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Square Enix Addresses NFTs: Company's Perspective

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: January 2, 2022 at 3:09 PM GMT

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Key Takeaways

GoldenEye 007 Xbox Trophies

Wario64 tweeted out saying "An Xbox achievement list for GoldenEye 007 has popped up." And the reason why this is leading to any sort of speculation or excitement is because there's not been any news about any James Bond game or any remaster or remake of GoldenEye 007 for a while, but this is more evidence that maybe we're going to get something. We will see. Originally, GoldenEye 007 came out more than 25 years ago on the Nintendo 64, and while some regard it as one of the best shooters of all time, it has really not aged well. Since then, it has been emulated, modded, and some people have even added keyboard and mouse support. But will there be an official remaster coming to Xbox anytime soon?

The GoldenEye 007 Xbox achievement list popping up certainly raises hopes among fans of the game. GoldenEye 007, developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, was first released in 1997 exclusively for the Nintendo 64. It quickly gained a reputation as one of the best shooters of its time and became a landmark title in the first-person shooter genre. The game was based on the classic James Bond film, featuring iconic characters, memorable levels, and innovative multiplayer gameplay.

Over the years, GoldenEye 007 has seen various iterations, including ports to other consoles and unofficial remasters. However, fans have been eagerly awaiting an official remaster or remake for modern platforms, and the appearance of Xbox achievements seems to hint at the possibility.

The fact that an achievement list has been discovered implies that there has been some work done on the game, and its release on Xbox could be a reality in the near future. It would be an exciting prospect for both longtime fans and new players who may not have experienced the game in its original form.

While GoldenEye 007 is beloved by many, it is not without its flaws. The game's aging graphics and mechanics may not resonate with younger generations accustomed to more advanced shooters. That's where a remaster or remake could come in, bringing the game up to modern standards while preserving its classic gameplay and nostalgic charm.

It's important to note that the appearance of Xbox achievements does not guarantee an imminent release. Game development can be a complex and time-consuming process, and there may be various factors influencing the timeline of a potential remaster. However, the existence of a GoldenEye 007 achievement list on Xbox provides hope for fans and suggests that discussions or plans for an official remaster are underway.

Square Enix On NFTs

Moving on to a different topic, let's talk about Square Enix. In a letter from Square Enix's President Yosuke Matsuda, he discusses his hopes for the company in 2022. One topic he touched upon that gained significant attention in 2021 was nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are digital assets that use blockchain technology to certify their uniqueness and ownership. They have gained traction in various industries, including art and collectibles. Matsuda acknowledged the growing popularity of NFTs and their impact on the liquidity of digital goods, enabling trading and creating new opportunities.

While Matsuda expressed enthusiasm for NFTs, it's worth noting that some countries have outright banned or imposed restrictions on NFTs in gaming due to concerns about their impact on players and the gaming industry as a whole. The controversy surrounding NFTs stems from their association with high prices and speculative investment rather than focusing on gameplay and the enjoyment of games.

Matsuda recognized the reservations expressed by players who simply want to have fun without the interference of new trends like NFTs. However, he also highlighted the potential of a subset of players who would be motivated to contribute to the gaming experience by participating in NFT-related activities.

This perspective differs from the prevailing sentiment among many gamers who believe that game companies should prioritize making quality games rather than engaging with NFTs. They argue that NFTs and associated practices can inflate prices, create pay-to-win mechanics, and detract from the core gaming experience.

Opinions on NFTs in gaming remain divided, with some seeing them as an innovative way to enhance the gaming experience and others viewing them as detrimental to the industry. It's unclear whether the majority of players welcome or reject the integration of NFTs into games, as individual preferences can vary greatly.

Ultimately, the direction Square Enix and other game companies take regarding NFTs will greatly depend on market reception and player feedback. As the gaming landscape evolves, it will be interesting to observe how this technology is integrated, if at all, and whether it will contribute positively to the gaming experience.

DashieGames Feature

Now, let's move on to this week's feature and shout out to DashieGames. Dashie, also known as DashieXP, is a popular content creator on YouTube. He initially gained recognition for his skits and comedic videos before venturing into gaming content.

Dashie's YouTube channel is dedicated to gaming, and he has garnered a significant following for his entertaining and humorous gameplay commentary. One of his most notable series revolves around Nintendo's Super Mario Maker games, in which he plays user-created levels that often test his patience and result in hilarious rage moments.

What sets Dashie apart from other gaming YouTubers is his energetic and comedic personality. His reactions to challenging levels and unexpected moments keep viewers engaged and entertained. He has created a community around his channel, with fans eagerly anticipating his new videos and participating in his interactive content.

If you haven't heard of DashieGames, I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel. Whether you're a fan of Mario games or simply enjoy comedic gaming content, Dashie's videos are sure to keep you entertained and bring a smile to your face. His unique style and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal fanbase, and he continues to produce content that resonates with his audience.

In conclusion, the discovery of an Xbox achievement list for GoldenEye 007 has sparked hope among fans for an official remaster or remake. While the game may have aged, its status as a beloved classic shooter remains intact, making it an attractive candidate for a modern release. However, only time will tell if this discovery leads to an official announcement or if it's simply a coincidence.

Regarding NFTs, Square Enix's President Yosuke Matsuda expressed his optimism about their potential in the gaming industry. However, opinions on NFTs in gaming are divided, and concerns about their impact on gameplay and pricing persist. It remains to be seen how game companies will navigate these differing perspectives as they explore the integration of NFTs into their offerings.

Lastly, DashieGames is a prominent gaming YouTuber known for his comedic commentary and entertaining gameplay videos. His unique style and dedication to his content have garnered him a strong following, particularly for his Super Mario Maker series. If you enjoy humorous gaming content, be sure to check out DashieGames on YouTube for a good laugh.

Overall, these topics offer insights into the potential future of GoldenEye 007, the ongoing NFT discussion in the gaming industry, and the entertaining content produced by DashieGames. As gaming continues to evolve, it's thrilling to witness the developments and trends shaping the industry.

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