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E3 News Breakdown: The Rise and Fall of Gaming's Main Event

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The world of gaming is ever-evolving, and with it, so are its events. E3, an event synonymous with gaming culture, has seen significant changes over the years. But what happens when the screen goes dark on the industry’s main event? Let’s dive into the latest E3 news.

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E3 Official Ending as of Dec 2023

The Entertainment Software Association delivered a shockwave to the gaming world by announcing the official cancellation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo on the 12 December 2023. The familiar buzz around the Los Angeles Convention Center was noticeably absent, as the decision to cancel the event was driven by a lack of sufficient hype to make the event happen.

The decision was a difficult one, considering all the effort poured into the event’s organization each year. Industry professionals, companies, and eager fans alike will miss the anticipation for new releases like the much-awaited Elder Scrolls, with its highly anticipated release date. Yet, the difficult decision was made, and the gaming world had to say goodbye to a summer tradition.

The termination of E3 has left a cloud of uncertainty. Will we see a resurgence in the future? Is this the final curtain call for Wii Music-like presentations? As with all things, time will reveal the answers.

Brief History of E3: How it Started

E3, a beacon of the gaming industry, was born in 1995, thanks to the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA). The goal was simple - to cast a positive light on the gaming industry by uniting:

Under one banner, internet memes have the power to unite people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The inaugural event was nothing short of spectacular, highlighting the launch of Sega Saturn and the original PlayStation. Attendees had the chance to experience these thrilling new consoles through playable demos. It was the dawn of a new era in gaming, and E3 was at the forefront.

As the years passed, E3’s stature grew to become the most anticipated gaming expo of the year. Big companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft pulled out all the stops, showcasing consoles like the Nintendo Switch in extravagant booths, and leaving attendees in awe.

Show Floor Highlights: Playable Demos and More

E3 Convention Logo depicting a stylized 'E3' in bold letters

Over the years, E3 has become synonymous with exciting game reveals and jaw-dropping show floor highlights, including some big reveals. Some memorable moments include:

These moments have made E3 an event that gamers who love video games eagerly anticipate each year, especially for the world premieres.

The playable demos were another highlight of E3, with some playable demos ready to showcase the future of gaming. Half-Life 2, with its groundbreaking graphics and immersive gameplay, and Doom 3, with its cinematic demo, were the talk of the show floor. These demos offered a sneak peek into the future of gaming, setting the bar high for upcoming releases.

New games were also an integral part of E3. Major titles announced at the event included:

E3 was the event where game-changing announcements were made, and the gaming landscape was reshaped.

Industry Insights: Developer Interviews and Panels

E3 was a hub for more than just game unveils. It served as a venue for insightful developer interviews and panels, shedding light on pressing issues such as layoffs, burnout, and sexual harassment within the gaming sector.

One panel that stood out was the discussion on the future of design, featuring game developers like Suda51 and Todd from Bethesda. Another notable panel was the one analyzing world markets, hosted by Michael Pachter, and featuring companies like Square Enix.

These interviews and panels were frequently the source of controversy. Heated debates ensued over topics like diversity and representation, contentious game development decisions, and dialogues with industry figures notorious for falling short on their promises. Yet, these discussions fostered a dialogue about the future of the industry and the challenges it faced.

Impact of the Pandemic on E3

The unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on E3, leading to the unavoidable cancellation of the 2020 event, despite the tireless planning efforts. The pandemic also prompted a shift towards digital presentations, with major companies like Sony and Xbox opting for E3-style livestreams to keep the gaming community engaged.

The 2022 edition of E3 also fell prey to cancellation, as the organizers chose to channel their energies into crafting a fresh showcase and raising the bar for industry events. This decision signaled a significant shift in how companies interacted with fans and presented their games.

However, the Entertainment Software Association announced the return to in-person events for E3 2023, sparking hope for a traditional event comeback. Unfortunately, this hope was short-lived, as E3 was officially canceled later that year.

Gaming Culture and Community Reactions

Excited crowd reaction at E3 2015 during Final Fantasy 7 Remake announcement

E3 has etched an indelible mark on gaming culture, with fans brimming with anticipation for announcements and their reactions to the latest developments from beloved franchises. The “Big 3” – Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox – have always been at the center of this excitement, showing off the most thrilling news in the industry and keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Yet, the dynamics between these industry titans and E3 have transformed through the years. Xbox’s once close ties to E3 have faded, signaling a shift in how companies engage with their fans and the event itself. Similarly, Sony decided to skip E3 in 2019, seeking new ways to connect with the community and reveal new games through their own events.

The gaming community had mixed reactions to these developments. While some fans were accepting of the changes, others were not as forgiving. This showed that gamers have diverse expectations from the industry’s biggest announcements, and how these expectations are met can significantly influence their engagement with the event.

Looking Forward: Alternative Gaming Events

The conclusion of E3 signals the dawn of a new epoch for the gaming industry. As the curtains close on the iconic event, alternative gaming events such as Summer Game Fest and individual company showcases are stepping up to fill the void.

Summer Game Fest, for instance, is an online event showcasing new video games, with major reveals and news, mirroring E3 but in a fully digital format. This event, among others, is expected to gain more attention and popularity now that E3 is no more.

The omission of heavyweight companies such as Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation from E3 has paved the way for alternative events, enabling interested companies to seize the spotlight and lay foundations as the fresh standard for the gaming industry.


E3 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of gaming culture. From its inception in 1995 to its unfortunate end in 2023, E3 has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. The event has seen the rise of new consoles, the reveal of iconic games, and the birth of lasting memories for fans worldwide.

However, the world of gaming doesn’t stop with the end of E3. As we move forward, alternative gaming events like Summer Game Fest are expected to step up and fill the void. These events, combined with individual company showcases, offer a glimpse into the future of the gaming industry.

In the end, E3’s legacy will continue to inspire and shape the gaming industry. After all, the spirit of E3 was always about celebrating the love for video games, and that love endures, no matter the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did E3 get canceled?

E3 was canceled due to a mix of factors such as new competitors, partner withdrawals, changing audience habits, and the disruptions caused by the pandemic. The in-person version never recovered from the impact of COVID, ultimately leading to its cancellation in 2022 and 2023.

Is E3 2024 2025 canceled?

Yes, E3 has been cancelled for 2024 and 2025, as reported by the Los Angeles City Tourism Commission. So there won't be any event for those years.

What was the best E3?

The best E3 is often considered to be the one where all three major gaming console manufacturers unveil their new products, which happened in 2005. The unveiling of shiny new consoles made it a memorable event for many gamers.

Who were the founding members of E3?

The founding members of E3 were the members of the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA). They played a key role in establishing the event.

What were some of the most impactful game reveals at E3?

The most impactful game reveals at E3 included Metroid Prime 4, BioShock Infinite, the Nintendo Wii's motion controls, and Resident Evil 7. These announcements generated significant buzz and excitement among gamers.

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