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FFXIV Live Letter 71 Summary: Patch Insights Shared

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: July 1, 2022 at 4:30 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

FFXIV Live Letter 71 (LXXI) Summary

Today there was Letter from the Producer Live number 71 for FFXIV, where they gave some details about the upcoming Patch 6.2, which is going to be launching soon. We have to wait for the second live letter to get all the final details of the patch.

And then they said Patch 6.18 will be releasing on 05 Jul 2022 after 24 hours maintenance, they'll be introducing data center travel. You're able to travel between data centers to visit people on any server, basically. And they're going to be adding more Japanese servers, more European servers, and upgrading some of the European data center equipment as well.

Patch 6.2 will be called Buried Memory.

New Main Scenario Quests

And then there's going to be new main scenario quests and they showed a couple of screenshots, we have to wait and see who this person is. And then there'll be new side quest. It says Tataru's Grand Endeavor continues and players must first complete the Shadow of Mhach quest series in order to do it.

And then there'll be more Hildibrand quests as well, Patch 6.25, and there'll be new weapon enhancement quests in 6.25, and they're going to be unlocked as part of the Hildibrand quests, legendary Manderville weapons quest, centric progression and updates throughout the 6.x series. You have Gerolt who helped with the previous Relic quest and also Manderville who is Hildibrand's dad. And there's going to be new tribal quests in Patch 6.25 as well, the Omicrons who are going to be focused on the Disciples of Land, which are the gathering classes.

And then there's going to be a new dungeon called The Fell Court of Troia and they speculated how it looks a bit like Haukke Manor. And there's a new trial, but for now it is secret and it will be revealed when Patch 6.2 comes out. There's going to be the next eight man raid for Pandemonium called Pandemonium Abyssos, and Savage will be coming out a week after the release of normal mode. They said whether or not the next Savage will also be moved by one week will be considered based on the results of this test run as well as player feedback. And then there's going to be a new Unreal Trial called Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal).

And then there's going to be job adjustments for both PvE and PvP and extensive adjustments to Dragoon and Astrologian jobs have been postponed. And then there's going to be PvP updates and they've also continued to improve the main scenario quest line for new players. Duty Support has been added for five dungeons. The duty support system effectively is the trust system where you can go into the dungeons with NPCs rather than with other players if you so want to. And more improvements for the main scenario quest include making The Steps of Faith a solo quest battle, which will be interesting, and they revamped the Thornmarch. Then they spoke about the introduction of Variant dungeons. They said variable difficult dungeons previously introduced as Criterion Dungeons. Level 90 casual play for one to four players, no role restrictions, job changes permitted, enemy strength determined by party size, route of progression, branches based on player actions. But they have insisted that this is not a new deep dungeon, this is something completely new and experienced a different story depending on your chosen path. All stories may be enjoyed via multiple playthroughs.

Criterion Quests Introduced

And then they spoke about another path, which is the Criterion Dungeons. The Criterion Dungeons effectively is the hard mode of the Variants. Level 90 high difficulty challenges for four player parties. The parties must have one tank, one healer and two DPS, and visually similar to Variant dungeons, but overall the structure and enemy strength are entirely different. Route is predetermined and no NPCs accompany you. And with Savage mode, if you wipe as a party or you take too long, the enemies will get even stronger. And then they had a break and they played some music from the Primal concert. And then they spoke about the Island Sanctuary, which is coming in 6.2.

You'll be able to build your own personal Island Sanctuary. Enjoy your casual solo gameplay, gather materials, care for creatures, build facilities, craft items and more. And no experience is required as a crafter or a gatherer. And they teased a little bit of a screenshot of how big the island will be, and they explained that that dot that you see is the size of a Roegadyn the sanctuary is a massive island. You'll be able to gather materials, but the materials are island specific and they'll have their own bag space, so it won't take up your own bag space and craft tools from gathered materials. Tools help harvest new resources more effectively. You'll be able to grow crops, plant and cultivate seeds you find on your island, different from estate crops and collect and care for various creatures. Keep an eye out for rare coloring and unique critters, and then build a base of operations, customize its appearance and unlock further tools for development. Release the minions. Your favorite minions may wander freely within your base, which I think is really cool, and then earn rewards. Exchange accumulated island currency for special items, socialise with friends, invite visitors or travel to the islands of friends and free company members, which is cool. As you set up your island, you'll be able to share it with your friends, and maybe you can share ideas of how you've done it then. More details will be coming in the next live letter. And the adventurer plate and portrait systems have been completely revamped when moving from the beta to the official release, and they have explained how the adventurer plate will be updated. They also emphasize that all portraits created under the beta version will be lost after the official release. If you've already created an adventurer plate, you'll have to update it when 6.2 comes out and do it again.

And they said there'll be further additions to the adventurer plate and also it will show during the minigame mahjong as well. And new poses will be added, new decorative features will be added and copying pose and camera settings for portraits added. And then they went through the miscellaneous updates. They're going to be adding the Allagan Tombstones of Causality and they said that they're running out of names for these tombstones. And there'll be new high level crafted gear added as well, and ability to request repairs from other players both in and outside of duty, which is an interesting one. And then they explained how on the action list you'll be able to see a branching update of your skills, so you'll be able to see what skills replace other skills, so that you can learn at what level skills get updated, but you can switch back to the original view if you wish. And then they'll be adding more rare materials to aetherial reduction. It says materials are not used in crafting battle related items. The Glamour dress capacity expanded from 400 to 800, which is actually really good. They said that they know that even at 800, people probably still complain that it's not enough.

But for now they're grateful to the server team for being able to double the capacity and there will be adjustments to the order of certain Return to Ivalice quests. And then they showed some footage from the Primal concerts and explained how it's going to be released on blue ray if you want to relive the event. And also as well if you are to get it. Then you'll get two in game orchestrion rolls as in game bonuses so you can listen to some of the music in game. And then they're going to be adding the Immerse Game Pack, which is third party sounds for the game if you're interested. And then there's some other miscellaneous updates which they're working on mostly in Japan, like the Eorzea Cafes. And then finally they spoke about different updates that have been experienced for the game such as network and packet loss and the expansion of the Japanese European data centers and housing ward classifications. You can check out those links if you wish. That was basically it.

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