and "Requiem for the Fallen" to build your skills and reputation as a Bard.

The Path of a Melodious Warrior

As a Bard, your primary duty is to deal damage from a distance while providing beneficial effects to your party through songs. This involves using your abilities to enhance party performance and manage damage output effectively. Embrace your role with harmony and dedication, and you'll become a key asset in any group content in FFXIV.

As you advance, you'll unlock more powerful abilities and gain access to unique Bard gear, enhancing your performance and appearance.

Why Play as a Bard?

Playing as a Bard offers a dynamic and supportive ranged DPS experience. Bards have strong offensive capabilities, support spells, and consistent damage output. If you enjoy providing utility to your party and dealing damage from afar, the Bard job is perfect for you.

Additionally, Bards have a rich lore and a visually appealing aesthetic that many players find attractive.


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