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Hogwarts Legacy No Addon Purchases: MTX-Free Magic

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: March 19, 2022 at 1:38 PM GMT

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Key Takeaways

Nine Sols Crowdfunding

Red Candle Games, known for their critically acclaimed game "Detention," have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support their upcoming game, Nine Sols. Described as a lore-rich, hand-drawn 2D action-platformer, Nine Sols promises to offer Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat, immersive storytelling, and a unique Taopunk setting.

The crowdfunding campaign has been off to a great start, with Red Candle Games already surpassing their initial funding target. The campaign, which was launched on a popular crowdfunding platform, has managed to raise over 3 million Taiwanese dollars (approximately $120,000). However, rather than stopping there, the developers have set further stretch goals to encourage more backers to support the project.

Nine Sols' crowdfunding page provides detailed information about the game's features, gameplay mechanics, and unique aspects. The hand-drawn art style brings the Taopunk setting to life, combining traditional Chinese aesthetics with a futuristic twist. Players can expect a visually stunning world filled with intricate details and captivating environments.

The combat system in Nine Sols draws inspiration from the acclaimed game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Players will engage in intense battles that require precise timing and strategic deflection. Adaptability and mastering the use of different weapons and abilities will be crucial to overcoming challenging encounters.

Alongside the action-oriented gameplay, Nine Sols promises an immersive storytelling experience. The developers are known for their emphasis on narrative-driven games, and they aim to deliver a rich and engaging story in Nine Sols. Players will unravel the mysteries of the Taopunk world, uncovering its dark secrets and encountering memorable characters along the way.

One of the highlights of Nine Sols is its unique Taopunk setting. This fusion of Taoist philosophy and cyberpunk aesthetics creates a distinct world with its own set of rules and lore. Red Candle Games have spent considerable time crafting this universe, and players can expect a visually stunning and thematically rich experience.

With the initial funding goal already achieved, Red Candle Games has introduced stretch goals to further enhance the game and reward backers. These stretch goals include additional levels, expanded lore, and even the possibility of a unique game mode. By reaching these goals, Red Candle Games aims to make Nine Sols an even more immersive and content-rich experience.

The success of the crowdfunding campaign speaks to the anticipation and support for Nine Sols. Fans of Red Candle Games' previous works have eagerly rallied behind the project, recognizing the studio's talent for creating atmospheric and thought-provoking games. The funds raised during the campaign will contribute to the game's development and allow the team to realize their vision to its fullest.

As the campaign continues to gain momentum, Red Candle Games has expressed their gratitude towards the community for their support. They acknowledge that it is the players and fans who enable them to bring their creative ideas to life, and they are committed to delivering a game that exceeds expectations.

New World Content Plan

In other gaming news, the developers behind the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) New World have recently unveiled their content roadmap for the year 2022. This roadmap outlines the planned updates and additions to the game for the upcoming spring, summer, and autumn seasons.

New World, developed by Amazon Game Studios, launched to much anticipation and excitement. The open-world sandbox MMO offers players the chance to explore the mysterious and dangerous island of Aeternum while engaging in various activities such as crafting, combat, and PvP battles.

The content roadmap reveals that the developers are committed to supporting New World with regular updates and expansions. The spring season will introduce new features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. Additionally, players can expect new expeditions and events to further enrich the gameplay experience.

Moving into the summer season, the roadmap suggests the addition of new zones, enemies, and activities. This expansion aims to provide players with fresh challenges and opportunities for exploration. New World's vast open world is a key aspect of its appeal, and the developers are actively working to expand upon it.

The autumn season promises to bring even more content, including new quests, expeditions, and end-game activities. This phase of the roadmap aims to provide long-term goals and challenges for players as they continue their adventures in Aeternum. The developers have also mentioned addressing feedback and concerns from the community to ensure a better gameplay experience.

The content roadmap serves as a promising indication of the developers' commitment to New World. It shows that they are actively listening to player feedback and working to deliver a game that continuously evolves and improves over time. For players who have invested their time and efforts into the game, this roadmap offers reassurance that New World will receive ongoing support and updates.

Hogwarts Legacy - No Add-on Purchases

Wrapping up the news for today, Warner Bros. Games has released a comprehensive FAQ for the highly anticipated game Hogwarts Legacy. This FAQ provides various details about the game, including information about its single-player experience, absence of microtransactions, and co-op gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy has garnered significant attention from Harry Potter fans and gamers alike. Set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during the late 1800s, players will assume the role of a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The game promises an immersive RPG experience, allowing players to explore familiar locations, learn magical spells, and uncover the mysteries of Hogwarts.

One of the notable aspects mentioned in the FAQ is the absence of microtransactions or in-game purchases. Warner Bros. Games has assured fans that Hogwarts Legacy will not feature any form of additional purchases beyond the base game. This news will undoubtedly be welcomed by players who are tired of the prevalent use of microtransactions in modern gaming.

The FAQ also clarifies that Hogwarts Legacy will be a single-player experience, emphasizing the focus on delivering an engaging and immersive narrative. While some fans may have hoped for a co-op or multiplayer component, Warner Bros. Games has chosen to prioritize the single-player aspect to provide a more personal and story-driven gameplay experience.

As the release date for Hogwarts Legacy approaches, fans can be assured that the developers are committed to delivering a complete and immersive Wizarding World experience. The absence of microtransactions and the emphasis on single-player storytelling are positive indicators that Hogwarts Legacy aims to provide a high-quality and authentic Harry Potter RPG adventure.

In conclusion, today's gaming news covers various exciting developments. Red Candle Games' Nine Sols crowdfunding campaign has achieved significant funding, allowing the developers to expand the game's scope and fulfill their creative vision. New World's content roadmap reassures players of ongoing support and updates, ensuring a continuously evolving MMO experience. Lastly, the confirmation of no microtransactions or in-game purchases in Hogwarts Legacy instills confidence in fans eagerly awaiting the immersive Harry Potter RPG. These updates offer a glimpse into the future of these highly anticipated games and highlight the dedication of developers to meet player expectations and deliver memorable experiences.

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