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FFXIV Live Letter 66: Devs Address Community with Updates

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 18, 2021 at 3:12 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

FFXIV Live Letter 66

Final Fantasy XIV enthusiasts were treated to the highly anticipated Live Letter number 66 last night, where the game's producers delved into various aspects and updates. With the imminent release of the Endwalker expansion, the spotlight was on it during this event. The developers unveiled thrilling details about refinements and changes to the game's job battle classes, aiming to elevate gameplay and ensure each job's distinctiveness and engagement. To tease the new job actions, a nearly 20-minute video showcasing visually stunning skills and abilities was released, a tradition preceding each expansion that ignites community excitement. If you're curious about upcoming job changes, don't miss this trailer. Throughout the Live Letter, the team addressed different job classes, ensuring each receives the necessary attention for balanced and satisfying gameplay. While updates on crafting, gathering, and PvP are reserved until November, this delay builds anticipation for what's to come, promising further revelations as the expansion's launch draws nearer.

Neil Druckmann and The Last of Us TV Show

In exciting gaming news, Neil Druckmann, the acclaimed creative mind behind The Last of Us games, joins the directorial team for the highly anticipated TV adaptation of the series for HBO. Druckmann's involvement is significant, given his pivotal role in shaping the games' narrative and gameplay. Fans can rest assured that his contribution will uphold the gritty, emotionally charged storytelling that defined the games, ensuring authenticity and faithfulness to the beloved source material. With Druckmann's expertise guiding the TV show, anticipation runs high for this thrilling adaptation.

Twitch Music Deal

The latest buzz in the gaming world revolves around Twitch, as reports suggest the platform is exploring a music rights deal akin to Facebook Gaming's recent announcement. While still speculative, this news has piqued the interest of streamers and viewers alike. The proposed partnership aims to facilitate collaborations with music labels, addressing concerns over copyright issues and DMCA takedowns that have plagued Twitch recently. Many speculate that the influx of DMCA notices was a catalyst for these discussions, echoing agreements seen on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. If realized, this deal could offer creators a safer space to share content without fear of infringement and underline Twitch's commitment to supporting creators and fostering cooperation with the music industry. While its impact remains uncertain, this development hints at positive changes in the livestreaming landscape. Despite challenges, such shifts often open new avenues for growth, as seen in recent transformations within the streaming community. As the gaming industry evolves, opportunities and challenges continue to shape its trajectory, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of those involved.

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