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-- 06 Feb 2022
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Steam Deck Verified Explained, Pokemon Legends Arceus Sales, Overwatch 2 Demo | Gaming News

Pokemon Legends Arceus Sales

Hello, guys, and welcome to the Gaming News for 06 Feb 2022. Pokemon Legends Arceus is actually doing really well, and Nintendo tweeted out saying "Thank you to more than 6.5 million explorers worldwide who have already embarked on an exciting adventure in Pokemon Legends Arceus", which means they've sold 6.5 million copies. "We hope that you're loading up more potato mochi before your next research mission." I've heard a lot of good things. I'm not personally into Pokemon myself, but people who are praising the game saying it's one of the best Pokemon games that have been released in a very long time. Be sure to check it out.

Overwatch 2 Demo

And the next bit of news for today is Helba_The_AI on Twitter noticed an upload of Overwatch 2, so it's leading to speculation that there might be an Overwatch 2 Demo coming out soon. We will see if that's true. And if it does come out, then I'll be sure to report it.

Steam Deck Verified Explained

The last bit of news for today is Steam is actually working right now to go through their entire Steam catalog to see which games are actually compatible with the Steam Deck. And if it's fully compatible, it will be Verified. If it's playable but requires some tweaking, it will be marked as playable with a yellow exclamation point. If it's not supported at all, let's say it's a VR game like Half Life Alyx, the example they gave, it will say unsupported, and if it has a question mark, it means simply that they haven't tested it yet, so they don't know if it's compatible or not. But from looking through some of the information, they've already tested and verified at least 100 games. People are praising the Steam Deck so far, saying that it's a worthy purchase. It works really well with games and stuff like that. Let me know in the comments if you're getting one. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much, as always to all the new followers, and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.

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