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Mastering Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV): A Comprehensive Guide to Eorzea

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Introduction to Final Fantasy XIV

Brief history of the Final Fantasy series

The "Final Fantasy" series, created, developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Square), is one of the most iconic and influential in the history of video games. The series made its debut in 1987 with "Final Fantasy," and quickly established itself as a pioneer in creating the role-playing game (RPG) genre.

The name "Final Fantasy" was chosen because Square was facing bankruptcy at the time and date of release, and it was believed that this first adventure could be their final game. Ironically, the success of "Final Fantasy" saved the company, and its story has since spawned a multi-media franchise comprising video games, films, and merchandise.

In 2003, Square merged with Enix to finally make the company Square Enix that still exists today.

One notable ongoing installment in the series is "Final Fantasy XIV Online", a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was initially released in 2010. The game's development journey was fraught with challenges, leading to its initial reception being largely negative.

The original Final Fantasy XIV Online cost Square Enix roughly $400,000,000 to develop.

Square Enix changed the leadership of the development team, however, after a period of redevelopment, four open beta phases, the game was relaunched in the form of "Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn" in the summer and fall of 2013, and its release was met with critical acclaim.

Overview of Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online (commonly known as FFXIV) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix. It is the fourth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, and the first since Final Fantasy XI to feature a persistent world. The game was released in 2010, but was met with a poor reception and was shut down in 2012. A relaunched version of the game, titled Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, was released in 2013 to critical acclaim.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn is set in the fantasy land of Eorzea, five years after the devastating Seventh Umbral Calamity. The player character is a Warrior of Light, a hero who must save Eorzea from the forces of dark god of war and darkness. The game features a deep and engaging story, as well as a variety of customisation options, including combat, crafting, and gathering. Players can explore a new world filled with adventures and challenges.

Here are some of the things that make FFXIV a great game:

If you are looking forward for a great MMORPG with a great story, memorable characters, and a beautiful world, then FFXIV is the game for you.

Here are some additional things to know about FFXIV:

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FFXIV: Dawntrail - The Newest Expansion

The newest expansion takes players to new areas, including the zones of Tuliyollal, Urqopacha, and introduces two new classes Viper (a Melee DPS job) and Pictomancer (a Magical Ranged DPS job).

New Zones: Tuliyollal and Urqopacha

In Dawntrail, adventurers will venture into the vibrant and mysterious regions of Tuliyollal and Urqopacha. These new zones are richly detailed and diverse, offering unique landscapes and cultures that enrich the world of Eorzea. Tuliyollal, a land of lush jungles and ancient ruins, invites exploration and discovery, while Urqopacha, with its rugged highlands and deep canyons, presents challenges and mysteries to uncover.

New Classes: Viper and Pictomancer

Dawntrail also introduces two new classes to the roster:

Recap of FFXIV: Endwalker

Overview of the Endwalker expansion

The newest expansion takes players to new lands, including the moon, and introduces two new jobs: the Sage (a healing job) and the Reaper (a melee DPS job). It also features a new level cap of 90, new dungeons, trials, and new raids throughout the expansion, and the beginning of a new story that will span the expansion and multiple patches forward.

The ongoing adventure story of Endwalker picks up where Shadowbringers left off, with the Warrior of Light and their allies facing a new threat: the Final Days, an apocalyptic event that could destroy all of creation. The players must travel to the far reaches of the world to find a way forward to stop the Final Days and in hopes to save life on the planet.

Key features and gameplay changes

Here are some of the new features and content introduced in Endwalker:

If you are a fan of FFXIV, then Endwalker is a must-play expansion. It is a fitting conclusion to the story and expansion to the ongoing Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc story arc, and it introduces a lot of new content that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Gil and Item Farming in FFXIV

Importance of Gil in the game

Gil is the in-game currency of FFXIV. It can be used to buy a variety of items, including gear, weapons, materials, and consumables. It can also be used to pay for teleports, repairs, and other services.

The importance of Gil in the game depends on your playstyle and goals. If you are a casual player who is not interested in endgame content, then you may not need a lot of Gil. However, if you are a hardcore player who wants to be competitive in endgame content, then you will need a lot of Gil to buy the best gear and materials.

Here are some of the things that you can use Gil for in FFXIV:

Effective ways to farm Gil and items

Overall, Gil is an important currency in FFXIV. It can be used to buy a variety of items and services, and it is essential for experienced players and new players both, who want to be competitive in endgame content.

Here are some tips for earning Gil in FFXIV:

Crafting and Gathering in FFXIV

Overview of crafting and gathering

Crafting and gathering are two of the most important professions in FFXIV. They allow you to create your own gear, weapons, and consumables, and they can also be a great way to earn Gil.

There are three Disciples of the Land (DoL) jobs: Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. DoL jobs allow you to gather materials from the world, such as ores, herbs, and fish. These materials can then be used by Disciples of the Hand (DoH) jobs to create items.

There are eight DoH jobs: Blacksmith, Carpenter, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, and Culinarian. DoH jobs allow you to create a variety of other types of items, such as weapons, armor, tools, potions, and food.

Tips and tricks for efficient crafting and gathering

To level up your crafting and gathering jobs, you will need to attempt to do a variety of things, such as:

Once you have leveled up your crafting and gathering jobs, you will be able to create and gather a variety of items. These items can be used for your own personal use, or you can sell them on the market board.

Aether Currents and Sightseeing Log in FFXIV

Importance of Aether Currents and Sightseeing Log

Aether Currents are important in FFXIV because they allow you to fly in most zones. Flying allows you to get around the world much faster, and it can also be helpful for completing quests and challenges.

To finally unlock flying in a zone, you need to attune to all of the Aether Currents in that zone. Aether Currents are scattered throughout the zone, and some of them are rewarded by completing Main Scenario Quests and Side Quests. You can use the Aether Compass to help you find Aether Currents.

The Sightseeing Log is a collection of viewpoints in each zone. When you visit a viewpoint, you will earn a free sightseeing point. There are 100 sightseeing points in each zone, and you can earn a title and other rewards for completing all of them.

The Sightseeing Log is not essential, but it is a free and fun way to explore other cultures in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. It can also be a good way to earn some extra rewards.

Job Classes in FFXIV

Overview of job classes

There are currently 19 job classes in FFXIV, divided into three roles: Tank, Healer, and Damage Dealer (DPS).

Here is a list of all the job classes in FFXIV:

Each job class has its own unique playstyle and abilities. Some job classes are more difficult to learn than others, but all of them can be very effective in the right hands.

Detailed guides for Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Healer jobs

Here are some detailed guides for Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Healer jobs in FFXIV:

Tank Jobs

Melee DPS Jobs

Ranged DPS Jobs

Healer Jobs Magical Ranged DPS Jobs

Job Unlock Guides in Final Fantasy XIV

Importance of unlocking jobs

There are several reasons why it is important to unlock jobs in Final Fantasy XIV:

Here are some tips for unlocking jobs in Final Fantasy XIV Online:


Summary of key takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

I hope this summary is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Encouragement to explore the game and utilize the guides

I encourage the rest of you fans to explore the game and utilize the guides. There of course is a lot to see and do in Final Fantasy XIV, and it can be helpful to have some guidance.

Here are some tips for exploring new world in the free game:

Here are some tips for utilizing the guides:

I hope these tips are helpful. If you need any help ask in the comments of a videos you watch on YouTube.

Job Unlock Guides

Disciples of War

Tank Jobs

Paladin Job Unlock Guide
Warrior Job Unlock Guide
Dark Knight Job Unlock Guide
Gunbreaker Job Unlock Guide

Melee DPS Jobs

Monk Job Unlock Guide
Dragoon Job Unlock Guide
Ninja Job Unlock Guide
Samurai Job Unlock Guide
Reaper Job Unlock Guide
Viper Job Unlock Guide

Physical Ranged DPS Jobs

Bard Job Unlock Guide
Machinist Job Unlock Guide
Dancer Job Unlock Guide

Disciples of Magic

Healer Jobs

White Mage Job Unlock Guide
Scholar Job Unlock Guide
Astrologian Job Unlock Guide
Sage Job Unlock Guide

Magical Ranged DPS Jobs

Pictomancer Job Unlock Guide
Black Mage Job Unlock Guide
Summoner Job Unlock Guide
Red Mage Job Unlock Guide

Aether Current Guides


Urqopacha Aether Current Guide
Kozama'uka Aether Current Guide
Yak T'el Aether Current Guide
Shaaloani Aether Current Guide
Heritage Found Aether Current Guide
Living Memory Aether Current Guide


Garlemald Aether Current Guide
Mare Lamentorum Aether Current Guide
Thavnair Aether Current Guide
Elpis Aether Current Guide
Labyrinthos Aether Current Guide
Ultima Thule Aether Current Guide


Lakeland Aether Current Guide
Il Mheg Aether Current Guide
The Rak'tika Greatwood Aether Current Guide
Amh Araeng Aether Current Guide
Kholusia Aether Current Guide
The Tempest Aether Current Guide


The Fringes Aether Current Guide
The Peaks Aether Current Guide
The Ruby Sea Aether Current Guide
Yanxia Aether Current Guide
The Azim Steppe Aether Current Guide
The Lochs Aether Current Guide


Coerthas Western Highlands Aether Current Guide
Dravanian Forelands Aether Current Guide
Churning Mists Aether Current Guide
Sea of Clouds Aether Current Guide
Dravanian Hinterlands Aether Current Guide

Tribal Quest Guides


Loporrit Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Omicron Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Arkasodara Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Dwarf Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Pixie Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Qitari Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Namazu Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Ananta Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Kojin Tribal Quest Unlock Guide


Moogle Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Vath Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Vanu Vanu Tribal Quest Unlock Guide

A Realm Reborn

Ixali Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Sahagin Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Kobold Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Amalj'aa Tribal Quest Unlock Guide
Sylph Tribal Quest Unlock Guide

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