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-- 24 Oct 2021
United Kingdom


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Lost Ark Closed Beta, Kena Bridge of Spirits Profits, Vulcan_210 Feature | Gaming News

Lost Ark Closed Beta

Hello guys and welcome to the Gaming News for 24 Oct 2021. Lost Ark is going to have a Closed Beta between the 04 - 11 Nov 2021. If you head over to the official website at the the top right, you'll see a button that says "Tester Sign Up", click it, sign in with your Amazon account and click on sign up for the beta test. If you were in the Closed Alpha, you don't automatically get into the Closed Beta, so you have to sign up again and it will be available in the US and Europe. There's a list of countries that are eligible on the website and after you sign up you just have to hope you get selected. You will be allowed to record videos, stream it and so on if you get in. There is a motivation for content creators to get into the Closed Beta of the game.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Profits

The next bit of news for today is Kena Bridge of Spirits have now made a profit so they recuperated all of their development costs and Sony is very happy because it was collaboration with them in order for the game to succeed. It's the first game that was created by Ember Lab, who were originally an animation studio. I played it, It's a wonderful game, graphically it's beautiful, the soundtrack is amazing, the combat is very challenging, so you will actually have to learn your way through the game and through the boss encounters and so on. And it was overall just really fun to play. The rots are so cute. They are little minions that follow you around everywhere.

Vulcan_210 Feature

This week's shout out feature is going to go to Vulcan_210. He is a content creator that streams mostly on Twitch He is also a member of my stream team the Mythical Knights, so be sure to check him out. I met him a while ago actually during a promotion we did for Dying Light some time ago and he's been a delight ever since to be in the team just to get to know him over time. He is a really friendly guy. He plays a variety of games so he's sure to check him out, see what he's up to as well. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much as always for the new followers coming onto the feed and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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