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FFXIV Sales Paused: Overwhelming Demand Temporarily Halted - Video Page

By Mazen (Mithrie) Turkmani
Published: July 13, 2021 at 12:47 PM BST

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Video Transcript

Final Fantasy XIV is doing really well right now especially with these massive streamers jumping on board and playing it but almost to a point where the Final Fantasy 14 Complete Edition was not available for sale anymore. Square Enix put a temporary halt on it. So the speculation about why how what led to it and so on and some people are thinking that maybe it's literally because the game is so popular they can't keep up with demand but you know it's could have been a bit technical glitch like we there's no way of really knowing for sure and but one thing from a business point of view is that it's a mistake for them to for example release new servers when these massive streamers visiting the game like Asmongold, CohhCarnage, RichCampbell and so on is it could be a temporary thing to put in a new server permanently you know that's a big choice financially so I guess we'll see so yeah so apparently 14 is doing really well right now. The Epic versus Apple lawsuit is now expanding to other countries, even so, the next country that will hear the case is going to be Australia so this saga is going on. What started it is basically Apple along with Google as well threw off the Fortnite app from their store because they (Epic Games) were trying to circumvent and go around the internal payment systems that are required for apps like that on the Apple store. Epic launched a lawsuit against Apple saying that you know it's anti-competitive and blah blah blah saying that forcing developers to pay their internal Apple internal fees is not fair so we'll see what happens. The last bit of news for today is Tencent was looking to merge with two other game companies in China which would have made essentially the biggest gaming company in the whole of China for both upstream and downstream and the Chinese authorities have completely blocked it saying it's basically anti-competitive and so on and they were very very frank about it as well so about blocking it they basically they don't want to see one company dominating a field such as gaming. It's interesting they said it's interesting that they were so blunt about their rejection of the potential merger. When it comes to Tencent themselves Tencent is the publisher behind games like PUBG Mobile basically the other companies that they're looking to merge with already own a 40% and 70% stake in those companies so it's not like they were trying to take over companies out of the blue. They have been, I guess, eyeballing it for a while but they were simply blocked from the merger simple as that.

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