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Unveiling the Epic Games Store: A Comprehensive Review

Gaming Blogs | Author: Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani Posted: Oct 27, 2023 Next Previous

Welcome to the world of the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform that seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry by challenging established giants and offering unique benefits to developers and gamers alike. Are you ready to explore this groundbreaking platform and unveil its secrets? Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways

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Exploring the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store logo

Launched in December 2018, the Epic Games Store has been a significant player in the gaming world, its success inspired by its flagship title, Fortnite. With the aim to challenge Steam's monopoly and create invigorating competition in the PC game store market, the store has been expanding its offerings and attracting users and developers alike.

The name "Epic Games Store" itself elicits expectations for a platform where games built by Epic Games and other developers can be found.

Exclusive Titles and Acquisitions

Having secured a number of exclusive titles like Alan Wake 2, and Dead Island 2, the Epic Games Store has fortified its position in the market. This exclusivity helps to distinguish the platform from other services like Steam and incentivizes gamers to choose the Epic Games Store. If you enjoy this comprehensive review of the Epic Games Store and feel inspired to make a purchase from the platform, consider clicking the affiliate link above. Alternatively, you can use the Support A Content Creator Code Mithrie to directly support my work.

Moreover, occasional acquisition of developers, like the creators of Rocket League, allows the store to transform games into free-to-play titles. This strategy of exclusive game acquisitions aims to draw more users to the platform by providing highly sought-after games that can only be accessed on the Epic Games Store, while also offering developers a more lucrative revenue share of 88/12 compared to other platforms.

Collaboration with Humble Bundle

Not just limited to offering exclusive titles, the Epic Games Store also partners with Humble Bundle, an online store known for its charitable support and competitively priced quality content. This partnership enables Epic Games Store titles, including exclusives, to be made available on the Humble Bundle platform, with a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of games allocated to support charitable causes, such as The Book Industry Charitable Foundation and PayPal Giving Fund.

Navigating the Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games Launcher with game pages, search and other features

The Epic Games Launcher serves as an accessible gateway to the store's offerings, making it simple for users to:

Browsing and searching for games on the Epic Games Launcher has never been easier.

Browsing and Search Features

The Epic Games Store's built-in browser provides numerous features, such as CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, optimizing both gaming and browsing performance. Users can interact with a minimized view of the Social Panel while browsing the store, ensuring they never miss out on any important updates or messages.

Moreover, the search function enables users to find relevant games and other content, including other games, with just a few clicks, and filters such as genre, features, and types can be applied to streamline the search process on game pages.

Free Games and Giveaways

The Epic Games Store attracts users with its rotating selection of free games and consistent giveaways, one of its most enticing aspects. Users can find free games such as Disney Speedstorm, Tower of Fantasy, Honkai: Star Rail, and Aimlabs. In the past, notable titles like Q.U.B.E., Subnautica, Celeste, GTA V, and Civilization VI have been available for free, allowing players to expand their game library without breaking the bank.

With a new selection of free games rotated every week, the Epic Games Store keeps users coming back for more.

Unreal Engine Integration

Unreal Engine with game development tools, marketplace and educational resources

The Unreal Engine, a comprehensive suite of tools used by many developers to create diverse games, is the backbone of the Epic Games Store. The store integrates the Unreal Engine with its platform through the Unreal Engine 4 Integrated Partners Program, enabling developers to optimize their time with the sophisticated toolset provided by Unreal Engine 4.

This integration not only provides a robust game development platform but also facilitates the creation of exclusive titles on the Epic Games Store.

Unreal Engine for Game Development

Offering an extensive array of features, the Unreal Engine supports multiplayer game development with tools such as:

By providing access to these advanced functionalities and tools, the Epic Games Store empowers developers to craft distinct and high-quality games that can be released exclusively on their platform.

Marketplace and Educational Resources

In addition to providing a powerful game development engine, the Epic Games Store offers a marketplace for resources and educational materials, supporting developers in their game creation journey. The Unreal Engine marketplace is home to resources such as 3D assets, AI systems, and lighting models, catering to the diverse needs of game developers. Some assets are available for free, while others may have a price ranging from a few dollars up to $90.

Moreover, the store provides a range of educational materials for Unreal Engine development, including:

Comparing Epic Games Store with Competitors

Comparison of Epic Games Store with competitors, showing advantages and challenges

Revenue Split Image Source ( Although the Epic Games Store has quickly established its name, it still competes with established platforms such as:

The store's pricing model is more advantageous to developers compared to platforms like Steam and Origin, as it only charges a 12% commission fee, making it more desirable for developers.

However, the store, under the leadership of Tim Sweeney, is still lacking in certain areas, particularly in terms of social features and user interface.

Advantages of Epic Games Store

The exclusive game offerings, free giveaways, and absence of DRM restrictions set the Epic Games Store apart from its competitors. This means that users are not bound to a particular launcher or software and can play their games without limitations. Additionally, developers have the option to implement their own DRM solutions if they so choose.

Furthermore, the store offers resources and support for Unreal Engine developers, making it a hub for aspiring game creators.

Challenges and Areas for Improvement

Even with its advantages, the Epic Games Store grapples with competing against the premium features and community found on platforms like Steam. The store's user review system is regarded as inferior to Steam's, as it lacks a comprehensive system for players to provide feedback on their experiences with games. Additionally, the store is missing certain social features available in other platforms, such as gifting options and a more comprehensive social interaction system. To truly compete with established platforms, the Epic Games Store must continue to innovate and address these challenges.

The Epic Games Store Community

Epic Games Store community with subreddit and Discord

The Epic Games Store goes beyond games and technology, focusing as well on the community that uses the platform. The store has a thriving community, with a dedicated subreddit and Discord server for users to engage with one another and share their experiences. This sense of camaraderie is an essential aspect of any gaming platform, and the Epic Games Store is no exception.

Epic Games Store Subreddit

Hosting approximately 97.9K members, the Epic Games Store subreddit is a place for broad discussions related to the PC store. Users converse about:

The subreddit is moderated by volunteers who manage the community, set and enforce community-specific rules, and remove posts and comments that contravene these rules.

Joining the Epic Games Store Discord

Discord Nitro Logo

Joining the Epic Games Store Discord server allows users to connect with other gamers and keep abreast of the latest news and events. The server provides a communication platform that enables users to converse, socialize, and participate in gaming activities with their peers.

By joining the server, users can also enjoy enhanced voice, video, and text chat with Discord Nitro benefits and customize their Discord theme with colors.


In conclusion, the Epic Games Store has made significant strides in the gaming industry with its exclusive titles, free giveaways, and support for Unreal Engine developers. However, the store still faces challenges in competing with established platforms like Steam. By addressing these issues and continuing to innovate, the Epic Games Store has the potential to become a leading gaming platform in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Epic Games free games free forever?

Yes, Epic Games free games are free forever. Once you claim a free game, it's yours to keep and cannot legally be taken away from you. Even if the game is no longer available for new customers, you will still keep your copy.

Can I log into Epic with Account ID?

You can use your Epic Account to log in and verify your identity, by connecting with your friends through gaming-related third-party products or services. To do so, click on 'Account' followed by 'Connected Accounts' and you will be able to see if your PlayStation Account is connected.

How do you get the Epic Games Store?

To get the Epic Games Store, visit the Epic Games website and click Download in the upper right corner. This will begin the automatic download of the Launcher installer file.

What is Epic Games?

Epic Games is an American video game and software developer based in Cary, North Carolina. Founded by Tim Sweeney as Potomac Computer Systems in 1991, it has since grown to become a leading interactive entertainment company with over 40 offices worldwide. It offers the Epic Games Launcher for free from its website, supported on Windows and MacOS computers, and periodically gives out exclusive free games and discounts.

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