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-- 22 Dec 2021
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS Plus PS5 Upgrade, GTA Trilogy Free Game Offer, Dying 2 Know | Gaming News

Dying 2 Know

Hello, guys, and welcome to the Gaming News for 22 Dec 2021. Techland have done another Dying 2 Know episode talking about the upcoming Dying Light 2 and this episode was focused on the UI and accessibility options which are coming to Dying Light 2. Be sure to check it out if it interests you.

GTA Trilogy Free Game Offer

The next bit of news for today is Rockstar Games are doing a promotion on GTA Trilogy between now and the 05 Jan 2021 so you'll be able to get the game for 20% off and you'll be able to redeem a free game which could be GTA V or LA Noire or GTA IV or Bully or Max Payne 3, or you'll be able to redeem in game currencies for GTA Online or Red Dead Online. It's up to you. It's an interesting offer and if it looks appealing to you, be sure to go on the official website and check it out.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS Plus PS5 Upgrade

And then the last bit of news for today is Final Fantasy 7 Remake. tweeted out saying "Starting this Wednesday, PlayStation Plus subscribers who previously redeemed Final Fantasy VII Remake via PlayStation Plus will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. Episode Intermission the DLC featuring Yuffie will be 25% off for a limited time." It was available a few months ago on PlayStation Plus completely for free if you have a PlayStation and redeemed it at the time. Now is your chance to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. I would say that the PlayStation 5 version right now is the ultimate version of the game because the PC version just launched and it's a bit rocky. It's not had the best reviews it has some performance issues. It could be patched in the future, but for now the PlayStation 5 version is the best version, so be sure to take advantage of it if you have Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PlayStation Plus and if you also have a PlayStation 5. Anyway, guys, that's it for the Gaming News for today. Thank you so much for the new followers as always and I will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys, Bye bye.

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