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Angry Birds Maker Faces Lawsuit: Legal Challenge - Video Page

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: August 30, 2021 at 12:33 PM BST

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Video Transcript

The creator of Angry Birds, Rovio, are being sued by the state of New Mexico for violating COPPA law, apparently allegedly. Basically, the law protects kids under 13 from any sort of information being collected about them and stuff like that and the state feels they have grounds to proceed with the lawsuit against the creators of Angry Birds for doing just that. I am always curious about how they get the evidence, how they get whatever. But I just know that that's happening. The next bit of news for today is China is cutting the amount of time that under 18s can play games. We spoke a couple of days ago about the restrictions being actually lifted in South Korea, but China is going the other way. If you're under 18 in China, you can play an hour of games on Fridays, weekends and holidays. And they are concerned about growing gaming addiction amongst miners. They are also introducing and they have already introduced real name verification systems when you play online games in China to make sure that people are not getting around the filters because you would assume it would be very easy to get around them. That's tightening even more of restrictions. Before there used to be a limit of 3 hours on holidays or one and a half hours on other days. And now they've tightened it even more. Basically, they see a big concern about gaming addiction in China, and they're trying to address it. I personally feel that it should be down to or the responsibility of the parent (or guardian) to make sure the kids are not (uncontrolled). And that's not just in China, that's globally, it should be down to the parents (or guardians) to control the amount of time the kids are playing games. But whatever, like the Chinese regulators are getting involved. And then the last bit of news for today is the Yakuza creator, Toshihiro Nagoshi is leaving Sega after 32 years to join NetEase. It's interesting that he's making such a move, but they must be giving him a very lucrative contract (or) they must be giving him motivation to do that. I personally have played a lot of the Yakuza games. I absolutely love it. Recently have been playing the game Judgment. I'm looking forward to the next Judgment game. Good for you. Good luck with your new venture. And thank you for creating such a great franchise and great series of games to the world.

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