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Lost Ark Launch Delayed: Anticipated Game Postponed

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 2, 2021 at 2:38 PM BST

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The English version of Lost Ark has been delayed until 2022 with a closed beta coming in November 2021, a man has interrupted a live tv show demand news about GTA 6, and TimTheTatMan has signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming.

Lost Ark Delayed

Lost Ark, a highly anticipated free-to-play MMORPG, has recently announced a delay in its release until 2022. However, players can still look forward to participating in a closed beta that will take place in November 2021, specifically between the 4th and the 9th. While gamers in South Korea and Russia have already had the opportunity to experience the game, players eagerly awaiting an English release will have to exercise a bit more patience.

Lost Ark offers a captivating blend of gameplay, drawing inspiration from the likes of the renowned action RPG Diablo. The game introduces elements of an MMO, promising an expansive world filled with adventures and challenges. As fans await further information about the game, excitement continues to build, fueled by the impressive visuals and enticing gameplay showcased thus far.

Man Demands GTA 6 Info

In an unusual turn of events, a man recently interrupted a live TV show in Germany demanding information regarding the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI. The frustrated individual boldly confronted the host, insisting that they turn to the camera and ask, "Where is Grand Theft Auto VI?" The host amusingly retorted, "I don't have to do that because I haven't even finished Grand Theft Auto V yet!" The incident, whether genuine or staged, certainly caught attention and provided entertainment for both the audience and fans eagerly awaiting news about the next installment in the popular video game franchise.

TimTheTatMan Joins YouTube Gaming

In another significant development, popular streamer TimTheTatMan has signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. TimTheTatMan, renowned for his massive following on Twitch, will now be transitioning to YouTube Gaming. This move follows in the footsteps of other notable streamers, including DrLupo, who have made similar platform shifts.

While some streamers have expressed reservations about YouTube Gaming's features and functionality, there is optimism that the platform will continue to evolve and innovate. Ideally, with the influx of prominent streamers joining YouTube Gaming, the platform will be prompted to enhance its offerings and address the concerns expressed by content creators.

One area in need of improvement is the live section on YouTube Gaming. Currently, the live directory does not exclusively feature live streams, but also includes video footage of gaming. Given its focus as a live streaming platform, YouTube Gaming should prioritize displaying solely live streams, making it easier for viewers to find ongoing content without being overwhelmed by prerecorded videos. Additionally, addressing copyright claims is an aspect that could benefit from streamlining. Streamers often encounter multiple copyright claims during live events, necessitating individual disputes and adjustments for each claim. Simplifying this process, such as incorporating a "mute all" or "remove all" option for copyright-impacted sections of VODs, would greatly enhance creators' efficiency and experience on the platform.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to transition to YouTube Gaming or remain on Twitch remains personal for each streamer, weighing the pros and cons of each platform. However, it is undoubtedly a significant milestone for TimTheTatMan and DrLupo, as well as the wider streaming community, to witness their increasing collaboration and presence across multiple platforms.

In conclusion, the delay of Lost Ark's release, the amusing interruption demanding GTA 6 information, and TimTheTatMan joining YouTube Gaming are all noteworthy events in the gaming industry. Each development brings its own levels of anticipation, entertainment, and impact on the gaming community at large. As players eagerly await the release of Lost Ark and news about GTA 6, the streaming landscape will continue to evolve with the growing presence of prominent streamers across various platforms.

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