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Diablo Immortal Earnings: Mobile RPG Finds Financial Success

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: June 18, 2022 at 4:30 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Diablo Immortal Earnings

According to an article on Game Dev Reports backed up by data from AppMagic, Diablo Immortal has become a massive financial success, earning over $20 million just two weeks after its release. This mobile game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Games, brings the iconic Diablo franchise into the world of mobile gaming.

However, despite its financial success, the game has faced considerable criticism from players due to the heavy focus on pay-to-win mechanics. Pay-to-win refers to the practice of allowing players to gain a significant advantage by spending real money on in-game purchases. This often creates an unfair playing field and can diminish the overall experience for players who do not wish to engage in such transactions.

Many players and industry experts argue that pay-to-win mechanics can be not only expensive but also detrimental to the overall gaming experience. In fact, the negative effects of pay-to-win systems have been extensively discussed across various platforms, including finance channels and health-related publications.

One finance channel, in particular, highlighted the potential dangers of pay-to-win mechanics in Diablo Immortal. The presenter discussed how the game's pay-to-win features can be incredibly costly and warned viewers about the risks of engaging in such practices.

Moreover, an article published by Health Match delved into the effects of gambling on one's psychology, drawing parallels between pay-to-win mechanics and gambling. The article emphasized that the release of dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure and reward, can lead to satisfaction and addiction, making certain individuals more susceptible to the risks of gambling-like mechanics in games like Diablo Immortal.

If you find yourself vulnerable to the potential risks associated with pay-to-win systems or gambling, it is highly recommended to educate yourself on the subject. Understanding the psychological impact of such mechanics can help you make informed decisions regarding your gaming habits and personal finances.

Supraland Free

In other gaming news, Supraland, an indie action-adventure game, is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store until June 23, 2022. Developed by Supra Games, Supraland offers a unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming gameplay.

The Epic Games Store regularly offers free games as part of its ongoing promotions, allowing players to expand their gaming libraries without spending a dime. To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the Epic Games Store, redeem Supraland, and add it to your account. Once claimed, the game will be permanently associated with your profile, ensuring that you can enjoy it at any time, without any additional purchases or subscriptions required.

Additionally, if you choose to support content creators on the Epic Games Store, you can use their designated "Support a Content Creator" code during the game's checkout process. As an example, the code "Mithrie" can be entered to directly support the content creator named Mithrie.

30 Free Games During Prime Day 2022

In exciting news for Amazon Prime members, Prime Gaming has announced that it will be giving away a total of 30 free games during Prime Day 2022, which will take place on July 12-13, 2022. Prime Gaming is a premium feature included with Amazon Prime subscriptions, offering various benefits to gamers.

If you have an Amazon Prime account and have already activated your Prime Gaming account, you will be eligible to redeem and download these free games. To access the games, you will need to download and install the Amazon Games Launcher, a dedicated platform that enables users to manage and play the games they have acquired through Prime Gaming.

These 30 free games are yours to keep and play at any time, even after Prime Day has ended. It's an excellent opportunity for Prime members to expand their gaming library without any additional cost.

If you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber, making use of the Prime Gaming benefits is highly recommended. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover new games, dive into exciting adventures, and further enhance your gaming experience.

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