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Uncovering the Latest Ark Survival Evolved News in 2023

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Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure in the world of Ark Survival Evolved? Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as we uncover the latest news, updates, and expansions in the game. Get ready to dive deep into the mysterious Lost Ark, celebrate the game's recognition at The Game Awards, and explore the ever-evolving environment of Ark Survival Evolved. Let's get started!

Key Takeaways

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Lost Ark in the World of Ark Survival Evolved

Screenshot from Ark Survival Evolved featuring the Lost Ark theme

Venture into a mysterious jungle map, explore a ruined city within the Redwood Biome, and discover lava pools and streams. The Lost Ark in Ark Survival Evolved offers an exciting and enigmatic adventure that leaves players eager for more. The game's most recent updates, including:

have only added to the thrilling signed experience.

The Lost Ark's enthralling storyline revolves around the dramatic invasion of Arkesia by Kazeros through a mysterious rift, causing chaos. The Ark is eventually used to heroically close the rift and triumphantly imprison Kazeros beneath a volcano. Players wait with bated breath for Thursday updates to learn more about the game's storyline and events.

Why wait? Uncover the secrets of the Lost Ark today!

The Game Awards: Ark Survival Evolved's Recognition

Ark 2 is announced at The Game Awards

Were you aware that Ark 2 was announced at The Game Awards? The game was also nominated for the exciting categories of Best Early Access and Best Survival.

Given the game's growing popularity and recognition, now is the perfect time to join the adventure!

December Updates

An image showing the latest ARK Survival Evolved news updates for the month of December.

The news for December brought a flurry of excitement! Here are some of the highlights:

The Winter Wonderland event brought new presents and goodies for players, affecting gameplay with the addition of holiday-themed content and activities. The community response to the December updates was overwhelmingly favorable, and we can't wait to see what's in store for future updates!

Xbox and Other Platforms

Ark Survival Evolved is available on a plethora of platforms, including:

This makes the game accessible to a wide range of gamers. The latest updates for Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox can be found on the official patch notes page at and the changelog and patch notes section on

Ark Survival Evolved offers incredible features on Xbox, such as:

The game also receives regular updates on Xbox to resolve bugs, introduce new content, and make balance changes. So, gear up and join the adventure on your preferred platform today!

ARK: Survival Ascended Announced

Prepare yourself for the next grand adventure in Ark Survival Evolved! The ARK: Survival Ascended expansion is scheduled for release in October 2023. This new expansion will introduce new dinosaurs and creatures, including a new Dreadnoughtus, promising a thrilling experience for players.

ARK: Survival Ascended will bring about:

We can't wait for this exciting expansion, and we know you won't want to miss it!

Join the Conversation: Active Discussions and Comments

As a passionate Ark Survival Evolved player, you'll want to stay informed and connected with the community. The game's community is buzzing with discussions and comments on various platforms about:

To join the conversation, visit the official ARK: Survival Evolved forums at or the ARK: Survival Evolved Steam community forums at

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also popular among the Ark Survival Evolved community, with Instagram being another platform to follow for updates and news. Join the discussion forums by visiting the official website at and navigating to the Forums section. Remember to follow community etiquette, such as respecting each other, avoiding abusive language, and being kind to newcomers. Engage, learn, and share your Ark Survival Evolved experiences with the community!

Sign Up for Exclusive Details: Newsletter and Media Options

Remain informed about the latest news and exclusive details by subscribing to newsletters and following media channels. Subscribing to Ark Survival Evolved updates offers several amazing benefits, such as:

To sign up for ARK: Survival Evolved newsletters, visit the official website at and click on ‘Sign Up' to create an account.

ARK: Survival Evolved newsletters often share super exciting details such as game-related initiatives, new platforms, roadmap updates, gameplay changes, modding information, and upcoming releases like the remastered version of the game, ARK: Survival Ascended. The game also shares exciting content on its social media channels, including Instagram photos and videos, daily updates on Twitter, news about events, new dinosaurs, items, skins, and loot, as well as community discussions and YouTube and Twitch videos. Don't miss out on any updates - sign up and subscribe today!

Earth's Transformation: Exploring the Evolving World of Ark Survival Evolved

Over time, the world of Ark Survival Evolved has experienced significant transformations, including:

All of these changes have added to the excitement of the game.

The environment evolution in Ark Survival Evolved influences gameplay in captivating ways. Some examples include:

These environmental factors make Ark Survival Evolved an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

Embrace the ever-changing world of Ark Survival Evolved and adapt to new challenges and environments!

Turn the Tide: Strategies for Survival

To prosper in the challenging world of Ark Survival Evolved, mastering effective strategies and tips is key. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Stay away from water.
  2. Build a bed or two.
  3. Spawn in the right spot.
  4. Craft a pickaxe.
  5. Gather resources quickly.
  6. Use the right tools.
  7. Choose the right Engrams.
  8. Kill off small animals.
  9. Build a shelter for the night.

Additionally, manage resources effectively by using appropriate tools and weapons, utilizing dinosaurs, planning your base, and thinking carefully about Engram Points. Adopt the best defense strategies, such as building fence foundations, using rhinos for both PvP and defense, placing bear traps in vulnerable areas, constructing defensive structures like spike walls, and utilizing Species X plants for PvE defense against dinos.

Equip yourself with the most effective weapons and tools, such as:

Master these survival strategies and conquer the world of Ark Survival Evolved!

Share Your Adventure: In-Game Information and Content Creation

Broadcast your Ark Survival Evolved experiences and discover content creation opportunities within the game. The in-game tools for content creation include the ARK Dev Kit, a streamlined version of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor specifically designed for mod creation and sharing. Take advantage of these tools and unleash your creativity!

Some amazing examples of user-generated content in Ark Survival Evolved include:

Make the most of Ark Survival Evolved's content creation tools and share your gameplay with the world!

Don't Miss Out: Save and Subscribe for Future Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest Ark Survival Evolved news by bookmarking and subscribing to various channels. Subscribing to Ark Survival Evolved updates offers several amazing benefits, such as access to exclusive content, early access to updates, improved gameplay experience, staying informed, and supporting the developers.

The official channels for Ark Survival Evolved updates include:

To subscribe to the Ark Survival Evolved newsletter, visit the official website at and sign up for updates. You can also get Ark Survival Evolved updates on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Stay informed and never miss an update in your search!


Through this thrilling journey, we've uncovered the latest Ark Survival Evolved news, delved into the mysterious Lost Ark, celebrated the game's recognition at The Game Awards, and explored the ever-evolving world of Ark Survival Evolved. We've also shared effective survival strategies, discussed content creation opportunities, and emphasized the importance of staying informed through saving and subscribing to various channels. Now, it's time to embark on your own adventure in the captivating world of Ark Survival Evolved. Good luck, survivor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ark still popular 2023?

ARK has been gaining popularity since its release in February 2022, and by September 2023 had achieved 55.61 thousand peak concurrent players on Steam, demonstrating that it is still popular and going strong 2023.

Is ARK 2 coming out soon?

Exciting news - ARK 2 is coming out in late 2024, having been delayed from its original 2022 launch. Studio Wildcard recently confirmed on the official Ark forums that they won't be showing any gameplay footage until the game is ready.

Will Ark 1 be shut down when ARK 2 comes out?

The original Ark: Survival Evolved servers will be shut down when the remaster, Survival Ascended, is released. Ark 2 has been delayed to the end of 2024 on Xbox, Game Pass, and PC, but can only be purchased in a $50 bundle with the sequel.

How do you transform in Lost Ark?

Transform into new and exciting characters in Lost Ark with just a simple right-click and press of the 'Y' button in your toy settings! Unlocking a whole new world of possibilities has never been so easy!

What awards has Ark Survival Evolved won at The Game Awards?

We're thrilled to announce that Ark Survival Evolved has won two awards at The Game Awards: the GoldSpirit Award and the Jerry Goldsmith Award!


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