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January 2023

Concise Gaming News Summaries - Get Informed Quickly. Stay updated with our archive of past gaming news, condensed into bite-sized summaries. Missed something? Revisit Gaming News from January 2023 anytime to stay informed.
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31 January 2023
FFXIV Cheating Allegations

Addressing FFXIV Cheating Accusations: Unveiling the Truth

There has been allegations of the FFXIV World First clear of the new raid, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will have a digital event, and a new patch has been released for Cyberpunk 2077 PC.
30 January 2023
Annie Wersching Passes Away

Remembering Annie Wersching: A Talent Lost Too Soon

Annie Wersching has passed away, Rumbleverse might be shutting down, and there is speculation of a God of War Ragnarok DLC.
29 January 2023
PS Plus Free Games February 2023

February 2023 PS Plus: Free Games Details Revealed

PS Plus Essential free games for Feb 2023 have leaked, Forza Motorsport is likely to get delayed, and Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is launching soon.
28 January 2023
Tomb Raider Future

The Exciting Tomb Raider Future: Unforgettable Adventures

Tomb Raider will get a movie, tv series, game and potentially an anime too, The Last of Us Season 2 has been confirmed, and Don't Nod teased their next game.
27 January 2023
Dead Space Remake Released

Highly Anticipated Dead Space Remake Now Available

Dead Space Remake has been released, The Last of Us Episode 1 is available for free, and new gameplay of WILD HEARTS is available.
26 January 2023
Hi-Fi RUSH Released

Introducing Hi-Fi RUSH: The Next Level of Audio Experience

Hi-Fi RUSH has been released, GoldenEye 007 remaster will be launching soon, and Redfall has a release date.
25 January 2023
The Day Before Delayed

The Day Prior to Postponement: Strategies for Productivity

The Day Before has been delayed again, WWE 2K23 has a release date, and Shadow Gambit The Cursed Crew has been revealed.
24 January 2023
FFXIV 6.31 Ultimate Raid

FFXIV 6.31 Ultimate Raid Guide: Expert Strategies and Tips

FFXIV Patch 6.31 is available now, you can sign up for the Honkai Star Rail final closed test, and Life is Strange 2 will come out on Nintendo Switch.
23 January 2023
Warcraft China Offline

Warcraft China Goes Offline: A Clash of Blizzard and NetEase

World of Warcraft is going offline in China, GTA Online has a critical PC flaw, and The Last of Us Part 1 is seeing a spike in sales.
22 January 2023
Halo Games Future

The Future of Halo Games: Innovating the Gaming Landscape

Halo games will continue to be developed, Dead Space Remake has an alternate ending, and ENDLESS Dungeon will be coming out this year.
21 January 2023
Marvel's Avengers Ending

Marvel's Avengers Development Ends - Studio Moves On

Crystal Dynamics ending support for Marvel's Avengers, Granblue Fantasy Relink has a new trailer, and Monster Hunter Rise is available on other platforms.
20 January 2023
PSVR 2 Launch Titles

Top Launch Titles for PSVR 2: Exciting New Games Await

PSVR 2 Launch Titles have been listed, Age of Wonders 4 has been announced, and The Callisto Protocol now has new game plus.
19 January 2023
Returnal PC Release Date

Returnal PC: Release Date, Details, Gameplay, and Updates

Returnal PC has a release date, a Powerwash Simulator Tomb Raider DLC has been announced, and Detroit Become Human has achieved a new sale milestone.
18 January 2023
Hogwarts Legacy Cinematic

Hogwarts Legacy: A Wizarding Adventure - Cinematic Trailer

A new cinematic trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was released, the game sale charts for PlayStation were released for 2022, and Command & Conquer Remastered is on sale.
17 January 2023
Fire Emblem Engage Reviews

Engage with Fire Emblem: Honest Reviews and Insights

The reviews for Fire Emblem Engage have been released, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will apparently release on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and the Forspoken Demo has been updated.
16 January 2023
The Day Before Gameplay

The Day Before Gameplay - Anticipated Game Edges Closer

The Day Before will get new gameplay footage, Black Myth Wukong has a release window, and new characters for Genshin Impact 3.5 have been announced.
15 January 2023
Metal Gear Solid Remake

Revitalizing The Metal Gear Solid Games With Remakes

Metal Gear Solid might get a remake, The Last of Us TV show has released, and Luality is a content creator you should check out.
14 January 2023
Dead Space Movie

Embrace the Terror: The Dead Space Movie Experience

A movie adaptation of Dead Space might be made, new gameplay of Lies of P was released, and PROJECT ZERO Mask of the Lunar Eclipse will have a remaster.
13 January 2023
Total Pokemon Counted

Counting the Total Number of Pokemon: An In-Depth Analysis

The Pokemon Company have revealed the total number of Pokemon encountered, the Hogwarts Legacy PC and Console specs were released, and PlayStation Discord integration is coming soon.
12 January 2023
Ubisoft Stock Tumbles

Ubisoft Stock Tumbles More Than 25% - Investors Concerned

Ubisoft stock price has tumbled, Hogwarts Legacy cast was revealed, and Resident Evil 4 is celebrating it's anniversary.
11 January 2023
FF16 PC Version Confusion

Final Fantasy 16 PC Edition: Clearing Up the Confusion

Final Fantasy 16 won't be getting a PC version soon, the last Company of Heroes 3 tech test starts today, and Google Stadia is Shutting Down soon.
10 January 2023
Digital Games Sales

Maximizing Digital Game Sales - Physical Games Dwindling

Digital games accountanced for most sales in 2022, reviews for The Last of Us TV Show have started to release, FFXIV Patch 6.3 has released.
9 January 2023
Albert Wesker Returns

Resurgence of Albert Wesker - A Thrilling Comeback

Albert Wesker seems to be returning in Resident Evil 4 Remake, videogamedunkey's Indie Game Publisher has announced it's first game, Stardew Valley 1.5 mobile will be getting updates.
8 January 2023
Steam Player Record

Breaking Steam Player Records: Unprecedented Success

Steam has broken its daily usage records, a demo for One Piece Odyssey will be released, and investors have settled a lawsuit about Cyberpunk 2077.
7 January 2023
Nier Automata Anime

Discover The Nier Automata Captivating Anime Adaptation

Nier Automata Anime will be releasing today, NetEase Games has acquired SkyBox Labs, and a new Genshin Impact style trailer was released.
6 January 2023
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Interview

Exclusive Interview with Jedi Survivor of Star Wars

The Game Informer had an interview with the lead actor of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, a sneak peak of the Gran Turismo movie has been released, and the FFXIV Patch 6.3 Prelimary Notes are available.
5 January 2023
Project Leonardo Explained

Demystifying Project Leonardo: A Comprehensive Explanation

PlayStation announced Project Leonardo to help disabled gamers, the Bloober Team to made a Silent Hill 2 Remake concept trailer and there are more plans for The Last of Us universe.
4 January 2023
Genshin Impact 3.4 Preview

Sneak Peek at Genshin Impact v3.4: New Features and More

A preview event for Genshin Impact Version 3.4 is happening soon, World of Assassination will be launched this month, and IGN has uploaded new exclusive gameplay of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
3 January 2023
System Shock Remake Release

System Shock Remake - The Highly Anticipated Release

System Shock Remake will release this year, you can redeem the PS Plus free games for January 2023, and Nvidia will be at CES 2023.
2 January 2023
Resident Evil 4 Remake Features

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Enhanced Features & Upgrades

Resident Evil 4 Remake will have fan favourite features, the Producer of Final Fantasy 7 has teased another project, and Konami is working on several games.
1 January 2023
Fate Samurai Remnant Teased

Fate Samurai Remnant: An Exciting Teaser Is Revealed

Fate Samuari Remnant has been teased, an update for Dragon's Dogma 2 has been posted, and Payday 3 will release during 2023.