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FFXIV Live Letter LXIX Summary: Game Updates Shared - Video Page

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: March 4, 2022 at 1:44 PM GMT

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Video Transcript

There was a Letter from the Producer Live LXIX (69) where they went through a lot of updates coming to FFXIV. The patch is going to be called Newfound Adventure, where there's going to be new main scenario quests or main story quests and the new chapter begins. That's referring to the fact that the Hydaelyn and Zodiark storyline that was from the Shadowbringers and previous expansions has now ended and they're going to be starting a new storyline. There's going to be side quests dedicated to Tataru called Tataru's Grand Endeavor, and then new role quests. The roles are like tanking and healing and so on. If you do all of them, then you'll get an additional story quest. If you complete them. In patch 6.15, there will also be more Hildibrand quests. Hildibrand is a funny side quest that they introduced from time to time. There's a new dungeon, a new trial coming up, a new unreal trial. You'll be able to finally investigate more about the Twelve in the game, the Twelve Gods. And there's a new Ultimate Duty coming in Patch 6.11, and they showed some screenshots of upcoming dungeons and trials. There's going to be various job adjustments, various PvP adjustments, new custom deliveries and housing will become available in Ishgard that you'll be able to buy. There's the Unending Codex. It says, "Glossary of characters and terms up through Patch 6.0. Unlocked in the main scenario of Patch 6.1 added to your collection, with new entries added as the story unfolds. All characters and terms will not be immediately available." And then they're adding Data Center Traveling in Patch 6.18. And there are also various updates coming to the game as well, including finally a check mark to show items which you've already acquired from minions, mounts, and so on, because at the moment there wasn't any way to see if you've got it already without seeing an error message. And then they made various updates to the market board as well. Talking more about the improvements they are making to the main scenario quests in A Realm Reborn, they're adding the Duty Support System as an alternative to the Trust system. The Trust system will just be for leveling trust (avatars) going through dungeons later in the game. The Duty Support System will be for supporting you through eight man Dungeons. For example, the main scenario quest dungeons in A Realm Reborn, and then they showed some idea of what it might look like. And then they listed in Patch 6.1 which Dungeons will have the Duty Support System available. They're changing a couple of the dungeons. Cape Westwind will be a solo quest, and Castrum Meridianum will be a four player dungeon. The Praetorium will be three separate duties as well. There will also be changes to the Main Scenario Roulette to reflect the changes they're making to the dungeons. They spoke a bit about how the data center travel will work and also as well the fact that there will be crossworld linkshells, that will be available. They are going to be expanding the Japanese Data Center as well. They're planning to change it as follows to add a fourth logical data center with this many servers on it. They've given a schedule for the next seasonal event called Little Ladies Day which is going to be starting on the 14 Mar 2022. They won't be able to advertise yet when Patch 6.1 is going to be coming out. We have to just wait until the next Live Letter, which should be quite soon.

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