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June 2022

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30 June 2022
God of War Director Update

God of War Director Update: Kratos' Journey Continues

God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog has asked for patience with regards to God of War Ragnarok information, the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection has been announced, and the Megashiba mount has been added to the FFXIV store.
29 June 2022
Sony INZONE Announced

Sony INZONE Announced: New Gaming Platform Unveiled

Sony INZONE Gaming Monitors and Headsets announced, Star Ocean The Divine Force will be released on 27 Oct 2022, and the battle royale Spellbreak is closing down.
28 June 2022
NieR Automata on Switch

NieR Automata on Switch: Androids' Adventure Expands

NieR Automata YoRHa Edition will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on 06 Oct 2022, the developer behind The Boys TV Show wants to collab with Hideo Kojima on a game of the show, and Steam Deck is doubling its production starting next week.
27 June 2022
PS Plus July 2022 Free Games

PS Plus July 2022 Free Games: Monthly Delights

Crash Bandicoot 4, Dark Pictures Man of Medan, and Arcadegeddon are coming to PS Plus for free during July 2022 according to a leak, a Nintendo Direct Mini has been announced focused on third party games, and Summer Games Done Quick has started and will be running until 03 July 2022.
26 June 2022
Hideo Kojima Shelved Game

Hideo Kojima Shelved Game: Creator's Unseen Project

Hideo Kojima shelved a game because of the similarities to the TV show The Boys, Hogwarts Legacy will apparently feature DLC including Early Access to the game, and Uncharted Legacy of Thieves PC will be releasing on 19 Oct 2022 according to SteamDB.
25 June 2022
Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale: Deals Await Gamers in Annual Event

Steam Summer Sale is happening until 07 Jul 2022, Final Fantasy 16 will feature only British English accents for the English release, and FromSoftware is in the final stages of development for an unannounced game.
24 June 2022
Bungie Copyright Explained

Bungie Copyright Explained: Legal Clarification

Bungie has issued a lawsuit against the Copyright Impersonator for striking their videos back in March 2022, Overwatch 2 replaces the original Overwatch, and Sonic Origins has been released.
23 June 2022
A Plague Tale Requiem Release Date

A Plague Tale Requiem Release Date: Dark Journey Awaits

Focus Entertainment have confirmed the release date of A Plague Tale Requiem as 18 Oct 2022, Nintendo hosted the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct yesterday showing more information about the game, and NTSC options (60Hz) will be coming to classic PlayStation games in Europe.
22 June 2022
FFXVI Washington Post Interview

FFXVI Washington Post Interview: Dev Insights Shared

Naoki Yoshi P Yoshida had an interview with the Washington Post about the upcoming FFXVI, Dragonflight, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, should be releasing during 2022, and the Metaverse Standards Forum has been established by various industry leaders.
21 June 2022
Sony Gaming Monitors

Sony Gaming Monitors: Visual Enhancements Unveiled

Apparently Sony will announce new Gaming Monitors and Headsets next week, Bethesda has explained Redfall can be played solo as well as in co-op, and a God of War Joel and Ellie Mod has been created.
20 June 2022
The Last of Us Remake Price

The Last of Us Remake Price: Cost of Survival Explored

Gamers have raised concerns about the price of The Last of Us Remake, Nintendo will be hosting a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct on 22 Jun 2022, and Focus Entertainment have released extended gameplay of the upcoming Evil West.
19 June 2022
Assassins Creed Remake

Assassins Creed Remake: Classic Title Gets Remade

There is hints and speculation of an Assassin's Creed Remake, The Last of Us Part 2 was released 2 years ago, and Steam Deck has released an updated Windows driver for games like Halo Infinite.
18 June 2022
Diablo Immortal Earnings

Diablo Immortal Earnings: Mobile RPG Finds Financial Success

Diablo Immortal has earned more than $20 million since release 2 weeks ago, Supraland is free on the Epic Games Store, and 30 free games will be available during Prime Day 2022 on the 12-13 Jul 2022.
17 June 2022
Dragon's Dogma 2 Confirmed

Dragon's Dogma 2 Confirmed: Fantasy Sequel Revealed

Capcom has confirmed Dragon's Dogma 2 is being developed, FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXXI will be on 01 Jul 2022, and FF7 Remake is available on Steam and verified for the Steam Deck.
16 June 2022
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Announced

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Announced: Iconic Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been announced the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Crisis Core Reunion has been announced, and more details of Ever Crisis have been revealed.
16 June 2022
FF7 Anniversary Stream

FF7 Anniversary Stream: Celebrating a Classic with Fans

The Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration stream is today, Dragon's Dogma is doing a celebration stream today, and Resident Evil 2 DirectX 11 has been reenabled on Steam after user feedback to the upgraded version.
15 June 2022
Unannounced Fire Emblem Game

Unannounced Fire Emblem Game: Tactical Fantasy Awaits

Details of an unannounced Fire Emblem game have leaked online, Fallout 5 is confirmed to be coming after Elder Scrolls 6, and Valheim is coming to Xbox.
14 June 2022
Shadows of Rose Announced

Shadows of Rose Announced: Mysterious Tale Unveiled

The Shadows of Rose DLC has been announced for Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 have received free PS5 upgrades, and the Capcom Showcase showed updates about a lot of their games.
13 June 2022
A Plague Tale Requiem Release Date

A Plague Tale Requiem Release Date: Dark Saga's Return

A release date event for A Plague Tale Requiem will be on the 23 Jun 2022, Phil Spencer has announced a partnership with Hideo Kojima, and Diablo 4 in game purchases will be focused on cosmetic and expansions.
12 June 2022
Diablo IV Beta Sign Up

Diablo IV Beta Sign Up: Awaiting Demon Slaying

You can sign up for the beta of Diablo IV, a new trailer for Gungrave G.O.R.E has been released, and The Last of Us TV Show has wrapped filming.
11 June 2022
Xbox Bethesda Showcase Details

Xbox Bethesda Showcase Details: Dev Insights Await

The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase will be happening on Sunday 12 Jun 2022 as part of The Summer Game Fest, Maneater is free on the Epic Games Store until 16 Jun 2022, and the open beta for PC Building Simulator 2 is avaiable until 20 Jun 2022.
10 June 2022
The Last of Us Remake Announced

The Last of Us Remake Announced: Classic Redux

The Last of Us Remake has been announced and titled as The Last of Us Part 1, there will be a Final Fantasy VII Celebration Broadcast on 16 Jun 2022, and The Quarry has released today on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.
9 June 2022
Summer Game Fest Today

Summer Game Fest Today: Seasonal Gaming Showcase

Summer Game Fest will be streaming it's announcements today at 2 pm EDT or 7 PM BST, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be releasing 28 Oct 2022, and The Quarry will release tomorrow 10 Jun 2022.
8 June 2022
Bend Studio New IP

Bend Studio New IP: Creators Embark on Fresh Endeavor

Bend Studio are working on a new IP according to an article on PlayStation Blog, ESA President has confirmed E3 2023 will happen, and Evil West will be released on 20 Sep 2022.
7 June 2022
Capcom Showcase Announced

Capcom Showcase Announced: Gaming Extravaganza

Capcom Showcase will happen on 13 Jun 2022 at 3 pm PT or 11 pm UK, Sonic Central will happen today at noon Eastern or 5 pm UK, and a sequel to Just Cause 4 is in development.
6 June 2022
Silent Hill Remake Concept

Silent Hill Remake Concept: Horror's Reimagining

A fan made Silent Hill Remake Concept trailer has been posted on the YouTube channel TeaserPlay, there is been backlash about Sonic Frontiers lack of momentum of Sonic, and Geoff Keighley has released a trailer for Summer Game Fest 2022.
5 June 2022
Diablo Immortal Pay To Win

Diablo Immortal Pay To Win: Controversial Monetization

Diablo Immortatl reportedly will cost upwards of $110,000 to max a single character, more leaks of The Last of Us TV show from HBO are emerging, and the actress behind Ashley in Resident Evil 4 has reacted to the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer.
4 June 2022
Leon's Leather Jacket

Leon's Leather Jacket: Iconic Resident Evil Style

Leon Kennedy's leather sheepskin bomber jacket is available to purchase on Schott, Mark Delaney of Gamespot has compiled a long report into the game Abandoned, and Wolfenstein The New Order is free on the Epic Game Store until 09 Jun 2022.
3 June 2022
Dragon Age Dread Wolf Announced

Dragon Age Dread Wolf Announced: New RPG Awaits

The next Dragon Age game will be called Dragon Age Dread Wolf, SEGA have announced the SEGA Mega Drive 2 Mini, and a PlayStation State of Play was broadcast last night with a lot of new trailer reveals.
2 June 2022
PlayStation State of Play Today

PlayStation State of Play Today: Gaming Insights Await

Today there is a PlayStation State of Play focused on PlayStation VR2 and Third Party Titles, IGN showed 7 minutes of Sonic Frontiers gameplay, and Tell Me Why is free on Steam and Xbox store for the month of June 2022.
1 June 2022
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release Date

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release: New Adventures Await

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be releasing on 18 Nov 2022 for the Nintendo Switch, Don't Nod Entertainment has rebranded into Don't Nod with a new logo and website, and Summer Game Fest has a lot of partners this year.