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-- 19 Apr 2022
United Kingdom


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Streets of Rage Movie, Blizzard on NFTs, Crazy Taxi Reboot | Gaming News

Crazy Taxi Reboot

Hello, guys, welcome to the Gaming News for 19 Apr 2022. According to a report on Bloomberg, SEGA is rebooting Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. If you played Crazy Taxi in the past then a potential reboot is coming. We will see if there's more details about that in the future.

Blizzard on NFTs

And the next bit of news for today is in the last day or so, reports were coming out that Blizzard was polling interested parties about NFTs and play to earn games. However, Mike Ybarra who is the President of Blizzard replied to such a report saying "No one is doing NFTs." Gamers seem to react very negatively when any game company talks about NFTs. Hopefully, it will just not happen in the future if gamers keep standing against it.

Streets of Rage Movie

And the last bit of news for today is according to a report on Deadline, Streets of Rage is going to have a movie. I'm glad to see more games becoming TV shows and movies. It's really great to see and the quality of them is really good. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much, as always, to all the new followers and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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