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-- 03 May 2022
United Kingdom


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Could PlayStation Buy Square Enix?, Tomb Raider Total Sales, Square Enix Golden Week | Gaming News

Tomb Raider Total Sales

Hello, guys, and welcome to the Gaming News for 03 May 2022. following the sale of Tomb Raider to the Embracer Group from Square Enix, the total sales of the franchise have been revealed and it has been shown that 88 million units of Tomb Raider have been it sold since it's inception in 1996. we'll see what the next chapter is for Tomb Raider with their new owners.

Square Enix Golden Week

The next bit of news for today is until the 06 May 2022, there's a Square Enix Golden Week sale. Whichever storefront you choose, you'll be able to get Square Enix games potentially for up to half price.

Could PlayStation Buy Square Enix?

Then the last bit of news for today is following the sale of the western game studios from Square Enix to the Embracer Group. There are now more rumors than ever about a potential PlayStation acquisition of Square Enix. Given that Square Enix has now moved away from Marvel Avengers and other games which were causing the massive losses, it makes the remaining portfolio that they have more impressive and therefore more valuable. We will see if there's any information about it. I'll be sure to report on the Gaming News if it does happen. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much, as always, to all the new followers and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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