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Baldurs Gate 3 Release Date Revealed: August 3, 2023

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: June 30, 2023 at 3:07 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth Announced

In a much-anticipated move that has intrigued fans across the globe, Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth was announced during the Annapurna Showcase. This captivating news immediately created a buzz in the gaming industry, causing a ripple effect among gamers who have been awaiting updates on this thrilling release.

This new installment in the Blade Runner franchise is intriguingly set between the events of the two iconic movies. This strategically positioned timeline promises to add another layer of depth to an already complex and beloved universe. The developers have also tantalizingly posed a question to the fans: What does it mean to be a Blade Runner post-Blackout?

The Blackout, as fans of the Blade Runner universe will recall, is a crucial event in the series' narrative arc. This catastrophic occurrence significantly shapes the world that the characters inhabit, making it a pivotal reference point in the story. Its impact and implications will undoubtedly be explored further in the new game, shedding more light on how the event affected the society and characters we have come to know.

No news yet on the official release date, but rest assured that any future announcements will be reported promptly here on Gaming News. The buzz is palpable, with fans already dissecting every frame of the recently released trailer. What are your thoughts on what we've seen so far? Has it heightened your anticipation for the full game?

Armored Core 6 Gameplay

Moving onto other exciting news in the gaming sphere, FromSoftware, renowned for their innovative and immersive titles, have released a brand-new gameplay trailer for the eagerly anticipated Armored Core 6. This is the latest installment in a series that has won accolades for its breathtaking visual design and deep, strategic gameplay.

The newly released trailer gives us a tantalizing glimpse into the world that players will navigate in the game. This sneak peek into the unique, mechanized universe showcases an intricate blend of post-apocalyptic landscapes and advanced technology, a hallmark of the Armored Core series.

Armored Core 6 is set to hit the shelves on the 25th of August, 2023, with availability on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. This universal accessibility means fans of all types of consoles can dive into the game's enthralling world without delay. Are you planning to explore the vast expanses of Armored Core 6?

Baldurs Gate 3 Release Date

In another major development that has sent ripples through the gaming world, the release date for Baldurs Gate 3 was unexpectedly brought forward. This highly anticipated game will now be releasing on the 03rd of August, 2023, for PC, a full month ahead of its original schedule.

This strategically timed release means that the game will no longer be in direct competition with the other big-ticket game release: Starfield. This clear window allows fans to fully engage with the immersive world of Baldurs Gate 3 before shifting their attention to other releases.

However, PlayStation 5 users will still get their hands on the game as per the original release date of the 06th of September, 2023. This staggered release schedule promises to keep the anticipation high among the console gamers.

Baldurs Gate 3 isn't just about gameplay, though. Reports indicate that the game is set to contain more than 170 hours of cutscenes, promising a deeply engaging narrative that will captivate players. This dedication to storytelling is part of what makes the Baldurs Gate series so beloved among fans.

So, with the newly announced release dates and the anticipation of an epic narrative journey, are you excited to embark on the adventure that Baldurs Gate 3 promises to offer?

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