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N64 Games Arrive on Switch: Nostalgia for Nintendo

By Mazen "Mithrie" Turkmani
Published: October 10, 2021 at 2:43 PM BST

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Resident Evil 7 becomes the first Resident Evil game to ship more than 10 million copies according to a press release from Capcom, PC Building Simulator is now available for free on the Epic Game Store until 14 Oct 2021, and ReadySetBen is a content creator you should check out on Twitch.

Resident Evil 7 Ships 10 Million Copies

Resident Evil 7, the latest installment in the popular survival horror series, has reached a significant milestone. The game has shipped a staggering 10 million copies worldwide, making it the first game in the franchise to achieve such success. If you haven't had the chance to experience this terrifying adventure yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

As a fan of the Resident Evil series, I dove into Resident Evil 7 with great enthusiasm. I spent countless hours exploring the eerie corridors of the Baker family's house, overcoming intense fears as I encountered grotesque enemies. The game's first-person perspective and the sense of vulnerability it creates add to the overall chilling atmosphere. Unlike previous games where players could engage in combat with zombies, Resident Evil 7 forces players to strategize and often resort to running away from more powerful adversaries.

What sets Resident Evil 7 apart from its predecessors is its gripping storyline. The game introduces players to Ethan Winters, who embarks on a quest to rescue his missing wife, Mia. As Ethan delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Baker family, he uncovers shocking twists and turns that keep players engaged throughout the gameplay. Furthermore, Resident Evil 7 offers multiple alternative endings, adding replay value and encouraging players to explore different choices.

In their press release, Capcom emphasized that the 10 million copies shipped figure refers to the number of copies sent to retailers, not necessarily the number of units sold. However, digital sales and other promotional efforts suggest that the number of sold copies is likely close to the shipped quantity. It's evident that Resident Evil 7 has become a major asset for Capcom, contributing to the series' overall success. In fact, the Resident Evil franchise has already surpassed 100 million units shipped*.

The remarkable achievements of Resident Evil 7 don't end there. Capcom has recently announced the release of another movie based on the game, further expanding the Resident Evil cinematic universe. With its growing popularity and dedicated fanbase, it's no surprise that Capcom is keen on continuing the series as long as there is enthusiasm from players.

If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to explore the Resident Evil series beyond Resident Evil 7. One particularly noteworthy title is Resident Evil Village, which offers another chilling and immersive experience that expands on the events of its predecessor. The series as a whole offers a unique blend of horror, action, and storytelling that has captivated millions of gamers worldwide.

PC Building Simulator

Moving on to another piece of news, let's talk about PC Building Simulator. This intriguing game is currently available for free on the Epic Game Store, and it has been met with overwhelming success. In a span of just 24 hours, the game was redeemed an astounding 4 million times, making it one of the most popular free games ever offered by the Epic Game Store.

For those unfamiliar with PC Building Simulator, it immerses players in the role of running a PC repair shop. You will find yourself fixing computers, from simple tasks like cleaning out dust to more complex operations such as upgrading RAM or replacing graphic cards. As you progress, you'll gain a reputation within the PC repair industry, attracting more demanding customers with increasingly complex orders.

The game starts with basic repairs, gradually introducing you to more challenging scenarios. As you juggle customer demands and financial considerations, you'll face decisions that test your resource management skills. Striking a balance between ordering necessary components and maximizing profit becomes crucial for the success of your repair shop.

One standout feature of PC Building Simulator is its relaxing soundtrack, providing a soothing background as you immerse yourself in the world of PC repair. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a fan of simulation games, or simply looking for a relaxing experience, this game has something to offer.

If you haven't had the chance to try PC Building Simulator yet, now is the perfect opportunity. It will be available for free on the Epic Game Store until October 14th. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and immerse yourself in the world of PC repairs and upgrades.

ReadySetBen Feature

Finally, let's shine a spotlight on an outstanding content creator and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. This week's shoutout goes to my friend, ReadySetBen. You can find him live streaming on Twitch, where he shares his passion for gaming and his strong advocacy for inclusivity and acceptance.

ReadySetBen's live streams create a relaxed and welcoming environment for viewers from all walks of life. I highly recommend checking out his streams, not only for engaging gameplay but also for the positive and inclusive community he has cultivated. As a friend, I am proud to support his endeavors and encourage you to stop by and say hello. Don't forget to let him know that I sent you his way!

In conclusion, Resident Evil 7's remarkable achievement of shipping 10 million copies is a testament to its quality and popularity among gamers. The game's terrifying atmosphere, captivating storyline, and alternative endings make it a must-play title for fans of the series and survival horror enthusiasts. Additionally, the availability of PC Building Simulator for free on the Epic Game Store presents an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of PC repairs and upgrades. Lastly, I wholeheartedly invite you to join ReadySetBen's live streams on Twitch and be a part of his inclusivity-promoting community. There's no doubt that the gaming industry continues to thrive, offering exciting experiences and fostering connections among players worldwide.

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