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Quantic Dream Star Wars Game, Dying Light 2 Weapon...

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of the daily gaming news. Here I'll be discussing all the latest goings-on in the gaming industry, from new releases to game announcements and everything in between. So without further ado, let's get started!

EA Acquires Playdemic

EA has acquired Playdemic for $1.4 billion from Warner Brother Games. Playdemic if you don't know who they are, is a mobile developer based in the UK who has made certain games like Golf Crash. EA has previously wanted to expand more into mobile gaming and acquiring companies which are already successful in the medium is a good idea, I guess, it's business. And then hopefully Warner Brother Games will be able to use that money for good purposes.

Dying Light 2 Weapon Degradation

And then the next bit of news for today is the producer of Dying Light 2 has confirmed that weapon degradation is going to come back. If you played the first Dying Light game, you'll know that you can only use your weapons for a very, very short time. Think of almost like Zelda Breath of the Wild, where your weapons break really easily. It was the same thing in Dying Light, and some people really don't like that mechanic, but for me it actually made games like the original Dying Light way more stressful and so on, but in a good way because at the end of the day, Dying Light is a zombie apocalypse. It makes sense that you really should just run rather than take on the zombies and weapons constantly breaking is a mechanic in a lot of games. They have confirmed that is coming back to Dying Light 2.

Quantic Dream Star Wars Game

And then the last bit of news for today is Quantic Dream, who is the developer behind such games Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls and recently Detroit: Become Human. Their contract has now ended with Sony because they had a deal with Sony to make three games. And those three games have been delivered and all three of them were fantastic. But apparently or allegedly they've now signed a deal with Disney to create a Star Wars game. The next Quantic Dream game might actually be Star Wars based. We will see how that turns out if it's going to be of the same sort of story vain as the games that they usually make. I wonder what it would be like in a Star Wars setting. I think that would be very interesting if that's actually true. Hopefully we'll see more details about that sooner than later.


That's all for my roundup of the latest gaming news. What do you think? Are any of these stories big deals in your opinion? Let me know by leaving a comment on the video. And don't forget to check back tomorrow for more exciting gaming news!

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