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July 2021

Concise Gaming News Summaries - Get Informed Quickly. Stay updated with our archive of past gaming news, condensed into bite-sized summaries. Missed something? Revisit Gaming News from July 2021 anytime to stay informed.
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31 July 2021
Horizon Forbidden West Delayed

Horizon Forbidden West Delayed: Aloy's Next Chapter

Horizon Forbidden West is delayed until 2022, Half Life 2 Remaster appears in SteamDB, and Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water coming to multiple platforms on 28 Oct 2021.
30 July 2021
Crimson Desert Delayed

Crimson Desert Launch Postponed: Awaits Gamers

Capcom have announced record profits last quarter after the successes of Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom is asking players if they want a new Ace Attorney game, and Crimson Desert has been delayed.
29 July 2021
Kena Bridge of Spirits Delayed

Kena Bridge of Spirits Delayed: Anticipated Game

Ubisoft Staff write an open letter to their management over harassment and discrimination issues at the company, PlayStation 5 has sold more than 10 million units to date, with many first-party games selling more than 1 million units each and Kena Bridge of Spirits is delayed until Sep 2021.
28 July 2021
Halo Infinite Preview

Halo Infinite Preview: Glimpse of Master Chief

Activision Blizzard staff are staging a walk-out over the companies official response to the State of California lawsuit, Xbox Series X and S are the best selling Xbox consoles so far with overall profits up 11% this quarter, and 353 Industries will be showcasing the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical test today at 2 pm PT.
27 July 2021
Resident Evil Village PC Fix

Resident Evil Village PC Fix Enhances Horror Experience

1000 Activision Blizzard staff have signed an open letter condemning the official reply from the company regarding the lawsuit, Deathloop gets a rating that reveals spicy content, and Resident Evil Village for Steam (PC) has been patch massively improving performance.
26 July 2021
AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Release Date

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Release: Viking Expansion

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris has a release date of 05 Aug 2021 according to leak, Death Stranding sells 5 million copies, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition gets the ALOT mod.
25 July 2021
Blizzard Ex-CEO Responds

Blizzard Ex-CEO Responds: Addressing Controversies

The next free games for PS Plus for Aug 2021 are announced being Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighbourville, Tennis World Tour 2, and Hunter's Arena: Legends. The next free games on Epic Games store revealed as Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2, available between 29 Jul 2021 and 05 Aug 2021. Ex-CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Mike Morhaime respond to allegations of abuse at the company.
24 July 2021
Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony Gaming Music

Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony Gaming Music Fusion

The Tokyo 2020 Open Ceremony has featured a lot of gaming music, Battlefield 1 is available free on Prime Gaming, Gaming outlets halt Activision Blizzard coverage until issues are fixed.
23 July 2021
Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake: Classic Horror Reimagined for Fans

Warcraft 3 Reforged received a lackluster launch because of aggressive mismanagement, budget cuts, and internal disputes according to a report by Bloomberg, Battlefield 2042 Portal will allow players to use maps and vehicles from previous games, Dead Space Remake has been officially announced by EA Motive.
22 July 2021
Activision Blizzard Sued By California

Activision Blizzard Faces California Lawsuit: Legal Battle

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard citing a "frat boy" workplace, Activision Blizzard has released a statement refuting the lawsuit.
21 July 2021
Xbox Game Pass New Games

Xbox Game Pass: New Games Join Subscription List

Microsoft announces next games for Xbox Game Pass, Zoom acquires Five9 and Netflix to include mobile games in it's gaming streaming service.
20 July 2021
Pizza Hut Gaming

Pizza Hut's Gaming Ventures: Fun with Your Food

Pizza Hut is getting more involved with gaming and supporting E-Sports events, DirectStorage support coming to Windows 10 and 11 and Ordnance Survey are creating an AR app.
19 July 2021
Tencent Acquires Sumo Digital

Tencent Acquires Sumo Digital: Shift in Gaming Landscape

Tencent acquires Sumo Digital the developer behind 'LittleBigPlanet' for $1.27 billion, XCOM: Legends a free to play mobile game is available in some regions, and Rainbow Six Extraction is delayed until Jan 2022.
18 July 2021
Cryptocurrency FIFA Farm

Cryptocurrency FIFA Farm Raises Virtual Economy Concerns

Steam Deck Reservations see some models been made available in Q3 2022, a cryptocurrency farm with 1000s of PS4s is being used to farm FIFA Ultimate teams, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now.
17 July 2021
Riders Republic Delayed

Riders Republic Delayed: Adventure Game's Launch Postponed

Epic Games Store will give out Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun between 22 Jul 2021 and 29 Jul 2021, Ubisoft is facing a lawsuit in France of sexual harassment allegations from senior staff, and Riders Republic is delayed until 28 Oct 2021 from 02 Sep 2021.
16 July 2021
Steam Deck Details

Steam Deck Details Unveiled: Valve's Handheld Console

Valve has released details of it's upcoming handheld console that can play Steam and Epic Game Store games, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the numbers of players on Xbox Game Pass can be used to determine if old games should be brought back and Phil Spencer wants to work with other gaming companies to ensure gaming history is preserved and not lost.
15 July 2021
Netflix Hires Former EA Exec

Netflix Hires Former EA Exec: Gaming Industry Move

Netflix has reportedly hired former EA, Oculus, and Zynga exec Mike Verdu to help with game streaming, China has strict gaming censorship rules, PlayStation is trying to Patent tournament technology for the PSN platform.
14 July 2021
Nier Automata Steam Patch

Nier Automata Steam Patch: Improving Gameplay Experience

Company of Heroes 3 Pre-Alpha is now available for free for players to check out, Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.3 is coming soon with even more fixes and Nier Automata is receiving a Steam patch on 15 Jul 2021.
13 July 2021
FFXIV Sales Paused

FFXIV Sales Paused: Overwhelming Demand Temporarily Halted

Square Enix apparently temporarily suspends sales of FFXIV Complete Edition, the Epic Vs Apple lawsuit is also happening in Australia, Tencent merger blocked by Chinese authorities.
12 July 2021
Super Mario 64 Auction

Super Mario 64 Auction: Gaming History for Sale

Summer Games Done Quick raises $2.8M for Doctors Without Borders, a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.56M and Respawn are fighting a Titanfall hacker.
11 July 2021
Final Fantasy XVI Update

Final Fantasy XVI: Updates on Anticipated Title

Genshin Impact 2.0 gets a release date of 21 Jul 2021, Deathloop will be a PS5 exclusive until Sep 2022, and Final Fantasy XVI gets development updates.
10 July 2021
FFXIV Endwalker Benchmark

FFXIV Endwalker Benchmark Tests Performance Limits

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness comes out on Netflix featuring Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, The Witcher 3 Next-Gen update for PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S comes out later this year, as well as Season 2 of the Netflix show and the FFXIV Endwalker benchmark, comes out 11 Jul 2021.
9 July 2021
Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding Director's Cut: Enhanced Edition Revealed

Death Stranding Director's Cut is releasing 24 Sep 2021 on PS5, PlayStation latest State of Play shows off Deathloop and 5 indie games, and Top Gear Gaming Show airs its first episode.
8 July 2021
Tencent Facial Recognition

Tencent's Facial Recognition: Cutting-Edge Advancements

Xbox Series X will introduce AI Upscaling to make games look prettier, Xbox Game Pass is getting new games to expand its library, and Tencent is using facial recognition in China to prevent children playing games late at night.
7 July 2021
Pokemon Go Makes $5B

Pokemon Go Rakes in $5B: Mobile Phenomenon's Earnings Soar

Pokemon GO generates $5B in the last 5 years, Playstation will do a State of Play on 08 Jul 2021, and Nintendo announces the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch.