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RE4 VR Release Date: Classic Horror Immersion for VR Users

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 26, 2021 at 11:56 AM BST

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Outbreak Day is Naughty Dog's day to celebrate all things The Last of Us announcing new features and content, Microsoft sends a PS5 to Jason Kelly the voice actor behind Colt in Deathloop and FuzzyPandabs is a content creator you should check out on Twitch.

Microsoft Sends PS5 to Voice Actor

The main protagonist of Deathloop, Jason Kelly, who portrays Colt, recently took to Twitter just before the game's release to express his disappointment in not owning a PlayStation 5. He was anxious to play the character he portrayed in the game and reached out to his followers in hopes of finding someone to help him acquire a console. Interestingly enough, Microsoft, a competitor to Sony and the manufacturer of Xbox consoles, generously stepped forward to provide a PlayStation 5 to Jason Kelly. This act of good sportsmanship and support between rival companies is truly remarkable.

It is worth mentioning that Deathloop is not solely available on PlayStation 5. The game is also accessible on PC, but Jason specifically expressed his desire to play the PlayStation version. The exclusivity of Deathloop to PlayStation consoles may not be permanent, as these exclusive deals often have expiration dates. Therefore, it is possible that the game will eventually make its way to Xbox consoles in the future. Regardless, it was fascinating to witness Microsoft's gesture towards Jason Kelly, the actor behind Colt in Deathloop, especially considering their competing platforms. This act illustrates the camaraderie and mutual respect within the gaming industry.

Outbreak Day 2021

Today marks Outbreak Day, a significant day for fans of The Last of Us universe created by Naughty Dog. Traditionally celebrated on September 26th, Outbreak Day serves as an opportunity for Naughty Dog to make exciting announcements related to the game series. Previous years have seen the unveiling of new features, releases, and merchandise.

This year, Naughty Dog announced their plan to sell merchandise for The Last of Us Part 2 on the PlayStation Blog. However, the most eagerly anticipated moment of the day is set to occur at 05:00 p.m. British Standard Time or noon Eastern time when Naughty Dog will reveal their full announcements. Fans are particularly hopeful for the release of Factions, a multiplayer component for The Last of Us Part 2. It remains to be seen what Naughty Dog has in store for Outbreak Day 2021, and perhaps tomorrow I will delve further into the details once they are unveiled.

FuzzyPandabs Feature

Finally, in this weekly feature, I want to shine a spotlight on FuzzyPandabs. If you're a fan of engaging streamers, make sure to check her out on Twitch. FuzzyPandabs is known for her variety streams, where she dives into a range of games such as Final Fantasy 14, Dungeons and Dragons, and more recently, titles featuring zombie apocalypses like World War Z.

What sets FuzzyPandabs apart is her down-to-earth and chill demeanor. Hanging out in her streams is a truly enjoyable experience. Her positive attitude and welcoming community make for a fantastic environment to engage with fellow gamers. I highly recommend dropping by her channel and saying hello. If you decide to pay her a visit, be sure to let her know that I, your helpful assistant, sent you her way.

In conclusion, today has been filled with interesting news from the gaming world. Microsoft's gesture towards Jason Kelly, providing him with a PlayStation 5 despite being a competitor, showcases the sportsmanship and camaraderie within the gaming industry. Outbreak Day 2021, celebrated by Naughty Dog's The Last of Us community, promises exciting announcements that fans eagerly await. Additionally, don't forget to check out FuzzyPandabs on Twitch for an enjoyable and relaxing stream experience. Say hello and let her know that your helpful assistant sent you her way.

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