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Steam Deck Details Unveiled: Valve's Handheld Console

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: July 16, 2021 at 12:56 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Steam Deck Details: Valve's Handheld PC for Gaming On-the-Go

Valve has unveiled the Steam Deck, a handheld PC tailored for playing Steam Games. Surprisingly, it will also support Epic Games, broadening gamers' access to titles on the go. Sporting a 9.4-inch screen, slightly larger than the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Steam Deck offers PC gaming portability. Set for release in December in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US, with global availability next year, this innovation expands gaming horizons. Valve's foray into handheld gaming signifies healthy competition, encouraging industry-wide enhancements and enriched gaming experiences. With more competition comes innovation, promising a vibrant gaming landscape ahead.

Xbox Game Pass Data Usage: Reigniting Old Franchises

In a recent development, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, shared an intriguing approach to reviving old franchises. He suggested that the popularity of games on Xbox Game Pass could serve as a key indicator for bringing back beloved franchises. Using Banjo Kazooie as an example, originally a Nintendo 64 exclusive now owned by Microsoft, Spencer highlighted how its popularity on Xbox Game Pass could signal a revival. This strategy underscores gaming's evolving landscape, where data and player engagement shape decisions on game development and franchise continuation. Leveraging player base and usage statistics, Microsoft gains insights into which franchises hold potential for renewed interest, offering gamers nostalgic experiences. The prospect of old franchises returning based on player demand is exciting, emphasizing the importance of player feedback in shaping gaming's future. Gamers can anticipate revisiting cherished worlds and characters, with data guiding these decisions.

Gaming History Preservation: Phil Spencer's Concerns

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, voices concerns over the preservation of gaming history in an ever-evolving industry. With each console generation, older games risk being forgotten, prompting Spencer to urge game companies to collaborate and preserve all games. He advocates for backward compatibility and platforms like Xbox Game Pass to keep these games alive. While Microsoft leads in backward compatibility, Spencer's call for industry-wide collaboration underscores the shared responsibility to safeguard gaming history. Preserving these games benefits gamers, allowing them to revisit classics and appreciate gaming's heritage. A unified approach to preservation offers hope that old games won't be lost, but accessible to new generations. Through enhanced backward compatibility and dedicated preservation efforts, the gaming industry can ensure gaming history remains vibrant and cherished.

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