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Gaming Show 2020: Reveals and Highlights Of The Pandemic

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The gaming show 2020 adapted to global events, transitioning to online platforms and focusing on what gamers care about most: the games. Highlighting key announcements and exciting developments, our coverage zeroes in on the standout titles and updates from both major studios and indie developers alike. From high-octane previews like Godfall to surprising indie hits such as Gloomwood, this article is your encapsulation of the most impactful moments and reveals from 2020’s gaming showcases.

Key Takeaways

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PC Gaming Show 2020: Exciting Announcements

PC Gaming Show 2020 logo surrounded by gaming accessories

In 2020, the PC Gaming Show was one for the books for a typical PC Gamer. Despite being delayed in solidarity with global protests, it eventually hit the airwaves on June 13th, causing quite a stir in the gaming community. This wasn’t just any old show, but a spectacle that brought together some of PC gaming’s biggest and most interesting developers. Broadcasting from PC Gamer’s Twitch and YouTube channels, the event showcased new games and unveiled never-before-seen gameplay footage that had gamers on the edge of their seats.

From the highly anticipated Godfall to the hilariously chaotic Surgeon Simulator 2, the show had something for everyone. Indeed, three games particularly stole the limelight - Torchlight III, Fae Tactics, and Gloomwood. These games ignited excitement among gamers. So, what made them so fascinating? Let’s delve into the unique traits of these games.

Torchlight III

Enter Torchlight III, a game that not only captured the attention of the audience but also managed to stand out amongst the sea of new games presented at the PC Gaming Show 2020. At first glance, it might seem like your typical action RPG, but Torchlight III is anything but ordinary. One of the game’s standout features is the introduction of customizable forts, a novel addition that gives players the chance to personalize their own space within the game world, adding a whole new layer of interactivity and immersion.

But that’s not all. Torchlight III also introduced an expanded pet system, offering players a greater variety of companionship and assistance options during their adventures. It’s clear that the developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that Torchlight III offers a unique gaming experience. With wild classes and a host of new features, it’s no wonder that Torchlight III was one of the stars of the show.

Fae Tactics

Screenshot of Fae Tactics gameplay featured in PC Gaming Show 2020

Next up, we have Fae Tactics, a turn-based strategy RPG that was a breath of fresh air at the PC Gaming Show 2020. Unlike the Total War Saga, the game centers around a young magic user named Peony as she navigates a world filled with mystery, danger, and of course, mythical creatures. But what sets Fae Tactics apart from other RPGs is its menuless tactics system, which allows players to develop and execute strategies immediately within the game, making for a seamless and engaging gameplay experience.

Another standout feature of Fae Tactics is:

With its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative, Fae Tactics is definitely a game worth watching out for.


In-game screenshot of Gloomwood, depicting its first-person shooter gameplay

Last but certainly not least, we have Gloomwood, a first-person shooter with a neo-Victorian and gothic setting that gives off a Bloodborne-like atmosphere. This game was introduced at the PC Gaming Show 2020 and immediately caught the attention of gamers due to its unique blend of stealth and combat mechanics. Gloomwood enter Steam Early Access during 2020. The new gameplay footage showcased during the event further solidified its appeal to the PC gaming community.

Gloomwood employs a Resident Evil 4-like grid-based inventory management system housed within a briefcase, which adds a strategic element to resource management. Players explore various interconnected areas across the city in Gloomwood, uncovering save points, secret passages, and engaging with intricate puzzles. Despite some criticisms about its unfinished elements and challenging difficulty, critics have lauded Gloomwood for its compelling level design and immersive atmosphere. This game truly epitomizes the innovative spirit of the 2020 PC Gaming Show.

Future Games Show: Exclusive Trailers and Deep Dives

Official poster for Future Games Show 2020, showcasing event highlights

After the excitement of the PC Gaming Show, the Future Games Show had some big shoes to fill. And boy, did it deliver! Featuring over 40 games across multiple platforms including PS5, Xbox, Switch, and PC, the Future Games Show at Gamescom demonstrated the event’s broad appeal. From world premieres to a VR showcase and exclusive segments, the Future Games Show had gamers all over the world glued to their screens as they got a firsthand look at new and exciting content.

Hosted by notable personalities like Troy Baker and Erika Ishii, the Future Games Show gained significant traction and viewer count. But it wasn’t just the hosts that made this event so memorable. The show presented exclusive trailers and deep dives on games like Mortal Shell, Persona 4 Golden, and Godfall, making it a must-see event for any gaming enthusiast.

Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell, often referred to as a ‘bite-sized Souls’ game, caught the eye of many viewers during the Future Games Show. Drawing comparisons to iconic titles in the action-RPG genre like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Mortal Shell stood out for its unique combat mechanics. One such mechanic is the ability to inhabit ‘Shells’ of fallen warriors, allowing players to adopt different combat skills and styles.

Another innovative feature is the ‘Harden’ mechanic, which enables players to turn to stone mid-combat, providing strategic advantages and fostering a more aggressive approach to combat. The game also introduced the ‘Familiarity’ system, which rewards experimentation with item usage by revealing additional item effects over time.

Despite its relative brevity, Mortal Shell presents a substantial challenge, taking an average of 12 to 18 hours for players to complete. With its unique combat and progression mechanics, Mortal Shell is undoubtedly a noteworthy experience for players seeking depth in their action-RPGs.

Persona 4 Golden

Gameplay screenshot of Persona 4 Golden, showing characters and interface on PC

Another standout game from the Future Games Show was Persona 4 Golden, which has fans eagerly anticipating the next game in the series. Originally an exclusive PlayStation Vita title, it was announced during the show that Persona 4 Golden was making the leap to PC, marking an exciting move for this iconic JRPG. With its release on Steam, Persona 4 Golden was made accessible to a wider PC gaming audience, bringing its iconic status in the JRPG genre to new fans and those revisiting the game alike.

Priced at $19.99 on Steam, Persona 4 Golden was accessible to new fans and those revisiting the game alike. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for a captivating gaming experience, Persona 4 Golden’s move to PC was undoubtedly one of the most exciting announcements of the Future Games Show.


Intense combat scene from Godfall showcasing hack and slash gameplay

Godfall, another gem from the Future Games Show, was noted for its gorgeous high fantasy setting and smooth hack and slash combat gameplay style. The combat system stood out for being combo-heavy and requiring skillful execution, appealing to players who enjoy a more strategic approach to combat.

With its visually stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Godfall quickly got the gaming community buzzing. Whether it’s the beautiful setting or the exciting combat system, there’s something for everyone in Godfall. It’s easy to see why this game was one of the highlights of the Future Games Show.

Indie Gems to Watch Out For

Gameplay screenshot of Cris Tales, showcasing its unique art style and characters

The 2020 gaming shows weren’t just about the big names in the industry. They also shined a spotlight on indie gems that managed to stand out from the crowd. Among these were Among Trees, Prodeus, and Cris Tales, each offering a unique gaming experience and showcasing the creativity and innovation that indie developers bring to the table.

Among Trees, a survival sandbox game, was particularly eye-catching with its visually stunning graphics and immersive world. Prodeus, a retro-style first-person shooter, brought nonstop action and chaos to the gaming show. Meanwhile, Cris Tales, a fantasy RPG, captivated audiences with its branching narrative and beautiful hand-drawn 2D art style.

Let’s explore these indie games in detail to understand their unique offerings.

Among Trees

Lush forest scene from Among Trees, depicting its immersive survival sandbox environment

Among Trees is a vibrant survival sandbox adventure set in a wilderness world teeming with life. The game invites players to explore its immersive world, which includes dense forests and dark caves that beckon players to explore and discover.

In Among Trees, players can:

With its stunning graphics and immersive world, Among Trees is a standout indie gem to watch out for.


Gameplay screenshot of Prodeus, highlighting its retro-style first-person shooter action

Prodeus is a retro-style first-person shooter that revitalizes the classic FPS formula with modern rendering techniques. Designed for nonstop action, Prodeus propels players through waves of chaos-spawned creatures, and features a gory dismemberment system to increase the intensity of combat encounters.

Beyond just playing, Prodeus encourages engagement with its community features. It includes a fully integrated level editor and a community map browser for sharing and exploring endless player-created content. Despite some criticisms, the engaging action and community features make Prodeus an indie game to keep an eye on.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a fantasy RPG that offers:

The game centers around the conflict with the powerful Time Empress, an evil genius, who seeks world domination.

Cris Tales incorporates a Time Mechanic in both combat and exploration, allowing players to manipulate the ages of enemies and see different time periods simultaneously. The game also features a diverse cast of characters, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the adventure. Despite some minor criticisms, Cris Tales stands out for its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative, making it an indie gem to watch out for.

Major Game Updates and Expansions

Gameplay scene from Remnant: From The Ashes showcasing its post-apocalyptic environment and characters

Major updates and expansions for existing games were also a highlight of the 2020 gaming shows. From the final DLC for Remnant: From The Ashes to exciting updates for popular games like Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Mafia: Definitive Edition, and Escape from Tarkov, there was plenty to look forward to for fans of these games.

These updates and expansions not only introduced new content but also addressed some of the issues and concerns raised by the gaming community. Let’s examine these updates to understand the enhancements they provided.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Gameplay image of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, featuring a ground mission scenario

The new expansion for Elite Dangerous, Odyssey, was officially announced with a release date set for May 19, 2021. After its launch, however, the expansion faced issues such as client/server instability, gameplay bugs, and performance problems.

Despite these issues, Odyssey introduced some exciting new features, including:

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Scene from Mafia: Definitive Edition, highlighting the enhanced graphics and detailed environment of the remake

Mafia: Definitive Edition was announced as a comprehensive rebuild of the original game, revamping the experience for modern platforms. This remake includes a new game engine and extensively reworked cutscenes to enhance storytelling and player immersion.

Set for release on August 28, the reveal of Mafia: Definitive Edition was a notable moment at the gaming show, signaling an exciting update to a classic title. With its comprehensive rebuild and enhanced storytelling, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a much-anticipated update in the gaming community.

Escape from Tarkov Updates

Escape from Tarkov, a popular and complex game, has experienced technical issues and glitches likely tied to its complex systems and the frequency of autosaves. Such issues can be frustrating for players, but they also demonstrate the complexity and depth of the game’s systems.

Despite these issues, Escape from Tarkov remains a popular game, and the developers are continually working on updates to improve the game experience. These updates reflect the developer’s commitment to providing a high-quality gaming experience and addressing the concerns of the gaming community.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Releases

Gameplay image of Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, showcasing its adventure-themed graphics and design

The anticipation for upcoming game releases was palpable during the 2020 gaming shows. Among the most anticipated releases were Icarus, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, and Weird West. Each of these games offers a unique gaming experience and has generated significant buzz in the gaming community.

Whether it’s the free-to-play survival game Icarus, the exploration-focused fantasy roguelite Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, or the action RPG Weird West, there’s something for every gamer in these upcoming releases. Let’s examine why these games are eagerly awaited by gamers.


Gameplay image of Icarus, highlighting its survival mechanics in a lush, hostile environment

Developed by Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, Icarus is an upcoming free-to-play survival game. Set to officially release in 2021, Icarus offers a first-person survival game offering an online co-op experience.

The game entered Early Access on June 13, 2020, with a scheduled full release on November 10, 2021, via the Epic Games Store for Windows PC. With its unique gameplay and the reputation of its developer, Icarus is definitely one of the most anticipated releases to look out for.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is a fantasy roguelite game that offers:

The game introduces a unique feature of a persistent world where the outcomes of one adventurer’s journey can shape the experiences of subsequent generations within the game. With its focus on exploration and a persistent world, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is a highly anticipated release among gamers.

Weird West

Gameplay scene from Weird West, highlighting its distinctive blend of storytelling and combat

Weird West is an action RPG that offers a dark, fantastical reimagining of the Wild West. It blends elements of stealth and combat in its gameplay and features:

Players are encouraged to:

With its various playstyles and rewarding exploration, Weird West is certainly a game to look forward to in the upcoming releases.


Well, there you have it, folks! A trip down memory lane, revisiting some of the best moments from the 2020 gaming shows. From the PC Gaming Show to the Future Games Show, we’ve covered some of the most exciting game announcements, updates, and anticipated releases. Despite a challenging year, the gaming community came together to celebrate creativity, innovation, and the sheer joy of gaming.

Whether it’s the unique mechanics of Torchlight III, the strategic gameplay of Fae Tactics, the immersive world of Among Trees, or the anticipated release of Icarus, each game we’ve discussed today offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. As we look back on these highlights, we’re reminded of the incredible talent and creativity in the gaming industry. Here’s to another year of amazing games, and may the spirit of gaming continue to bring us together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is PC Gaming Show 2023?

The PC Gaming Show 2023 is approximately 2 hours long. Enjoy!

Where can I watch PC Gaming Show 2023?

You can watch the PC Gaming Show 2023 on PC Gamer's Twitch or YouTube channels, Twitch Gaming, Steam, and Bilibili in China. Enjoy the show!

Who is hosting the PC gaming show 2023?

Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Frankie Ward will be hosting the PC Gaming Show 2023. Get ready for an exciting event with trailers, announcements, and developer interviews!

What were some of the notable games from the PC Gaming Show 2020?

The notable games from the PC Gaming Show 2020 were Torchlight III, Fae Tactics, and Gloomwood. They showcased some exciting upcoming titles!

What are some unique features of Torchlight III?

Torchlight III stands out with customizable forts, an expanded pet system, and diverse character classes for an exciting gaming experience. These features add depth and customization to the game.

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