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Master Fall Guys Gaming: Tips to Conquer the Knockout!

Gaming Blogs | Author: Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani Posted: Dec 28, 2023 Next Previous

Are you ready to claim victory in Fall Guys gaming? This guide cuts through the chaos with tactical advice for every course, customization options for your bean, and the latest on cross-platform play. Learn to avoid every hammer and fruit obstacle, dress for success, and team up with friends on any device. Embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ and turn your wobbles into wins!

Key Takeaways

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Diving into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Illustration of colorful Fall Guys characters competing in an obstacle course

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one crazy ride. Picture this: 40 players, each controlling a wobbly character, all racing through an obstacle course filled with swinging hammers, rotating platforms, and giant fruit. It’s a game that combines the absurdity of physical comedy with the thrill of a race to the finish line. The Fall Guys logo, a playful symbol of this unique game, sets the tone for the high-energy, hilarious chaos that ensues.

However, the game involves more than just running and jumping. In Fall Guys, players can group up with their friends and compete in competitive free-for-alls, making the game a massively multiplayer party royale experience as well as a party royale game. The February 2022 update introduced Lobbies and Friends lists, making it easier than ever to challenge your pals in a laugh-out-loud battle royale.

Game Modes and Features

Fall Guys is all about variety. With a wide array of competitive and cooperative game modes, the game keeps things fresh and exciting. Free-for-all modes, team-based modes, and even limited-time events based on different franchises keep players coming back for more. And with the addition of cross-platform parties, you can join the fun with friends, regardless of what gaming system they use.

Moreover, the excitement extends beyond the game modes. Season 4 of Fall Guys introduced a basic daily challenge system, a new currency called Crown Shards, and the ability to host custom shows. This means players can now create their own absurd obstacle course chaos and share it with the world. And let’s not forget about the Sweet Thieves mode introduced in Season 6, a stealth-based game where one team must sneak sweets to goals while the other team tries to stop them.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

In this day and age, the ability to play with friends regardless of their gaming platform is a major plus, and Fall Guys, a cross platform massively multiplayer game, delivers. Whether you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC, you can join the party and compete with friends on different gaming systems. There’s more to it. Fall Guys also supports cross-platform progress. This means that with an Epic Games account, you can save your game’s progress and achievements across different platforms. So whether you’re switching from console to computer or vice versa, you can keep playing seamlessly.

Starting from Season 6, players need an Epic Games account to make cross-platform progress and customize their player names on Steam. This integration with Epic Games, a major player in the gaming industry, shows Fall Guys’ commitment to providing a smooth and user-friendly gaming experience for its players.

Customizing Your Bean

Illustration of a customized Fall Guys character wearing various cosmetics and outfits

In Fall Guys, every player controls a cute and colorful character known as a ‘bean’. And while being a bean is fun in itself, the real fun starts when you begin to customize your character. With a plethora of options to choose from, players can truly express their unique style. Some customization options include:

Nothing screams victory like doing a victory dance with a custom emote after a hard-fought win, as the lucky victor remains standing!

You might wonder how to acquire these captivating customization items. Easy! You can acquire cosmetics, emotes, and outfits by grabbing bundles, using in-game currency, and leveling up in the Season One pass. Plus, the game drops new customization options every five weeks or so, ensuring there’s always something fresh and exciting to look forward to.

Fame Pass System

If you’re looking to amp up your customization game, the Fame Pass system is your golden ticket. For a mere 600 Show-Bucks, the Fame Pass gives players access to more outfits and items, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

With a staggering 160 tiers, the Fame Pass offers a wealth of rewards, with the most enticing ones rolling in at the final 120 and 60 tiers. As you play, you earn Show-Bucks, which can be used to purchase the Fame Pass and other items from the in-game store.

Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated Fall Guys enthusiast, the Fame Pass system gives you a reason to keep playing and keep progressing.

In-Game Store

The in-game store is where you can spend your hard-earned Show-Bucks. The store offers a range of costumes, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 Kudos depending on their rarity. There’s more to it - some items may require separate purchase.

The store regularly drops new items every five weeks, ensuring a constant flow of fresh content. If you keep an eye on the store, you might even snag some limited edition items, including legendary items, rare skins, and the best costumes.

Creative Rounds and Course Building

Illustration of a player creating a custom obstacle course in Fall Guys

One of the key features that sets Fall Guys apart is the ability for players to create their own courses. Introduced in Season 4, Fall Guys Creative is a powerful tool that lets you design your own rounds and obstacle courses. With Fall Guys Creative, you can:

The possibilities are almost endless with Fall Guys Creative. Get creative and start designing your very own chaotic course today!

The Creative Mode came with 50 new rounds, significantly expanding the game’s content. The new rounds have added even more variety to the game, ensuring that no two games of Fall Guys are ever the same. With these new tools, players can create fiendish custom rounds and:

This further enhances the game’s appeal and ensures that the play stays fresh, providing endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

Development and Reception

Illustration of the development team working on Fall Guys game design

Fall Guys:

Upon release, Fall Guys received generally favorable reviews. Critics and players alike praised its unique take on the battle royale genre, its fun and fast-paced gameplay, and its colorful and charming art style. Despite facing some criticism for removing pre-existing rounds and making the game less replayable, the game has continued to evolve with new features and improvements.

Sales and Popularity

Fall Guys’ unique gameplay and charming aesthetic quickly caught the attention of gamers worldwide. By December 2020, just a few months after its release, the game had sold over 11 million copies on PC alone. It also managed to rake in an impressive $185 million in its first month. Despite not being free to play, the game’s success shows that players were more than willing to invest in the unforgettable experience it offers.

The game’s popularity skyrocketed further when it was made free and launched on various consoles in June 2022, becoming a platform massively multiplayer party sensation. In just two weeks, over 50 million players hopped on board, a testament to the game’s widespread appeal. Its temporary free-to-play status further boosted its player base, cementing its place as one of the most popular games of its time.

Overcoming Challenges and Criticisms

Fall Guys Logo

Despite its success, Fall Guys was not without its challenges. The game faced criticism for removing pre-existing rounds, which some players felt made the game less replayable. Fans voiced their concerns with hashtags like #unvaultfallguys and #savefallguys, asking for improvements in round variety, bug fixes, in-game events, shop prices, and matchmaking.

However, the developers at Mediatonic were quick to address these issues. They began rolling out updates more frequently and introduced new tools for customization. They also laid out a plan for future updates and actively sought feedback from the community to make the game better. This commitment to improving the game and listening to player feedback has helped Fall Guys continue to thrive and evolve.

Tips and Strategies for Victory

Having covered the basics of Fall Guys, we now reveal some tips and strategies to help you master the game. Victory in Fall Guys isn’t just about luck; it requires skill, strategy, and a bit of practice. Whether you’re navigating obstacle courses, competing in team-based modes, or trying to be the last bean standing, every round is an opportunity to learn and improve.

First and foremost, mastering the controls is crucial. Practicing until the controls become second nature can give you an edge over your fellow contestants. Timing and jumping are key to navigating through crowds and overcoming obstacles efficiently. The more you play, the better you’ll get at predicting how other players move and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Mastering Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a defining feature of Fall Guys, and mastering them can greatly increase your chances of victory. Each course is unique, with its own set of challenges. In fact, it’s like having your very own obstacle course every time you play. Some of the most popular obstacle courses in Fall Guys include:

Understanding the mechanics of each course will give you a significant advantage in charting your own course.

Here’s a tip: good timing can make or break your game. Knowing when to jump can help you dodge obstacles and maintain your balance. For instance, in Hex-A-Gone, timing your jumps and starting from the edges can help you outlast your opponents. In Fruit Chute, running up the sides of the slope and dodging the fruit can make all the difference.

Teamwork and Communication

Fall Guys isn’t just about individual skill; teamwork and communication are crucial in team-based modes. Teaming up with friends and coordinating your movements can give you an edge over your opponents. Even simple strategies, like using diving and grabbing moves strategically, can make a big difference.

Fall Guys has a built-in voice chat feature, which can be a useful tool for coordinating with your team. By launching the game, going to Settings, and selecting the Audio option, you can set up voice chat according to your preferences. Remember, a team that communicates well is a team that wins well.


In conclusion, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a unique and exciting game that combines the thrill of competition with the hilarity of physical comedy. Its colorful world, charming characters, and chaotic gameplay have captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Whether you’re a casual player looking for a fun time or a dedicated gamer seeking a new challenge, Fall Guys has something for everyone. Now that you’re equipped with tips and strategies to conquer the game, it’s time to dive in and join the fun. Remember, in the wild world of Fall Guys, the lucky victor remains standing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fall Guys a inappropriate game?

No, Fall Guys is not an inappropriate game as it has a PEGI 3 rating, making it suitable for all ages.

Is Fall Guys for free?

Yes, Fall Guys is free to play! So you can join the fun without needing to make a purchase.

What can I play Fall Guys on?

You can play Fall Guys on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. So, choose your platform and start having fun!

Why was Fall Guys removed from steam?

Fall Guys was removed from Steam because Epic Games acquired the game's developer, Mediatonic, leading to changes in availability. But don't worry if you're already playing on Steam, as this version will still receive support.

What is the next Fall Guys season 2023?

The next Fall Guys season is Season 4: Creative Construction, which started on 10 May 2023 and concluded on 16 August 2023.

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