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Kingdom Hearts 4 Famitsu Interview: Dev Insights

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: April 28, 2022 at 3:30 PM BST

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Tetsuya Nomura has an interview with Famitsu about Kingdom Hearts 4, you can now migrate your Bethesda Launcher games to Steam, and Naoki Yoshida has given an update about the FFXIV Housing Lottery System.

FFXIV Housing Lottery

Naoki Yoshida, the Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV, recently provided an update on the Housing Lottery System. He stated that all the necessary fixes are expected to be implemented by May 18, 2022. This news comes as a relief to players eagerly waiting for a house, as they can now look forward to the Housing Lottery System working as intended in just a couple more weeks.

The Housing Lottery System was introduced in Final Fantasy XIV as a way to allocate housing plots fairly. With limited available plots and a high demand from players, the previous system of first-come, first-served often led to frustration. The introduction of the Housing Lottery System aimed to address this issue and provide a more equitable distribution of housing.

Under the current system, players interested in obtaining a house will need to participate in the Lottery. This involves submitting an application indicating the desired location and size of the plot. The Lottery will then randomly select winners from the pool of applicants and allocate available plots accordingly.

The decision to implement a Housing Lottery System was met with mixed responses from the Final Fantasy XIV community. While some players welcomed the change, others expressed concerns about the fairness of the selection process. However, with the upcoming fixes promised by Yoshida, it is hoped that the system will operate smoothly and address the concerns of all players.

Bethesda Launcher Migration

In other news, Bethesda Launcher users can now migrate their games seamlessly to Steam. Bethesda recently announced that their Launcher will be retired, and players will have the option to transfer their games to Steam free of charge.

To initiate the migration process, players simply need to log in to their Bethesda Launcher account and link their Steam account. Once linked, they can click on the "Start Transfer" button, and the system will handle the rest. This migration process ensures that all games, expansions, DLCs, and even virtual currency will be transferred to the player's Steam account.

The decision to retire the Bethesda Launcher and facilitate the migration to Steam comes as part of Bethesda's ongoing efforts to streamline their platforms and provide a better user experience for their players. By consolidating their games on one platform, Bethesda aims to simplify game management and enhance accessibility for their community.

Players who have been using the Bethesda Launcher and have invested time and money into their games can now enjoy the benefits of using Steam's robust features and wide-ranging community. Whether it's accessing Steam Workshop for mods, engaging in community discussions, or taking advantage of Steam's sales and promotions, migrating to Steam opens up new opportunities for Bethesda game enthusiasts.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Famitsu Interview

Another exciting piece of news that Kingdom Hearts fans will appreciate is a recent Famitsu Magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series. The interview shed light on the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4 and provided insights into its development.

One of the key points highlighted in the interview was the game engine being used for Kingdom Hearts 4. While the first trailer showcased the game running on Unreal Engine 4, Nomura revealed that the final version of the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. This transition to the latest engine is expected to bring enhanced graphics and improved performance to the game.

Nomura also hinted that the next time we see Kingdom Hearts 4, it will likely be running on the Unreal Engine 5. This suggests that fans can anticipate a significant visual upgrade and a more immersive gaming experience compared to previous installments in the series.

Furthermore, the interview touched upon various other aspects of Kingdom Hearts 4, including the storyline, new gameplay mechanics, and the involvement of familiar characters. While specific details were not disclosed, these teasers serve to build excitement and anticipation among fans.

For those who are interested in learning more about Kingdom Hearts 4, Famitsu Magazine's interview with Tetsuya Nomura is definitely worth checking out. The interview provides valuable insights into the direction of the game and sparks speculation and excitement within the Kingdom Hearts community.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV players can look forward to the upcoming fixes in the Housing Lottery System, which aim to provide a fair and efficient means of acquiring housing plots. Bethesda Launcher users can now seamlessly migrate their games to Steam, taking advantage of the extensive features and community offered by the platform. Lastly, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series can get a glimpse into the future of the franchise through the Famitsu Magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura, where he discusses Kingdom Hearts 4 and its development in Unreal Engine 5. Exciting times lie ahead for fans of these popular gaming franchises.

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