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Mithrie United Kingdom

Level 9001

☆ Dravanian Forelands ☆

In this Final Fantasy XIV video, I show every location of the Aether Currents in Dravanian Forelands. You need to have finished the main story quest "Mourn in Passing" to fully unlock this zone.

Flying Mount Unlock Guide: Click Here

Please refer to the very detailed description below as well as timestamps which when clicked will take you directly to the relevant part of the video.

The list will either say ORB which shows an Aether Current Orb that needs to be clicked at the location or QUEST which means the Aether Current is a reward from the quest at the location.

00:00 - Intro
00:45 - X:37, Y:28 ORB
01:28 - X:25, Y:27 QUESTS Some Bad News (Level 53) + The Hunt Become the Kweh (Level 53) + Chocobo's Last Stand (Level 53)
02:00 - X:21, Y:34 QUESTS Stolen Munitions (Level 53) + Natural Repllent (Level 53)
02:48 - X:16, Y:23 QUEST A Lesson In Humility (Level 53)
03:04 - X:30, Y:36 ORB

Updated Locations:
X:31, Y:16 ORB In Whilom River Just north of fork in river
X:12, Y:14 ORB In the cavern on Mourn

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