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Netflix Hires Former EA Exec: Gaming Industry Move

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: July 15, 2021 at 11:30 AM BST

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Netflix has reportedly hired former EA, Oculus, and Zynga exec Mike Verdu to help with game streaming, China has strict gaming censorship rules, PlayStation is trying to Patent tournament technology for the PSN platform.

Netflix Hires Former EA Exec: Venturing into Online Gaming Streaming

Exciting news for gamers and streaming enthusiasts! Netflix has reportedly hired a former executive from Electronic Arts (EA) to aid them in their foray into the realm of online gaming streaming. With the success of platforms like xCloud, Stadia, and GeForce Now, Netflix is aiming to launch its own online gaming streaming platform in early 2022.

The entrance of Netflix into the gaming streaming arena introduces a new competitor in an already competitive market. While platforms like Stadia have showcased impressive technology, such as predictive controller inputs to minimize latency, Netflix may bring its unique approach to the table. It remains to be seen what strategies and technological advancements Netflix will employ to deliver a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience to its subscribers.

Additionally, the potential for exclusivity deals within these streaming platforms cannot be overlooked. It's uncertain whether PlayStation, which already offers PlayStation Now, will venture into its own streaming platform or extend its services to PC users. The presence of Netflix as a significant player in the gaming streaming market may spur other platforms to enhance their offerings and further elevate the quality of gaming experiences for all players.

As the launch of Netflix's gaming streaming platform draws closer, gamers and streaming enthusiasts eagerly await more details and announcements. The increased competition in this space will ultimately benefit consumers, as it pushes companies to innovate and improve their products to remain at the forefront of the industry.

China Gaming Censorship Rules: Navigating the Largest Gaming Market

China boasts the largest gaming market globally, with a staggering number of over 700 million players. This market dominance necessitates adhering to strict guidelines regarding content in games. Notably, games in China cannot feature cults, political themes, or elements such as ghouls. These regulations stem from China's societal structure and governance, and while their impact is a matter of debate, game developers must respect and comply with these laws to tap into the immense potential of the Chinese market.

It's worth highlighting the sheer magnitude of the Chinese gaming audience. When comparing viewership numbers on popular streaming platforms like Twitch, the West's viewer count pales in comparison to that of China. Even highly popular Western streamers like Asmongold may attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, but official Genshin Impact streams tailored to Chinese audiences can reach millions of viewers. This stark contrast underscores the significant market potential in China and the need for game developers to adapt to its unique regulations and cultural preferences.

Navigating the Chinese gaming market requires an understanding of the legal and cultural landscape. Developers must strike a balance between adhering to regulations and creating engaging content that resonates with Chinese players. The size and influence of the Chinese gaming market make it a crucial consideration for developers seeking global success and recognition.

PSN Tournament Patent: Sony's Innovations in Esports

Sony, the company behind PlayStation, is actively exploring advancements in the world of esports. Recently, they filed a patent for an online tournament technology that could revolutionize tournament organization and scheduling on the PlayStation 5. This technology aims to provide automated features such as tournament brackets, winner determination, and scheduling, enhancing the overall esports experience on the platform.

The patent application signifies Sony's commitment to fostering the growth of esports and providing players with a seamless and organized competitive gaming environment. If the patent is approved, it could lead to exciting developments and opportunities for the PlayStation community. Sony's dedication to innovation and trademarking such advancements showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of the esports landscape.

As the popularity of esports continues to soar, Sony's efforts to create streamlined tournament experiences for players align with the evolving demands of the gaming community. The patent's potential impact on the future of esports on PlayStation platforms warrants attention, and gamers can anticipate new features and possibilities that enhance their competitive gaming journeys.

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