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UK Government on Loot Boxes Thoughts: Gaming Controversy

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: July 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM BST

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In this video I give my thoughts on the UK Government's stance towards loot boxes. I often get frustrated by a perceived lack of action.

Reading Government Press Release

Today, the UK government issued a press release addressing the issue of loot boxes in video games. The release emphasizes the government's concern for the safety and well-being of children and young people, calling for companies to take greater responsibility and implement measures to protect players from the potential harms associated with loot boxes. The government asserts that children should not be able to purchase loot boxes without parental consent, as these in-game purchases can contain random items, including power-ups and cosmetic virtual clothing, which may have implications for mental health, financial well-being, and problem gaming.

The government's call for evidence has highlighted the link between loot boxes and gambling-related harms, prompting the need for stricter regulations and improved protections for vulnerable players. Game companies and platforms are urged to play their part in safeguarding children and players of all ages by ensuring that in-game purchases, such as loot boxes, require parental consent. Notably, certain platforms, such as Xbox, have already taken steps to enhance parental controls and permissions for spending within games.

My Thoughts on the Press Release

Reflecting on the government's press release, I am somewhat skeptical about its effectiveness in curbing the proliferation of loot boxes in the gaming industry. While the government's intentions to protect vulnerable individuals, particularly children, are commendable, I fear that some companies will continue to exploit the monetization strategy of loot boxes to maximize profits. They may find loopholes or repackage the concept in alternative ways to circumvent regulations.

Although platforms like Xbox have implemented commendable measures to prevent excessive spending on loot boxes, not all game companies are equally diligent. Some prioritize profit over player well-being, seeking to extract as much money as possible from their customers. While I agree with the need to shield vulnerable children, I personally believe that loot boxes should be banned altogether. Cash shops, on the other hand, which offer cosmetic items for a fixed price, provide a more transparent and consumer-friendly model.

The gambling aspect inherent in loot boxes is deeply concerning. The notion that players are merely given a chance to acquire desired items rather than being able to purchase them directly undermines the integrity and fairness of the gaming experience. Instead, companies should offer items for sale at set prices, providing players with a guarantee and eliminating the element of chance.

My Experience as a Gamer

Drawing from my extensive experience as a gamer spanning nearly three decades, I can confidently say that loot boxes contribute little to the overall gaming experience. They often cast content creators in a negative light, creating an impression of greed and exploitation. Moreover, the reliance on loot boxes and paid downloadable content (DLC) often leads to a decline in the quality of games, with titles being released in incomplete or broken states, and missing content being sold separately.
As gamers, we have grown increasingly frustrated with this practice of launching games that are only a fraction of what they could have been, and subsequently filling the gaps with loot boxes and paid DLC. While the government's stance on loot boxes is a step in the right direction, it is important to note that other countries have taken more stringent measures, banning loot boxes outright. It remains to be seen if the UK government will consider implementing similar measures in the future.

In conclusion, loot boxes have little to offer in terms of enhancing the gaming experience. They often result in a negative perception of the gaming industry and lower the overall quality of games. While the government's press release is a positive development, more comprehensive action may be necessary to address the issues associated with loot boxes in video games. Time will tell if the UK government will follow the lead of other nations and introduce complete bans on loot boxes.

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