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Embark on Adventure: Zenless Zone Zero Launches Worldwide Soon!

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Discover when you can dive into Zenless Zone Zero and what strategic gameplay awaits in this much-anticipated release. Take control as a Proxy, command your squad in intense combat, and shape the future of New Eridu. This article delves into these captivating aspects with brevity, readying you for the day you can finally play.

Key Takeaways

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Discover New Eridu: The Last Bastion of Humanity

Zenless Zone Zero main characters in a dynamic action pose

In the aftermath of catastrophic events that have reshaped the landscape of our world, New Eridu stands proud as the emblem of human tenacity. It is here, in this last remaining city, where humanity rises anew, crafting a new chapter from the ashes of an old civilization. This urban fantasy setting blends the remnants of a destroyed modern society with the burgeoning life of a contemporary civilization.

As you step into New Eridu’s bustling streets and towering edifices, you enter a realm where the remnants of a destroyed modern society intertwine with the burgeoning life of a contemporary civilization.

The Rise from Ruins

Emerging as a beacon of hope and ingenuity from the devastated landscapes of a once-thriving planet, New Eridu stands tall. Through the industrialization of the bizarre creations known as Hollows, the city has harnessed the very essence of the calamity that sought to end it, transforming devastating catastrophe into a source of unprecedented prosperity.

The rare and valuable Ether extracted from these Hollows fuels the resurgence of humanity in this post-apocalyptic world, marking the indomitable spirit of an old civilization reborn. The challenges and opportunities in New Eridu are akin to roguelike elements, where each encounter with the Hollows presents unpredictable trials and rewards, shaping the city's path to recovery.

A City of Opportunity and Danger

New Eridu is:

Embrace Your Role as a Proxy

Monsters in Zenless Zone Zero

With the shadows of the Hollows looming over New Eridu, the mantle of a Proxy is thrust upon you. This pivotal role, infused with roguelike elements, demands:

Every successful expedition enriches you with Boopons, a currency as valuable as it is enigmatic, promising the chance to obtain rare Bangboo and other rewards.

Choosing Your Path

A Proxy’s destiny isn’t predetermined; your choices shape and mold it. Each decision you face carries weight, influencing your strength and your standing within the urban fantasy setting of New Eridu. Will you become a guardian of the city, a beacon of hope for its people, or will you rise to power, your influence shaping the very fabric of this last bastion of humanity?

Your journey is yours to navigate, and the choices you make will echo throughout the annals of New Eridu’s history.

Meeting Unique Characters

A Proxy’s journey is never undertaken alone. Along the way, you will meet a host of unique characters encountered within the depths of the Hollows and the alleys of New Eridu, featuring roguelike elements. Some of these characters include:

Each character you encounter brings their own story, strengths, and abilities to aid you in your quest.

And let’s not forget the Bangboo, an extraordinary companion whose passive buffs and combat prowess can turn the tide of battle in your favor with a devastating Chain Attack.

Engage in Dynamic Combat

Dynamic combat scene in Zenless Zone Zero

Get ready for intense battles that challenge both your reflexes and strategic savvy. Zenless Zone Zero’s combat system is a cinematic tour de force, featuring roguelike elements that invite you to switch between characters seamlessly and execute a symphony of skills and combos.

Drawing inspiration from legendary titles like Devil May Cry and God of War, the game invites you to carve your own path through the chaos with a combat system that is as intuitive as it is exhilarating.

Mastering the Combat System

Mastering the combat system is fundamental to thriving in Zenless Zone Zero’s frenetic battles set in an urban fantasy world. Unleashing the full potential of your squad comes from knowing when to switch characters, creating devastating combo moves, and utilizing their unique attributes. Whether it’s Electric, Physical, Ice, or Fire damage types, each character’s abilities can be strategically enhanced to dominate the battlefield.

Accumulate points through skilled combat maneuvers in fast paced battles, and watch as your prowess grows with every perfectly timed dodge and counterattack.

Squad Synergy

In Zenless Zone Zero, players assume the role of a tactician, piecing together a squad of Agents whose coherence is essential for survival. The composition of your team, from Attack to Defense and Support, must be balanced to address the myriad challenges that await. Strategic combinations of roles and abilities, along with roguelike elements, are key to unlocking elemental reactions and activating powerful ultimate abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Remember, your squad’s collective strength is greater than the sum of its parts, and faction-based buffs can provide an indispensable advantage.

The Allure of Rare Characters

Rare characters in Zenless Zone Zero

The quest for power and prestige in Zenless Zone Zero is embodied in the pursuit of rare characters. With a rarity ranking system that tantalizes players with the promise of ‘A’ and ‘S’ Rank characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, the allure of these rare characters in the urban fantasy setting is undeniable.

As you navigate through the unpredictable hollows and face enemies both bizarre and formidable, these rare characters become your greatest assets, offering new dimensions of strategic gameplay and combat effectiveness.

Collecting and Upgrading

Continuous growth and enhancement define your journey in Zenless Zone Zero. Each character in your ensemble can be enhanced through leveling up, ascending, and upgrading their skills and equipment, incorporating roguelike elements. The in-game item Master Tapes can unlock the potential of rare characters, while Agent Talents, Disk Drives, and W-Engines provide the means to refine your squad’s prowess.

Ascension requires not just experience but also specific materials, ensuring that every step forward is earned through dedication and strategy.

The Power of Rarity

In Zenless Zone Zero, rarity is synonymous with power. In the urban fantasy setting of the game, S Rank characters stand at the pinnacle of this hierarchy, their unique abilities and superior attack stats offering a significant advantage in the heat of combat. Whether you’re battling mutants running rampant or facing down other bizarre creations, these rare characters can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The quest to obtain rare characters is not just a pursuit of strength but a declaration of your intent to master the game’s deepest challenges.

Anticipating the Global Release Date

The countdown is underway, stirring tangible anticipation. Zenless Zone Zero, with its intriguing roguelike elements, is set to launch globally on July 4, 2024, poised to redefine gaming across multiple platforms. With cross-play and cross-progression features from the start, players around the world will join forces, transcending boundaries and creating a truly interconnected experience.

As we approach the global release date, the final beta has concluded, setting the stage for a game that promises to captivate and engage like never before.

Pre-Launch Events

A sequence of captivating pre-launch events set in an urban fantasy world have marked the run-up to the global release. With over 35 million pre-registrations and counting, excitement is building as players strive to reach the 40 million mark, unlocking a trove of in-game rewards.

These rewards, including:

are not just incentives; they are a testament to the community’s enthusiasm and collective effort as we eagerly await the launch.

Cross Play Capabilities

Cross-play capabilities spanning PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android make Zenless Zone Zero a boundless world with roguelike elements. Cross-progression ensures that your journey continues seamlessly, regardless of the platform you choose to play on. This level of connectivity is not just a feature; it’s a commitment to a gaming experience that is as versatile as it is engaging, allowing friends and strangers alike to forge alliances and face challenges together.

The Story and Factions of New Eridu

The vibrant metropolis of New Eridu sets the stage for an urban fantasy, with the story unfolding amidst a tumultuous landscape of factions vying for dominance. From the industrious Belobog Heavy Industries to the enigmatic Victoria Housekeeping Co., each faction infuses the game with a unique ethos, driving the narrative forward.

As players navigate through supernatural disasters called Hollows, they find themselves entwined in a web of alliances and rivalries that shape not only their own destiny but the future of New Eridu itself.

Interwoven Destinies

Within New Eridu’s expansive narrative, the destinies of its inhabitants are inextricably linked with roguelike elements. As you step into the shoes of playable agent Corin, your story becomes a part of a greater tapestry, where every action and decision resonates with the fates of others. While details on the intricate connections between characters remain shrouded in mystery, it is clear that the journey ahead will be rich with encounters that shape the intricate dance of power and influence within the city.

Alignments and Rivalries

As a Proxy, your alliances shape your journey through New Eridu’s unpredictable hollows and perilous political landscape. In this urban fantasy setting, align with factions such as the Gentle House for mercenary might, or seek the support of Belobog Heavy Industries to create a sense of home amidst the chaos. Each choice brings with it potential allies and adversaries, and your decisions will reverberate through the city, influencing its story and your own.

Exploring the Hollows: A Treasure Trove of Challenges

Exploring the mysterious Hollows in Zenless Zone Zero

Venture into the hollows, the enigmatic domains fringing New Eridu’s reclaimed civilization. These unpredictable hollows are a treasure trove of challenges, offering both danger and opportunity in equal measure. With roguelike elements, as you venture within, you’ll confront the remnants of a world gone by, now a battleground for those brave enough to seek the rewards hidden amidst the chaos.

The exploitation of the Hollows is a testament to New Eridu’s resilience, its society forever changed by the constant tug-of-war for resources and power, often influenced by ruthless officials.

The Thrill of Discovery

The appeal of the Hollows stems from:

Each foray into the Hollows is a step closer to understanding the fabric of this new world, enhancing the gaming experience with each successful expedition.

Rewards and Risks

While the Hollows tantalize with promises of potent items and enhanced capabilities, they are fraught with danger. Delve into Hollow Zero, and venture into the older parts of Eridu city, where the unknown awaits. The balance between the inherent risks of these explorations and the potential rewards, driven by roguelike elements, is delicate.

Adventurers must be savvy, weighing the danger each step may bring against the treasure that could lie just beyond the next corner. It is this balance that makes each expedition a calculated risk, but one that could yield game-changing discoveries.


As we stand on the cusp of Zenless Zone Zero’s worldwide release, we look back on a journey that promises to be as rich and varied as the world of New Eridu itself. From the rise of humanity anew in a post-apocalyptic world to the dynamic combat and strategic depth offered by rare characters, the game beckons players to assume the role of a Proxy, shaping the destiny of the last bastion of humanity. With the anticipation of cross-platform play and the mysteries of the Hollows yet to be uncovered, Zenless Zone Zero is poised to become a new cornerstone of gaming. Prepare to embark on this adventure, where every choice, battle, and alliance writes a unique story in the annals of New Eridu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setting of Zenless Zone Zero?

The setting of Zenless Zone Zero is in New Eridu, the last remaining city in a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity is rebuilding after the destruction of modern society, exploiting resources from the Hollows.

What role do players assume in Zenless Zone Zero?

In Zenless Zone Zero, players assume the role of Proxies who guide teams through alternate dimensions, battle foes, and retrieve precious resources. This allows for an immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

How does the combat system in Zenless Zone Zero work?

The combat system in Zenless Zone Zero is dynamic and action-based, allowing players to switch between characters to execute various skills and combos, with a cinematic style emphasizing fast-paced battles.

What is the significance of rare characters in the game?

Rare characters in the game are ranked as 'A' and 'S' and they bring unique abilities and playstyles, adding strategic depth to gameplay and significantly impacting mission success. They are powerful allies in combat.

Will Zenless Zone Zero support cross-play and cross-progression?

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero will support cross-play and cross-progression across PC, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android platforms, enabling players to maintain their progress and play with others across different platforms.

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