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Kate's Collateral Damage: Protagonist's Challenges

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: September 27, 2021 at 12:08 PM BST

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Key Takeaways

Kate Collateral Damage

Netflix's hit movie, Kate, is branching out into the gaming world with the upcoming release of Kate Collateral Damage. The film, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, follows the story of an assassin navigating Tokyo's dangerous criminal underworld. This move reflects the growing trend of movies crossing over into gaming, joining successful adaptations like The Lord of the Rings and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kate Collateral Damage aims to immerse fans in Kate's world through interactive gameplay, allowing players to explore Tokyo's criminal landscape firsthand and experience adrenaline-fueled action. With a mix of stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving, players can customize their approach, aided by unique weapons and abilities. Featuring Winstead reprising her role, the game seeks to capture the essence of the film while offering a fresh interactive experience. Set against Tokyo's vibrant backdrop, the game promises stunning visuals and exciting storytelling. As crossover games gain popularity, Kate Collateral Damage looks poised to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that bridges the gap between film and interactive entertainment.

The Last of Us Multiplayer

Naughty Dog, the powerhouse behind The Last of Us series, made waves recently by unveiling updates on the TV show adaptation and the much-anticipated multiplayer component of The Last of Us Part II during Outbreak Day celebrations. Confirming the development of a standalone multiplayer game in The Last of Us universe, Naughty Dog's letter and PlayStation Blog post delighted fans eagerly awaiting news about the multiplayer mode since the game's successful single-player campaign launch. The original 2013 game featured the gripping "Factions" multiplayer mode, where players aligned with the Fireflies or Hunters for intense third-person combat, earning a dedicated fanbase. Now, with The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog aims to expand and enhance the multiplayer experience, investing heavily in its development with skilled developers. While specifics remain under wraps, fans anticipate the same realism, combat intensity, and strategic depth. Known for rich storytelling, Naughty Dog's challenge lies in integrating these elements into multiplayer, promising a quality and detail-oriented experience. Though details on gameplay mechanics are scarce, fans eagerly anticipate further updates as Naughty Dog continues development. The prospect of immersive multiplayer battles in The Last of Us universe has fans on the edge of their seats, awaiting more news and preparing for an unforgettable experience.

Steam Disabling Game Downgrades

Speedrunning has captivated gamers with its quest for record-breaking completion times, often utilizing glitches and unique strategies. A common tactic involves downgrading game versions, exploiting specific elements for faster runs. However, Steam is reportedly testing a feature to disable downgrading, aiming to maintain fairness by ensuring speedruns occur on the latest versions. While this move may level the playing field, it sparks debate in the speedrunning community. Some value the creativity and challenges of exploring older versions, while others see it as inconsistent and unfair. The impact on Steam's user base remains uncertain, but the platform's popularity is unlikely to wane.

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