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ALAN WAKE REMASTERED! Deathloop PC on Steam?! Horizon...

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of the daily gaming news. Here I'll be discussing all the latest goings-on in the gaming industry, from new releases to game announcements and everything in between. So without further ado, let's get started!

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Upgrade

Sony has reversed the decision to allow PlayStation 4 upgrades for Horizon Forbidden West to be limited to certain editions of the game. Now it's going to be available to all editions on PlayStation 4. Previously it was announced that the Digital Deluxe, or the Collectors or the Regalla editions would have the options upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. But there was backlash to that saying that if you get the normal PlayStation 4 you, therefore, have to buy the normal PlayStation 5 without any upgrade, but now it's been reversed. Now you'll be able to upgrade even the normal edition to PlayStation 5.

Deathloop PC on Steam

The next bit of news for today is Deathloop is actually going to be coming out on PC on Steam. Previously PC games were coming to Bethesda's own launcher, but they have confirmed Deathloop is going to be on Steam. I guess maybe they've had a lot of negative feedback to their own launcher and they just decided to go with Steam. We'll see. I don't know yet if it's going to come to Epic Game Store, or the other PC platforms, but we'll see.

Alan Wake Remastered

And then the last bit of news for today is a leak has suggested that an Alan Wake remaster is going to be coming out next month. If you've ever played Alan Wake before maybe we'll get an Alan Make remaster. I personally haven't. And there was previous reports as well that they removed digital sales of Alan Wake because certain music licenses were expiring so they couldn't sell it anymore. But we'll see what they have planned for any potential remaster. And we'll see well on Thursday if it gets announced then. We don't know yet what's going to be announced on Thursday during the PlayStation Showcase. We will see.


That's all for my roundup of the latest gaming news. What do you think? Are any of these stories big deals in your opinion? Let me know by leaving a comment on the video. And don't forget to check back tomorrow for more exciting gaming news!

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