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Diving Deep into Resident Evil's Universe: A 2023 Overview

Gaming Blogs | Author: Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani Posted: Sep 24, 2023 Next Previous

Welcome to the thrilling and spine-chilling world of Resident Evil, a franchise that has captivated fans since its inception in 1996. From its survival horror roots to its diverse media adaptations, Resident Evil has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Are you ready to explore the depths of this terrifying universe? Come, let’s uncover the secrets of this iconic series!

Screenshot of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 Remake

Key Takeaways

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The Evolution of Resident Evil

Screenshot of the iconic mansion from the first Resident Evil game

The Resident Evil series has evolved tremendously since its birth in 1996, with Capcom’s survival horror games taking the world by storm. Today, the franchise stands as the highest-grossing horror franchise, with an impressive 135 million games sold as of December 2022. The evolution of Resident Evil is marked by its innovative gameplay mechanics, memorable characters, and eerie locations that have not only redefined the survival horror genre but also captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.

The series’ development reached a significant milestone with the original Resident Evil game, introducing the terrifying mansion and the horrors of Raccoon City to the world. As the series unfolded, it consistently pushed survival horror boundaries, integrated new gameplay elements, and broadened its universe into films, television adaptations, and literary works. The series has delivered unforgettable experiences from the claustrophobic corridors of the Spencer Mansion to the sinister streets of Raccoon City, captivating fans for decades.

Screenshot from the original Resident Evil game released in 1996

The Birth of Survival Horror

The roots of survival horror are found in the 1996 release of the first Resident Evil game, developed by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara. The game’s premise revolved around a special forces team investigating mysterious homicides in the outskirts of Raccoon City, ultimately leading them to the horrors lurking within the infamous Spencer Mansion. The game’s tense atmosphere, limited resources, and harrowing encounters with the undead laid the foundation for the survival horror genre we know today.

Resident Evil’s innovative gameplay and immersive storytelling captivated players worldwide, quickly establishing the series as a staple of the survival horror genre. The game’s unique blend of horror, exploration, and puzzle-solving created a formula that would be emulated by countless other titles. The growth of the series saw it push survival horror boundaries, introduce new gameplay mechanics, and refine the successful formula of the original game.

Progression of Gameplay Mechanics

Screenshot from Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 2

Gameplay mechanics in the Resident Evil series have evolved to maintain a fresh and engaging player experience. The original games used a “tank control” system, where character movement was relative to the player rather than the in-game camera. This control scheme, while cumbersome, added to the tension and challenge of the games, as players had to navigate their surroundings cautiously.

Resident Evil 4 marked a significant departure from the traditional gameplay mechanics, introducing an “over-the-shoulder” third-person view and more action-oriented gameplay. This change was met with mixed reactions, as some critics argued that the new control scheme diminished the game’s fear factor.

In more recent titles, such as Resident Evil 7 and Village, the series has adopted a first-person perspective, further enhancing the immersive experience and bringing players closer to the horror. These gameplay progressions illustrate the series’ dedication to innovation and adaptability to its fanbase’s evolving preferences.

Iconic Characters and Their Roles

Portrait of Ada Wong from the Resident Evil 2 Remake

The Resident Evil series features a rich and diverse cast of memorable characters, each with distinct roles and narrative arcs. From the brave Leon S. Kennedy to the enigmatic Ada Wong, these characters have played a significant part in shaping the series’ narrative and providing fans with memorable moments. Through their struggles and triumphs, these characters have become synonymous with the Resident Evil franchise.

The series has regularly introduced new characters and developed existing ones’ stories, creating a vibrant universe brimming with captivating tales. Whether it’s Chris Redfield’s journey from S.T.A.R.S. member to BSAA specialist, or Ethan Winters’ desperate struggle to save his family, each character’s story adds depth and intrigue to the series, keeping fans engaged and eager for more.

Portrait of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 in his iconic look

Leon S. Kennedy – From Greenhorn to Legend

Leon S. Kennedy’s evolution from a rookie cop to a legendary hero exemplifies the compelling storytelling and character development in the Resident Evil series. As a rookie cop in Resident Evil 2, Leon quickly found himself in the midst of a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. Despite the odds, Leon managed to survive the ordeal and was celebrated as a hero. With a Capcom ID, fans can further immerse themselves in the world of Resident Evil and track their progress throughout the series.

Over time, Leon’s reputation and skills grew, and he became a key figure in the fight against the Umbrella Corporation and bioterrorism. Today, he is recognized as a legendary hero in the Resident Evil universe, serving as a symbol of courage, hope, and determination. Leon’s journey showcases the series’ commitment to developing compelling characters and creating engaging narratives that resonate with fans.

Portrait of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil 3 Remake

Ladies of Raccoon City: Jill, Claire & the Fearless Femmes

Fearless female characters like Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield in Resident Evil have made a significant impact on the series, proving that courage and resilience are not gender-bound. Jill Valentine, a former member of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), is renowned for her courage, resourcefulness, and expertise in the field.

Claire Redfield, on the other hand, is a determined college student searching for her brother, Chris Redfield, and has proven that she is more than capable of facing the horrors of the Resident Evil universe. These strong, independent female characters showcase the series’ commitment to diversity and representation.

Their narratives and experiences enrich the Resident Evil universe, offering fans a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to delve into.

Portrait of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil Village

Chris Redfield's Journey

Since the series’ inception, Chris Redfield has been a prominent figure, starting as a Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) member and later becoming a founding member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). His journey has been marked by a tireless commitment to combating bioterrorism and protecting humanity from the nefarious Umbrella Corporation.

Throughout the series, Chris has proven himself to be a skilled and dedicated warrior, facing off against countless adversaries and overcoming insurmountable odds. His story has inspired countless fans, and his ongoing battles against the forces of evil serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Portrait of Ethan Winters from Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters' Struggles

Ethan Winters, the protagonist in Resident Evil 7 and Village, has grappled with unspeakable horrors in his desperate quest to save his family. From the terrifying Baker estate to the eerie village overrun by monstrous creatures, Ethan’s journey is a harrowing tale of survival and determination.

Ethan’s story represents the core essence of the Resident Evil series – the fight for survival against all odds. His struggles are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and his victories serve as a beacon of hope for those facing their fears.

Ethan’s journey enriches the complex narrative of the Resident Evil universe, underscoring the series’ dedication to providing fans with captivating and immersive experiences.

Memorable Locations in Resident Evil

Scenic view of a village setting from Resident Evil 4 game

The Resident Evil series has led players through numerous memorable locations, ranging from the eerie Spencer Mansion to Raccoon City’s haunting streets. Each location has its own unique atmosphere and challenges, adding to the sense of immersion and dread that has become a hallmark of the series. With the introduction of the Resident Evil Portal, fans can now easily access and explore these iconic settings.

These locations serve as the backdrop for the series’ engaging narratives and unforgettable gameplay moments. Players exploring these dark and gloomy environments must confront their fears and navigate perilous terrain while combating undead and other horrifying creatures lurking in the shadows.

The series’ memorable locations have become synonymous with the Resident Evil experience, providing fans with unforgettable settings that have left a lasting impact on the gaming world.

From Mansions to Villages

Exterior view of the iconic RPD Police Station from the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Over time, the settings of the Resident Evil games have evolved, transitioning players from the iconic Spencer Mansion’s confines to the sprawling, mysterious village in Resident Evil Village. Each location adds a unique flavor to the series, offering diverse challenges and atmospheres for players to explore and conquer.

The diverse settings in the Resident Evil series attest to the franchise’s adaptability and evolution, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience for fans. Some of the iconic settings in the series include:

  1. The claustrophobic corridors of the mansion
  2. The open and expansive village
  3. The eerie police station
  4. The desolate underground laboratory
  5. The haunted castle

Each location offers a distinct atmosphere and provides the perfect backdrop for the series’ engaging narratives and unforgettable gameplay moments.

Majestic interior of the castle from Resident Evil 4, highlighting its gothic architecture

The Impact of Location on Gameplay

In the Resident Evil series, location has a crucial impact on gameplay and the storytelling experience. Each location presents its own unique challenges, requiring players to adapt their strategies and approach to survive.

Different locations within the series provide varying narrative elements, such as the backstory of the characters and the objectives of the villains. For example, the Police Station in Resident Evil 2 offers a sprawling layout filled with puzzles and adversaries, while the Old House in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard presents a more claustrophobic and tense environment, free of distractions.

The diverse locations in the series, including other countries, not only contribute to the overall atmosphere but also play a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience.

Expanding the Resident Evil Universe

Scene from the film 'Resident Evil: Afterlife', showcasing the cinematic expansion of the game series

The Resident Evil universe, originating from video games, has branched out into various media forms, including films, television adaptations, and literary works. This expansion has allowed the franchise to reach a broader audience and showcase the depth and complexity of its universe.

With live-action films starring Milla Jovovich and computer-animated series sharing the games’ continuity, the Resident Evil universe has expanded and captivated global fans. This expansion not only demonstrates the enduring appeal of the franchise but also its ability to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing entertainment landscape.

Scene from the animated series 'Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness', exemplifying the series' expansion into animation.

Films and Television Adaptations

The Resident Evil franchise has inspired countless film and television adaptations, each providing a unique interpretation of the series’ themes and characters. The live-action film series, in particular, has achieved considerable success, from Resident Evil Apocalypse in 2004, to the more recent movies staring Mila Jovovich, becoming one of the most successful movie series based on a video game, grossing over $1.3 billion. They were only recently beaten by The Super Mario Bros. Movie that has generated $1.36 billion to date on its own.

In addition to the live-action films, the series has also spawned a number of computer-animated films set in the same continuity as the games. These films have allowed fans to further explore the rich and complex world of Resident Evil, delving deeper into the stories and characters they have come to know and love.

Illustration from a Resident Evil comic book, showcasing the series' venture into graphic storytelling.

Literary Adaptations and Comics

The Resident Evil series has sparked a plethora of literary adaptations and comic books, broadening the universe and offering fans novel ways to interact with the franchise. From novelizations of the games to original stories set in the Resident Evil world, these literary works offer a unique perspective on the series’ themes and characters.

Comic books, such as Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine and Resident Evil: Fire & Ice, have also provided fans with new stories and adventures set in the series’ universe. These adaptations have allowed the franchise to reach an even wider audience, showcasing the depth and complexity of the Resident Evil universe across various forms of media.

The Future of Resident Evil

Scene from Resident Evil Village showcasing eerie environments and advanced graphics.

As the Resident Evil series grows and evolves, fans eagerly await the franchise’s future developments. With rumors of upcoming releases and the potential impact of next-generation consoles, the series shows no signs of slowing down.

With the series set to continue offering thrilling and immersive experiences, the future of Resident Evil undoubtedly shines bright for fans worldwide. As the franchise pushes the boundaries of survival horror and expands its universe across various media platforms, it is clear that Resident Evil will remain a beloved and enduring fixture in the world of gaming and entertainment.

Chris Redfield, a key character, as he appears in Resident Evil Village.

The Impact of Next-Generation Consoles

The debut of next-generation consoles, like the PlayStation 6 and the Xbox Series in 2028, could have a significant impact on the Resident Evil series’ future. These consoles, with their more powerful hardware, will allow developers to create even more immersive and detailed gaming experiences, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the Resident Evil universe.

With the introduction of these next-generation consoles, the Resident Evil franchise stands poised to deliver even more engaging and visually stunning experiences to fans. As the series continues to push the limits of survival horror, the future of Resident Evil is set to be even more thrilling and immersive than ever before.

Resident Evil Community and Events

Pessimism, a speedrunner, showcasing a speedrun of Resident Evil at the Games Done Quick 2018 event.

Comprising a vibrant and passionate group of fans, the Resident Evil community comes together to express their series admiration, discuss favorite moments, and engage with current news and updates. Through various events, such as the popular Games Done Quick charity events, fans have the opportunity to connect with one another and deepen their appreciation for the franchise. Games Done Quick events attract speedrunners from various game franchises, including Resident Evil, and generate millions of dollars for charity each year. These events not only foster a sense of community among fans but also promote a culture of giving back, further enriching the Resident Evil community experience.

The diverse and varied fanbase of the Resident Evil community reflects the enduring appeal of the series, mirroring the diversity of the franchise itself. With countless online communities, resources, and events catering to fans of all interests, the Resident Evil community continues to thrive and grow, ensuring that the series remains an integral part of the gaming landscape for years to come.

Online Communities and Resources

Online communities and resources provide a wealth of information and networking opportunities for Resident Evil series fans. Websites such as r/residentevil on Reddit, Evil Resource, and the Resident Evil Community Forum provide platforms for fans to discuss their favorite games, share tips and strategies, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates.

These online communities and resources provide invaluable support for fans, helping to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for Resident Evil. As the franchise continues to grow and expand, these communities and resources will remain an essential part of the Resident Evil experience, ensuring fans are never far from the latest information and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

There are also many other online communities dedicated to different aspects of the Resident Evil series. For instance, speedrunners, who aim to complete the games in record time, have a strong presence, with streamers like Pessimism 🐦 Pessimism on Twitter - 📺 Pessimism on Twitch leading the way. Additionally, Resident Evil marathon runners, who engage in long play sessions of the series, also form a significant part of the community. MattRPD 🐦 MattRPD on Twitter - 📺 MattRPD on Twitch is a notable figure in this group. Furthermore, there are many Resident Evil content creators on Twitch who contribute to the community in various ways, such as Katastrophe, the Resident Evil Community Manager 🐦 Katastrophe on Twitter - 📺 Katastrophe on Twitch. These individuals and groups all add to the richness and diversity of the Resident Evil fanbase.


The Resident Evil series has captivated fans for over two decades, evolving from its humble beginnings as a survival horror game into a sprawling multimedia franchise. With its engaging narratives, memorable characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics, the series has left an indelible mark on the gaming world. As the franchise continues to grow and adapt to the changing demands of the entertainment industry, it is clear that Resident Evil will remain a beloved and enduring fixture in the world of gaming and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which order should I play Resident Evil?

Start with Resident Evil 0, then work your way through the series to Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the complete story experience.

Why is Resident Evil so famous?

Resident Evil is famous for its realism, incorporating a 'disaster epidemic' setting that brings horror to life. It kick-started the resurgence of zombie-related films and games in the 1990s and 2000s, as well as becoming one of the most influential video games of all time, defining and popularizing the survival horror genre.

What is the original story of Resident Evil?

Resident Evil follows the original story of the Raccoon City Police Department's S.T.A.R.S team investigating a series of bizarre murders on July 24, 1998 which leads them to the disappearance of Bravo Team.

Is Resident Evil still Capcom?

Yes, Resident Evil is still Capcom. It has released four remakes since 2002, with the latest one coming out in 2023.

When was the first Resident Evil game released?

The first Resident Evil game was released in 1996, providing decades of zombie-fighting adventure.


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