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Lost Ark Launch Delayed: Anticipated Game Postponed - Video Page

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: September 2, 2021 at 2:38 PM BST

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Video Transcript

Lost Ark, which is an upcoming free to play MMORPG, has been delayed until 2022, but the good news is there will be a closed beta in Nov 2021* between the 4th and the 9th. Lost Ark has actually been out for a while in a couple of other territories, including South Korea and I believe Russia and some people have been playing the game via VPN and using translated mods to convert the game into English, but they're still waiting for a full English release, so we're going to have to wait a bit longer. The game looks fantastic. It's of the vein of Diablo, action RPG, but it's still an MMO, so we will see what more information we get about it. The next bit of news for today is that a man has apparently interrupted a TV show in Germany, a live TV show demanding for information about Grand Theft Auto VI. He literally interrupted the live TV show. He said to the host, basically that turn to the camera and ask "Where is Grand Theft Auto VI?", which the host replied, "I don't have to do that because I've not even finished Grand Theft Auto V yet!" The man seems really upset about it because he said that we've been waiting eight years for information about it. Who knows if this is a genuine thing or if it's staged or whatever, but it was funny to read the headline. And then the last bit of news for today is TimTheTatMan has signed also a deal with YouTube Gaming. Like DrLupo, he was a massive streamer on Twitch, one of the biggest, and he's moving over to YouTube Gaming via an exclusivity deal. Now, I personally did stream on YouTube Gaming for about a year, and the reason I moved to Twitch after that is because I just didn't feel that YouTube Gaming was innovating enough features. Hopefully they will, especially if they keep signing big streamers to the platform. But the way it is right now, I don't think YouTube Gaming is good enough to stand the test of time. Some improvements I would like to see on YouTube Gaming is the live section. The live directory should only include live streams. Right now is cluttered with video footage of gaming, and gaming is obviously a massive thing on YouTube when it comes to video content. But simply if this is the live streaming platform YouTube Gaming, it doesn't need to be cluttered with millions of videos to a point where live streams are hard to find. Also as well, what I would like to see on YouTube Gaming is, for example, let's say you're doing a reaction video or whatever and you get hit by 4, 5, 6, 7, maybe 10 Copyright claims during the brand new live events from different music or movie Studios. At the moment when you have to go through the Copyright claim process. You ever have to dispute them one at a time. Or if you want to trim them out or mute them, you have to again do it one at a time. For example, let's say you've live stream for, I don't know, 4 hours during this event. Then you want to mute this one claim. It will mute that one claim. It will reprocess a four hour VOD, and then you have to do the next one, reprocess a four-hour VOD. That process could take a week. But what would be great is if they literally just have a mute all, remove all that sort of button from live streaming VODs on YouTube Gaming. I would like to see that, but I could talk about this all day. I'm not going to but yeah, so as I feel YouTube Gaming is not ready yet, I will be sticking with Twitch personally. But Congratulations to Tim and to DrLupo either way, it's good news. And today they're literally going to be teaming up with DrDisRespect who is also a big streamer on YouTube, so it will be interesting to see them reconnect again finally.

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