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Google Countersues Epic Games: Legal Battle Continues

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: October 13, 2021 at 3:06 PM BST

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Google is countersuing Epic Games over the Fortnite app removal, Call of Duty sends an open letter to cheaters, the Quake next gen upgrade is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Google Countersuing Epic Games

Google is now taking legal action in response to a lawsuit filed by Epic Games against both Apple and Google. The lawsuit was initiated after the Fortnite app was removed from both app stores due to Epic Games implementing its own payment system, which bypassed the established payment systems of the stores. According to Epic Games, both Apple and Google operate in an anti-competitive manner, forcing developers to use their payment systems.

In defense, Google claims that Epic Games deliberately breached their contract by implementing their own payment system. This breach not only caused damages to Google but also exposed potential security vulnerabilities on the Google Play Store. Google argues that these vulnerabilities could be exploited by other malicious actors for nefarious purposes. The outcome of this countersuit remains to be seen, but it further complicates the future of the Fortnite app on both platforms.

Recently, an outcome was reached in the Apple versus Epic lawsuit, with nine out of ten allegations going in favor of Apple. As a result, Apple has no plans to allow the Fortnite app back onto the Apple App Store until all legal matters are resolved, which could potentially take years. With Google now countersuing Epic Games, it seems unlikely that the Fortnite app will return to any smartphone in the near future.

Call of Duty Open Letter to Cheaters

The developers of Call of Duty, in conjunction with Raven Software, have taken a stance against cheaters by delivering an open letter to those who engage in unfair gameplay practices. The letter reads as follows:

"Dear Cheaters,

We are passionate about games and feel honored to produce them for the best fans in the world. While we strive to create the best gaming experience, we acknowledge that we may not always get it right. Cheating undermines the enjoyment for everyone involved. Nobody likes a cheater. Our objective is to deliver a fun and fair gaming experience for our developers, fans, and most importantly, Call of Duty players worldwide. Cheaters are not welcome. There is zero tolerance for cheating, and soon you will understand the consequences.

Call of Duty"

This open letter serves as a strong message to cheaters within the Call of Duty community. It emphasizes the developers' commitment to providing a fair gaming environment and signals their intention to take action against those who violate this principle. The contents of this letter are likely to be explored further in a detailed analysis on various gaming channels.

Quake Next Gen

Exciting news for fans of the classic game Quake! The next-generation upgrade has been released, enabling players to experience the original Quake game in stunning 4K resolution and running at a smooth 120 frames per second. Available on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, this upgrade is offered free of charge for gamers who already own previous versions of the game from previous console generations.

This next-gen upgrade represents a significant enhancement to the Quake gaming experience. The combination of 4K visuals and high frame rates will undoubtedly captivate fans, providing a more immersive and enjoyable gameplay.

In conclusion, the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and both Apple and Google continues to evolve. With Google now countersuing Epic Games, the reinstatement of the Fortnite app seems unlikely in the near future. Meanwhile, the developers of Call of Duty are taking a strong stance against cheaters, asserting their commitment to fair gameplay for all. Lastly, the release of the Quake next-gen upgrade brings enhanced graphics and performance capabilities, offering an even more remarkable gaming experience for Quake enthusiasts.

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