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-- 30 Mar 2022
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Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed, PlayStation Plus New Tiers, Diablo 4 March 2022 Blog | Gaming News

PlayStation Plus New Tiers

Hello, guys, and welcome to the Gaming News for 30 Mar 2022. PlayStation have released on their official blog the updates about PlayStation Plus and new tiers that are coming to PlayStation Plus, including PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. What is currently PlayStation Plus now is going to be renamed PlayStation Plus Essential and the price is going to remain exactly the same. And then PlayStation Plus Extra is going to offer you 400 games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for you to play. And PlayStation Plus Premium will offer you PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP games, as well as all the benefits of the previous tiers. And they've released the monthly costs, the quarterly cost and also the yearly cost. Obviously, the longer you subscribe for in one go, the less it's going to be.

Diablo 4 March 2022 Blog

And the next bit of news for today is Blizzard have released the next quarterly update for Diablo 4, including a lot of new videos showing different locations, what they've been working on behind the scenes and planned features coming for the game.

Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed

And the last bit of news for today is The Legend of Zelda series Producer released a short video yesterday speaking about the timing of the release of the Sequel to Breath of the Wild. Originally, it was planned to come out in 2022, but it has been delayed until Spring 2023. As I've said a lot of times on the Gaming News, any more time or any delay for polish is a good thing. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much as always, to all the new followers and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.

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