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Next Tomb Raider Game Teased: Lara's Future Beckons

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 25, 2021 at 10:29 AM BST

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Key Takeaways

Ubisoft DMCA GeForce NOW Leak List

Ubisoft, a prominent game publisher, has taken legal action against an individual who leaked a list of unreleased games from GeForce NOW, sparking widespread buzz in the gaming community. The leak revealed internal project names of upcoming Ubisoft titles, leading fans to speculate eagerly. Despite Ubisoft's efforts to remove the list, the Streisand effect may amplify its circulation. This incident underscores the modern challenges faced by developers in keeping projects confidential amidst the rapid spread of information online. While leaks disrupt marketing plans, they also generate excitement and free publicity, offering insights into the gaming industry's future direction.

Next Tomb Raider Game

Crystal Dynamics, known for their recent Tomb Raider titles, reassures fans that the acclaimed series is far from over. With Square Enix holding the franchise rights, the studio aims to continue Lara Croft's adventures, though details on the next game remain undisclosed. Meanwhile, Square Enix's venture into film with a Tomb Raider adaptation underscores their commitment to expanding the brand across platforms. Despite Crystal Dynamics' current focus on projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, anticipation mounts for their next Tomb Raider installment.

Apple Bans Fortnite App

Apple's decision to uphold its ban on Fortnite amid the ongoing legal battle with Epic Games has left fans on Apple devices facing potential years without access to the game. The dispute erupted when Epic Games introduced a direct payment system in Fortnite, breaching Apple's guidelines and prompting its removal from the App Store. Although the initial ruling acknowledged both parties' grievances, appeals have prolonged the legal struggle. This outcome disappoints many accustomed to playing Fortnite on Apple devices and underscores broader debates on app store regulations and tech giants' power. The ongoing saga exemplifies the tensions between developers and platform owners, shaping the gaming landscape's future.

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