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-- 18 Oct 2021
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Bloodborne 2, Elden Ring Gameplay Leaked, Guardians of the Galaxy Space Requirement | Gaming News

Guardians of the Galaxy Space Requirement

Hello guys and welcome to the Gaming News for 18 Oct 2021. The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, which is releasing on the 26 October, has had its Steam page updated to show that it requires 150GB of space used. And I'm curious what that means for PlayStation 5 as well. And all that suggests really is that it's going to be potentially a huge game. We will see why it requires such a big amount of space. By no means, it's not the biggest game that we've had lately, but 150GB is still quite a lot of space for a single game.

Elden Ring Gameplay Leaked

The next bit of news for today is 27 seconds of Elden Ring gameplay has leaked, which you might have seen over the last day being mentioned. Now I would say when it comes to gameplay leaks, don't stress about them, don't look into them too much because some people are saying this and saying that and so on. Just wait for the game to come out. I know that some people are really excited about the game, but it's a case of I try to just not think about these things at all and let the game surprise me when it releases. For example, I am not speculating about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. There's no point. I'll just wait for it to release.

Bloodborne 2

And then the last bit of news for today is that there is a rumor that Bluepoint Games is working on a remaster of Bloodborne and that the new game that they're working on is Bloodborne 2, because I did report a few days ago that Bluepoint Games is going to be working on a new game in the future, not just a remaster. We will see if either one of those pieces of information is true. Maybe it's wishful thinking we just have to wait and see and also as well with the rumor they are speculating a PC release of the original game as well to go alongside it. Again, you will see it would be nice. I've literally purposely been avoiding Bloodborne because I want to play it with basically a remastered form before I jump in. It would be good news if that's actually true. Anyway guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much for all the new followers coming on to the feed as always and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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