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Twitch Data Leak Sparks Concerns: Security Breach

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: October 5, 2021 at 1:05 PM BST

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Facebook and all products associated with it were down for a few hours yesterday and I explain why, Alan Wake Remastered has been released, and Epic Game Store will be adding achievements.

Alan Wake Remastered Released

The highly anticipated Alan Wake Remastered has finally been released today, giving players who missed out on the original game a chance to jump into the thrilling experience. Priced at ÂÂŖ24.99 in the UK, the remastered version promises to deliver a visually stunning and smooth gaming experience.

Many gamers who have already had the opportunity to try out Alan Wake Remastered have praised its improved graphics and impressive frame rate. IGN's review, in particular, highlights the game's technical enhancements while also adding a touch of humor. However, it's worth noting that despite these improvements, the remastered version doesn't offer a significant leap compared to the original game.

If you are a fan of the original Alan Wake or simply enjoy immersive storytelling combined with intense gameplay, the remastered version is definitely worth checking out. One exciting addition to this release is the inclusion of a director's commentary feature, reminiscent of the commentaries found on old DVD box sets. This commentary provides players with unique insights into the game's development process and offers a deeper understanding of the creative choices made by the developers.

Epic Game Store Achievements

In other gaming news, Epic Games has decided to introduce achievements to the Epic Game Store. Similar to Steam's well-known achievements system, players will now have the opportunity to earn achievements as they progress through their favorite games. This addition has been a long-requested feature by the gaming community and is set to be implemented very soon.

Achievements have become an integral part of modern gaming, offering players a sense of accomplishment and providing additional challenges to enhance their gaming experience. The inclusion of achievements in the Epic Game Store will undoubtedly add more depth and excitement to the platform, encouraging players to explore different games and strive for completion.

Facebook Outage Explained

One recent incident that caused a stir among social media users was the Facebook outage. For several hours, Facebook, along with other platforms it owns, such as Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp, experienced a complete shutdown. Many users were left wondering about the cause of this unexpected downtime.

The outage was primarily a result of a change in the configuration of Facebook's Domain Name System (DNS). When you enter a web address in your internet browser, it uses DNS to locate the corresponding IP address of the website you are trying to access. DNS stands for "Domain Name Service" and acts as a directory, translating easy-to-remember domain names (like into their corresponding IP addresses.

On the day of the outage, Facebook's DNS configuration was altered, causing it to point to the wrong IP address. As a result, when users attempted to access the platform through their browsers, they were unable to reach it. While the Facebook servers were likely still functioning in the background, the incorrect DNS information prevented users from finding the website.

The consequences of this DNS misconfiguration were significant, leading to a global outage affecting millions of people worldwide. The resolution process involved updating and correcting the DNS settings, which required time to propagate throughout the entire global network of routers.

Fortunately, no data was lost during the outage, and once the DNS updates were completed, access to Facebook and its associated platforms was restored. It's important to note that DNS modifications are typically managed by network administrators and internet service providers, and for the average user, it's not advisable to tamper with these settings unless you have extensive knowledge and expertise.

The Facebook outage sparked a wave of humor on the internet, with memes circulating to lighten the mood. If you desire more detailed information or have any questions regarding DNS or the Facebook outage, feel free to reach out in the comments section, and I'll be happy to provide further clarification.

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