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Xbox Game Pass: New Games Join Subscription List

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: July 21, 2021 at 1:16 PM BST

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Microsoft announces next games for Xbox Game Pass, Zoom acquires Five9 and Netflix to include mobile games in it's gaming streaming service.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced the next wave of games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass, which include Tropica 6, Dragon Quest Builders 2, USC 4, Farming Simulator, and The Medium, as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft that allows players to access a library of games for a monthly fee. With Xbox Game Pass, gamers can download and play a wide variety of games on their Xbox console. Additionally, if users have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, they can also enjoy most of the available games on their PC.

One of the advantages of Xbox Game Pass is the ever-expanding catalog of games. Microsoft continues to add new titles to the service, providing players with a constant stream of fresh content. This means that subscribers always have something new to play and discover without the need to purchase individual games. The inclusion of popular titles like Tropica 6, Dragon Quest Builders 2, USC 4, Farming Simulator, and The Medium, as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator, showcases Microsoft's commitment to offering a diverse range of games to cater to different gaming preferences.

The availability of Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox consoles and PC further enhances the value of the subscription. Players can enjoy their favorite games on multiple platforms, making it more convenient and accessible for gamers who prefer different gaming setups. Whether they are at home playing on their Xbox or on the go using their PC, subscribers can enjoy a vast library of games with a single subscription.

Comparisons have been drawn between Xbox Game Pass and other popular subscription-based services, such as Netflix. Xbox Game Pass provides a similar model to Netflix, offering a vast collection of games for a monthly fee. This approach allows players to access a wide range of games without the need for individual purchases, which can be costly. Like Netflix, Xbox Game Pass encourages users to explore different titles and genres, expanding their gaming horizons beyond their usual preferences.

Zoom Acquires Five9

In another recent development, Zoom, the widely-used video conferencing platform, has acquired Five9 for more than a billion dollars USD. Five9 is a company that specializes in providing communication solutions, including email and instant messaging services. The acquisition by Zoom indicates their intention to enhance their technology and capabilities in the communication space.

The impact of Zoom's acquisition of Five9 on the gaming community is notable due to the widespread use of communication tools like Zoom and Discord during gaming sessions. Many gamers rely on these platforms to communicate and coordinate with teammates or friends while playing multiplayer games. Improvements in communication technology, like those that could arise from Zoom's acquisition of Five9, have the potential to make gaming experiences more seamless and enjoyable.

While Discord remains a popular choice among gamers for communication during gameplay, the advancements made by platforms like Zoom can still have a positive impact on the gaming community. Enhanced communication tools can lead to smoother in-game coordination, better voice quality, and increased reliability, ultimately improving the multiplayer gaming experience.

Netflix To Stream Mobile Games

Lastly, in recent news, Netflix has revealed its plans to incorporate mobile gaming into its streaming service. Netflix has previously expressed its interest in entering the gaming industry and has been exploring ways to incorporate video games into its existing platform. With the inclusion of mobile gaming, Netflix aims to diversify its offerings and boost its profits in the post-pandemic era.

The motivation behind Netflix's foray into gaming stems from the desire to expand its revenue streams by tapping into the lucrative gaming market. Although the company continues to generate substantial profits, the pressure to satisfy shareholders and maintain growth drives Netflix to explore new avenues. The integration of mobile gaming aligns with its mission to provide entertainment across various mediums and expand its user base.

By integrating mobile games into their streaming service, Netflix would offer users a seamless and convenient way to access and play games on their mobile devices. As one of the leading streaming platforms, Netflix has the potential to reach a massive audience of subscribers who can now engage in gaming alongside their favorite movies and TV shows. This move allows Netflix to expand its repertoire and attract new users who are interested in both streaming content and mobile gaming.

In conclusion, Xbox Game Pass continues to bring diverse and exciting games to its subscribers, providing a cost-effective and accessible way to enjoy a vast library of titles. The acquisition of Five9 by Zoom highlights the importance of communication tools in gaming, with potential implications for improved in-game communication experiences. Finally, Netflix's venture into mobile gaming showcases its ambition to diversify its offerings and solidify its position as a leading entertainment platform. As these developments unfold, the gaming community can look forward to exciting advancements in gaming technology and content availability.

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