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-- 22 Nov 2021
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Kojima Productions Creates TV Division, Marvel's Spider-Man, Guerrilla Games Podcast | Gaming News

Marvel's Spider-Man

Hello, guys, and welcome to the Gaming News for 22 Nov 2021. Marvel's Spider-Man is being added to the Marvel's Avengers game and it's coming out on the 30 Nov 2021. Crystal Dynamics are still working on the game. They're still expanding it. Recently, they added Black Panther and they're still adding to the game as much as they can. I personally would have liked to have seen individual games. For example, an Iron Man Game, a Captain America game and so on and then eventually culminating in an Avengers game. I think the Avengers game came out too soon because it was too close to the release of Endgame, in my opinion. If simply they fleshed out each of the individual characters and then it culminated in the Avengers game. That would have been better in my opinion. But for those of you who are interested know that Spider-Man is coming to the Avengers game.

Guerrilla Games Podcast

The next bit of news for today is Guerrilla, who is the developer behind Horizon Zero Dawn are making their own podcast, so they tweeted out saying "Introducing GAIA cast." GAIA is the artificial intelligence in Horizon Zero Dawn. "From the team at Guerrilla. GAIA cast is an upcoming podcast that dives deep into the Horizon universe. Our first season focused on Horizon Zero Dawn debuts this Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021, with our first episode: All About Aloy." I'm definitely interested. I loved Horizon Zero Dawn. I actually got the Platinum Trophy for that game and I'm waiting for the next game, Horizon Forbidden West, so we'll see what it's like. We'll be sure to tune in.

Kojima Productions Creates TV Division

And then the last bit of news for today is Kojima Productions, who created Death Stranding, have created a new Film, TV and Music division, which is tasked with trying to take their games and put them on to other mainstream media such as TV, Film and Music. It's being led by Riley Russell, who is a veteran of PlayStation and is based in LA, so we will see what comes out of it. I'm actually right now still playing through Death Stranding Director's Cut on PlayStation 5, I absolutely love it. I'm completely obsessed, which is what I put in my VLOG yesterday. I hope more things come out of Kojima Productions in the future. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much to all the new followers as always. And I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. Bye bye.

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