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Halo Infinite Previews: Fans Dive into Gameplay

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 20, 2021 at 11:27 AM BST

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Quantic Dream, the developer behind the games Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, is allegedly working on a Star Wars game, the Dying Light 2 Producer has confirmed weapon degradation is coming back, and EA acquires mobile games developer for Playdemic for $1.4 Billion.

EA Acquires Playdemic

EA has recently made headlines with its acquisition of Playdemic, a UK-based mobile game developer, from Warner Brother Games for a staggering $1.4 billion. Playdemic, known for their popular game "Golf Crash," has already established itself as a successful player in the mobile gaming industry. This acquisition aligns with EA's ambitions to expand its presence in the mobile gaming market, a rapidly growing sector with immense potential.

In today's highly competitive gaming industry, acquiring established companies can be a strategic move to gain access to new games, technology, and talent. For EA, the purchase of Playdemic allows them to tap into the expertise and success of a company that has already demonstrated its ability to create popular mobile games. With Playdemic's valuable resources now in their hands, EA can further solidify its position in the mobile gaming space and continue to capture the attention of gamers worldwide.

Furthermore, the significant acquisition cost signals EA's commitment to investing in the mobile market. By allocating such a substantial amount of money towards this purchase, EA is demonstrating its confidence in the future of mobile gaming and its determination to establish a dominant presence in this space. The ever-expanding reach of smartphones and the continuous growth of mobile gaming revenue make it a lucrative market for publishers and developers alike.

It's worth mentioning that this acquisition also has potential benefits for Warner Brother Games. The $1.4 billion earned from the sale of Playdemic to EA can be reinvested into new projects or used to strengthen existing ones. This injection of funds may enable WB Games to focus on their core competencies and deliver more high-quality games to their loyal fanbase.

Dying Light 2 Weapon Degradation

In other news, fans of the popular video game franchise, "Dying Light," may have mixed feelings about the confirmed return of weapon degradation in the upcoming sequel, "Dying Light 2." Weapon degradation refers to the mechanic where weapons gradually lose durability and eventually break with use. This feature was present in the first "Dying Light" game and evoked both praise and criticism from players.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, "Dying Light" is a survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. The inclusion of weapon degradation in the original game added a layer of challenge and realism to the gameplay. Players had to carefully manage their resources and strategize their use of weapons, as they knew that their weapons would not withstand endless battles against hordes of undead.

While some players found weapon degradation to be an engaging and immersive element, others viewed it as a frustrating mechanic that hindered their enjoyment. The inclusion of this feature in the sequel seems to cater to the fans who appreciated the added challenge of resource management and the need to think strategically when engaging in combat.

Ultimately, the decision to bring back weapon degradation in "Dying Light 2" highlights the developers' commitment to maintaining the franchise's unique gameplay and atmosphere. By incorporating this mechanic, the game's creators aim to offer a familiar experience to fans who enjoyed the first installment while potentially attracting new players seeking a demanding and realistic survival experience.

Quantic Dream Star Wars Game

Finally, an intriguing development in the gaming industry involves Quantic Dream, the renowned developer behind critically acclaimed titles such as "Heavy Rain," "Beyond Two Souls," and "Detroit: Become Human." Quantic Dream recently completed its contract with Sony, as the two companies had an agreement for the production of three games together. All three games under the contract were incredibly well-received by both critics and players alike.

However, it is now rumored that Quantic Dream has inked a deal with Disney, potentially signaling their next project as a Star Wars game. While this speculation has yet to be confirmed, the prospect of Quantic Dream venturing into the iconic Star Wars universe is undeniably exciting.

As a studio known for its narrative-driven and emotionally charged games, the prospect of a Quantic Dream-developed Star Wars title raises intriguing questions about storytelling possibilities within the beloved franchise. Quantic Dream's previous works have garnered praise for their deep and immersive narratives, often exploring complex moral dilemmas and offering players a high degree of choice and consequence.

Imagining a Quantic Dream-developed Star Wars game evokes visions of immersive and character-driven storytelling set against the backdrop of the vast Star Wars universe. While specific details are currently scarce, fans of both Quantic Dream and Star Wars eagerly anticipate any official announcements that could shed light on this potential collaboration.

In conclusion, the gaming industry is constantly evolving, with acquisitions, returning mechanics, and exciting new projects capturing the attention of players worldwide. EA's acquisition of Playdemic strengthens its position in the mobile gaming market, while also providing Warner Brother Games with additional resources to enhance their game development endeavors. The return of weapon degradation in "Dying Light 2" speaks to the franchise's commitment to delivering an immersive and challenging survival experience. Lastly, the rumored collaboration between Quantic Dream and Disney for a Star Wars game holds immense promise, as fans eagerly await further details regarding this potential partnership.

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